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How Wednesday Addams Would React To Catcalling

Don’t tell Wednesday Addams to smile.In a new episode from the web series “Adult Wednesday Addams,” created by Melissa Hunter, Wednesday follows two dudes home to teach them a lesson after they catcall her. In true Addams family fashion, Wednesday effortlessly scares the men with her piercing tone and sardonic comebacks. (And the three terrifying friends she brought with her definitely helps.)

Watch the full video here and see the catcallers get some of their own medicine. 

From: Holster     To: Dex


Dex: I’m still not doing you, Holster…but thanks, dude. You’re a good captain.

Holster: Did William Nancy Jane Bartholomew Elizabeth Jackson Alexander Zane Myron Macaroni Toothbrush Wilson Poindexter just compliment me? Whoa.

Dex: First of all, that is not my name. And three or four of those names were girl’s names. And two of them were objects. What the fuck?

Holster: If Shitty were here, he’d be giving you a full lecture about how names aren’t gendered, but I don’t have time for that. I honestly just forget your middle name and started ad-libbing. But then I couldn’t stop because I kept coming up with more and what if I actually guessed one right?

Dex: It seriously occurred to you that my middle name might be Macaroni?

i hit 10k awhile ago so here we are. (aka i can’t believe i’m making this in 2017) part 1, part 2

and then there was a baby by stilinskisparkles (M, 9817)

Derek stumbles into the nursery, takes in Stiles standing at the window holding their tearful baby. It’s almost enough to make his heart seize up with joy. Even if it is three am and neither of them have slept in days. It’s still his family.

I’ve Been Everywhere With You by Leslie_Knope (E,  61,551)

“Dude, you should totally come with me.”

“What? Like on the road trip?“

“No, come with me. To Austin. Get out of Beacon Hills.”

Derek paused. “What?” he asked again.

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Arlee is upstairs in the master bedroom looking out the window to the east where she can see the Christmas lights on the house of the guy on the next block over. She’s been barking her fool head off at them for an hour now. She’s done it the last three nights, and I assume she will until January or whenever dude shuts them down. (We’d stop her, but it gets too cold in that room if we close the door. The noise doesn’t bother me, but I’m the deafest one here, so.)

Addendum to my post-apocalyptic reading list: Galápagos, Kurt Vonnegut. I’m ashamed to have forgotten it. I read it in a single sitting, one of my favorite books ever. And thank you for your additions. I want to read them all, but I can’t just now. You understand.

That news about the Dakota pipeline feels good, though. When was the last time the good guys won anything? Let’s hope this bodes well for next year. There’s going to be so much to protest, it’s hard to know where to start. We should celebrate, and study this to see why it worked.

I need to stay in shape while not running, and there are machines at the gym which I am cleared to use because they don’t load my achilles much. But there’s 4″ of slush between here and there and it got dark at 3:00 and I’d have to be naked in front of other people and machines are awful and the beer fridge is here and just nope.

Maybe a concept album of songs about the end of the world is the way out of my writer’s block. Who wouldn’t want to hear that? Great music for digging mass graves.

I know people love snow and I’m trying super hard not to crap on anyone’s anything right now, so let me just say I didn’t personally need this today, and I want to be back in the desert so badly it is causing me actual, literal pain.

Thank you to those who checked in on me. I’m not OK, not even a little, but I’m not a danger to myself or others, and I’m still able to get through the functional mechanics of any given day. Hygiene, nutrition, parenting, earning. Please don’t ask for any more than that right now.

the signs as things i’ve probably heard in school

aries: that’s not what your mom said when i tugged on HER flow last night

taurus: *chants* dunk on him! dunk on him!

gemini: this is comedic genuis: the first cell goes, “have you heard of the cell cycle?” and the second cell goes “nope” as it’s splitting in half. it’s funny cause the second cell looks like a bicycle. i’m getting extra credit for this one.


leo: *collective awkward/nervous laughter during assemblies*

virgo: i could get into harvard

libra: wHAt the fuck rachel i WILL NOT help you fix your thong

scorpio: *friend threatens to kill them* i’m actually kind of into that

sagittarius: i swear i don’t have pink eye! dude it’s from all the weed i’ve been smoking.

capricorn: i stayed up till three am trying to figure out this one problem for algebra II and it turns out the teacher didn’t even assign it to us in the first place

aquarius:  *starts choking on crayola*

pisces: couldn’t you have picked out a prettier plant? you are a disappointment to this lab group

So omg I got loaned out to a different store and there are three straight dudes here who love spn and one of them ships Destiel because he is quote “not fucking blind”. Ahhhhhh!!!

Working Out is Infectious

No one knows why it’s happening, but it keeps happening in gyms all around the world.  They’ve had to add med stations to each gym, and people to staff it.  Trainers, mostly.  People who know the body and can help the patient.  I’m here reporting.  Watching for it to happen again.  It’s a total wasteland in here, except for a handful of dedicated bodybuilders.  Watching them lift is almost mesmerizing.  There’s a set of sounds, and it all happens in a weird rhythm.  Up, the pulley cable squeaks and grinds; Down, the pulley cable squeaks and grinds.  Up, the bodybuilder inhales deeply, all the way down to his root; Down, the bodybuilder exhales, hard, and the blood rushes into his face. 

I feel a tap on my shoulder, and it’s a big dude.  He’s about my height, but jesus christ, I can count the individual muscles on him.  One, two, three, on his shoulder.  One, two, biceps.  One, two, calves.  I can count the veins on his arms and his chest.  One, two.  Snaking over his muscles, little rivers, little ridges.  He’s dressed modestly, but only just.  Black stringer tank, with the brand UNDER ARMOUR stamped over the fabric.  Baller shorts.  A splash of red against the sweep of his quads.  Similar red and black Nikes make his feet look really fast.  I shake my head and make an apology in his direction when I notice he has the same kinda look on his face, like he’s gonna ask me to leave.  I can’t go.  It’s time to workout.  I mean, I have to get the background on this.

“Dude,” he starts, and a heavy tone of sympathy greys his voice.  “You signed the waiver, right?”

What the fuck is a – oh, yeah.  “The thing, the thing I signed.”  It’s a little hard to talk.  Fuckin hot in here, too.  I can feel sweat prickling on my cheeks and … in my shorts?  I shift uncomfortably.  I’m not dressed for the gym, I’m in shirt and tie.  I have to roll up my sleeves.

“Yeah, the waiver.  Says we can’t be held responsible if anything happens to you.”

“Yeah,” I say, dumbly.  What the fuck is going on?

“Okay, dude.  The locker room is over there.  You’re gonna wanna change.”

Change?  “What do you mean, bro?”  Bro?

The dude is grimacing a little bit.  “I mean, before you rip out of your clothes.  Sorry, bro, but you caught it.”

“Caught it?”

And then it hits.  All at once.  It’s the hardest fuckin thing to explain.  It’s kinda like you’re about to vomit, you can feel everything inside of you kinda rising up and falling down, like you’re on a big ship on a big ocean and whooooaaaaa…

The muscle dude is wincing and lookin at me funny.  “Toldja.  We got some extra gear in the med station.  Why don’t you come with me, bro?”

Bro.  Okay.  Time to work out.  Time to pump.  Yeah.  “Uh.  I don’t got no clothes on.”  Where the fucks my clothes?

“It’s OK.  Follow me.”  He pulls out a phone from his pocket.  Talkin to someone.

“Yeah.  Got another one.  What do you want me to do with him?”  He’s quiet.  Leadin me by my arm to the med station.  Im a little pissed cuz thats MY huge arm, not his.  I almost pull away from him but then I realize Im not wearin any clothes.  What happened to my shirt? 

The dude hands me a pair of shorts.  “Here, bro, put these on.  You’re probly gonna wanna work your bis.  That’s what most guys wanna do first.”

“Fuck yeah!”  The words are out of my mouth just as quick as they came into my head.  Biceps fuckin rule.  “I’m gonna start on the preacher curl.”  Fuckin love the preacher curl.

“Okay.  You go do that, and I’ll call your editor and let him know … the news.”  He sighs and puts his hand to his face.  “I did warn him.”

What the fuck is this skinny dude talkin about.  Nod impatient and go curl.  Big weights.  Heavy weights.  Need to put more weights on.  One guy is watchin me curl and I curl fuckin harder and grin at him.  He grins back and flexes his muscles in a double bicep.  The guy next to him is lookin in the mirror and grittin his teeth and pullin some hammer curls.  Looks like a 75 lb dumbbell.  Thats fuckin nothin.  I’ll show him.  I can do more.  “Nice pump, bro!”  The first dude yells at me.

“Fuck yeah!’  I yell back.  “Fuckin beastin out bro.  Kill those reps.”

And nothin else matters.



‘she’ takes control of the skeleton family!!!

In this AU, Frisk is a //girl//.

How does she took this place?


“At first, there were just three skeletons… and the actual boss was Gaster, but he was kinda ‘dude this is so tired… Sans, you take ma place.’ of course sans said ‘NOPE…’ so papyrus took the place! and then one day Toriel sent Frisk to them. Papyrus was so happy that he gave her the place!”

And, she has CHARA inside her. (I changed it…)

Usually Chara does not appears but when she gets angry… Chara pops out and does the thing.

She is very close with all three especially, Papyrus.

((it can be added more information later.))

Yes, I've got herpes and I'm still promiscuous.

I will not apologize for who I am
I will not change who I am to better fit what people expect me to be.

I’ve had herpes for nearly 6 years, and since my diagnosis I’ve had well over 50 partners who I’ve practiced safe sex with. Not once have I transferred it to anyone else. Though I’ve had past lovers come to me after contracting it from someone else because they feel comfortable talking to me about it.

If someone wants to throw my status in my face I let them. You want to call me a diseased whore, that’s all you. I am confidant in who I am, and a small (minuscule, even) part of me is herpes. However, if you have the gall to go after my partners and/or their decision to sleep with me I will make your life miserable. Good luck getting laid here, dude, I’ve got pull in the three overarching social groups. That shit is out of line.

anonymous asked:

Dude I'm so here for a Cheryl redemption arc. I really want her to become close with V & B bc both girls can relate to her on different levels. V, with growing up rich and entitled only to have tragedy (a reckoning) strike, and B, with an abusive/controlling family life. Even if they don't become ~besties~ they have the potential to really be great friends. They could be V & B & C😂

i still feel like cheryl owes betty an apology for bullying her– but i’d like to see a friendship between the three of them. i’m already so here for cheronica. 

Apartment B23 (Skate Maloley) 0.0

“Could you ask them to turn down there music at least,” my best friend, Sahara whines to me.

“That’s just gonna make him turn it up more louder, dude.” I say, staring at floor of my apartment.

“Well maybe you should say something again, damn.” Sahara says, noticing that the music is getting louder the more we talk.

Hi, I’m Lola King, I’ve been living in LA for three months now with Sahara, my bestfriend. I love it here. Me and Sahara grew up in a pretty small, isolated part of New York. Not many people visited over there they usually went to the big parts of New York like Queens or Manhattan.

Sahara lived right next door to me and automatically we became bestfriends. We both have a passion for dancing, we have had one since we were 8.

When senior year came around, we started thinking about what we were going to do
because we both knew staying here wouldn’t really do us any justice. We found a small dance company across from a little apartment that was vacant.

Once me and Sahara graduated, we packed our bags and hopped the fuck out of there. Two weeks later, we bought the apartment on the 7th floor and have our jobs at the dance studio across the street as choreographers. The only problem is our neighbor. Nate Maloley, all he does is smoke, fuck, sleep and repeat. It’s so annoying, different girls come from his house almost every night. There is always a party going on over there. I got so sick of it, I decided to go over there to tell him to turn it down. Long story short,  I got a door right in my face. Sahara even tried, he wanted to fuck her though. Something that really pisses me off is that I went to the landlord to tell her the problem and these  are the exact words she said to me:

“It’s Mr.Maloley’s space and he is allowed to do whatever he wants with it.”

He probably fucked her too. 100% percent sure he did. I’ve learned to tune out the music but Sahara hasn’t. He thinks he can get whatever he wants and get with any girl because he is a hot ass rapper with sexy tattoos… What am I doing?

“Lola, you need to tell him to turn that shit down. Now.” Sahara says, I’ve had enough too.

“You’re right, he needs to fuckin learn some respect for the people around him.” I get up and put on my shoes.

“Yes, go get him!” Sahara cheers me on, pushing me out the door. Fuck, I sigh and start approaching Nate’s door, I knock loudly so he can hear it over his music.

The music turns down and I hear the locks on the door start to be unlocked, My heart begins to race as I see a shirtless Nate Maloley with tattoos and a gold chain around his neck, with a very amused smirk on his face.

“Yes, Lola?” Nate says, looking me up and down.

“Can you turn down your music for me? I’ve learned to tune it out but Sahara hasn’t so can you please?” I say hoping that he will corporate with me.

“Yeah, sure. Whatever,” he says not looking into my eyes. I sigh in relief.

“Thanks, Nate” I smile,

“Tell Sahara to come over whenever she wants to bang and same to you too,” he says winking and going in to his apartment.

I scoff and go back to my apartment.

“So?” Sahara questions me as I walk into the room.

“He turned it down,” I assure, not even including Nate’s message knowing that Sahara would never go up on his offer.

“Alright, I’m gonna go to sleep then.” Sahara says, yawning and stretching.

“Night Hara,” I reply, going to sit on the couch and turning on the tv. I hear Sahara’s door close I turn on The Office and my eyes begin to close as the episode begins and I drift to sleep.

                                                       ~Next Day~

“Hey Lo, can you help me get some stuff out of the car?” Sahara calls to me on my phone.

“Yeah sure” I say sighing. I have done nothing all day today, all I’ve been doing is eating and watch Netflix. I wanted to hang out with Sahara but she was busy doing shit, I don’t know, honestly. I put on shoes and start heading down the stairs to Sahara’s car. As I turn the corner, I see Nate standing there, looking around nervously.

“Hey Nate” i say walking towards him.

“Hi” He replies not even looking up to give me even a glance.

“Alright, nice talk. K bye,” I say turning the other way to start heading to Sahara’s car, which is across from us. As I’m walking over there, I feel a sharp pain in my head and I fall backwards.

“Oh shit, are you okay?” A guy with dark hair says, a very worried look on his face. Must I say, he was fine as fuck.

“Hello?” He says. As if he’s looking into my soul.

“Um, yeah” I say, starting to get up and wipe off my hands on my pants. He is still staring at me but more intensely this time. I smile and begin to turn around to leave.

“Wait,” I hear him say behind me.

“Yeah?” I question looking over my shoulder. “What’s your name?” he ask.

“Lola.” I say simply.

“John.” he replies.

“Well Lola, you’re very beautiful and i feel bad for giving you a slight concussion, so let me take you out tonight” He says looking down at his shoes and then looking up at me. I chuckle and begin to reply.

“As long as you don’t knock me down again,” He laughs.

“I promise I won’t knock you down,” he says, closing the space in between us and touches my arm. I feel a blush start to creep onto my face as he does that.

“Swazz!” Somebody screams behind us. I look to see Nate looking at Swazz and making a ‘come here’ motion with his hands.

“Swazz? Who’s that?” I question him, raising my eyebrow. He sighs.

“It’s a nickname my best friend gave me back in high school. I told him not to call me that when I was talking to pretty girls” he says semi-annoyed with Nate.

“It’s fine, John. It’s just a nickname and it actually sounds pretty cool,” I reassure him.

Wait, wait, wait… Nate is his bestfriend. GOD DAMN IT, LOLA WHY THE HOT BESTFRIENDS.
“You’re bestfriends with Nate?” I ask hoping to hear a no.

“Yeah, I am. You know him?” He questions.

“Yeah that’s my neighbor,” I chuckle nervously.

“Ohhh, so you’re the famous 'annoying, hot neighbor’,” he chuckles.

“Excuse me?” I say taken back. John laughs. So, to Nate I’m the hot, annoying neighbor? Wow, that’s not bad compared to everything else I’ve been called.

“So, where are we going?” I ask, referring to our date.

“Oh maybe we can just chill at your place, maybe watch a movie,” he says.

“Yeah totally” I smile.

“So about 8?” He asks.


We begin exchanging numbers and he kisses my cheek.

“I’ll see you later beautiful,” he says walking over to Nate and bro hugs him, I guess. I look over at Sahara’s car and she wasn’t there. Shit. I say running up the stairs to get to the apartment to see if she is there. I open the door to see a annoyed Sahara looking at me.

“Hello, Lola” she says harshly, sipping her coke, not even looking at me. I begin to whine.

“Sahara, I forgot I’m sorryyyyyyyyyy.” I say, acting like a two year old.

“Why should I forgive you, huh?” She asks, still looking away from me.

“Because you’re helping me get ready for my date that is in three hours,” I say acting like it’s nothing. Sahara’s face drops and then she just starts screaming like a weirdo.

“Shhhhh, he’s right next door.” I say giggling and putting my hand over her mouth. She licks my hand.

“Nasty.” I say, hitting her.

“So how did Nate ask you out” she says wiggling her eyebrows.

“No, no. Not Nate. His friend, John.” I say chuckling at the thought that if Nate would ever ask me on a date.

“Oh well, let’s start getting you fuckable.” She says grabbing my arm leading me into her room.

“Am I not fuckable now?” I question, looking down at my sweatpants and oversized tee shirt. “John found me fuckable with this on,” I mumble.

“No girl he saw that ass and said DAMN A BITCH PACKIN,” she says, grabbing my ass. I laugh and continue to walk to her room.

“Ok, where is this date” Sahara asks, looking through her closet.

“In our living room,” I reply. Sahara raises her eyebrows and gives me a look.

“Tell me this wasn’t his idea”

“It was.”

Sahara starts to shake her head. What’s wrong with him pitching that idea to come here? I don’t feel like doing my makeup or hair. Doesn’t sound like a bad night to me.

“Lola King.” Sahara starts, “ he wants to fuck you, for gods sake.” She finishes. I laughed,

“No, he doesn’t. We just met today”

“Doesn’t mean his weeny doesn’t want a go at you,” she says chuckling.

I shake my head. “Find me some clothes, hoe. Hurry up, he’ll be here in 2 hours,” I say as I look down at my nails and start to pick at them.  All of sudden, clothes are thrown onto my bed.

“Wait, where are you gonna stay?” I question her, feeling bad at the fact I’m technically kicking her out of her own apartment.

“Don’t worry Lo, I’m going to the studio to practice.” She says reassuring me.
I sigh, thank god she won’t be here or it would be so awkward.

After 40 minutes of picking out my outfit and Sahara giving me a talk about sex which was the funniest shit ever, she starts to get ready to leave.

“Remember. No fucking on that couch, it’s brand new.” She says, tying up her shoes and picking up her bag.

“I know, I know, Mom. John is gonna be here any minute now, leave.” I say rushing her. I don’t want him coming in and thinking she is gonna stay, that’s just gonna ruin that shit.

“I don’t want little Lolas’ running around in this bitch,” she says pointing her finger at me.

“Alright, just leave already.” I say, starting to push her out.

“Keep Lola Jr. in check, hoe. I know how you are when a dick is around you,” she says chuckling and closing the door behind her. I laugh out loud when she finally left.

I start to pace after 5 minutes pass. What if he got kidnapped? What if he lost interest? What if Sahara was right my ass was poppin and he wanted some? oh damn it, Lola. Stop.  As I start to  pace faster, there is a knock at the door.

A/N: I will post a new chapter every Monday and Friday thanks for reading the first chapter💕 -Kendria


July 22nd, 2016. Berkeley California. Greek Theater. Emøtiønal Røadshøw.

On July 22nd of this year, not even a month ago, I saw Twenty One Pilots. I was located at the barricade on the right side of the stage.

This day was the best day of my life. I’ve been a fan of twenty one pilots for about three years now, therefore no, I wasn’t here since the very, very beginning but I’ve been with them for a long time. Back when they weren’t this band everyone knew about. Back when it was a dude on the drums and a singer.

I got my tickets a year in advance of the show. That year, I had a timer counting down to the second of when I’d finally see the two people who had saved helped me through my life in person.

On the morning of the 22nd, I didn’t know what to do with myself. We arrived to the theater hours ahead of time and met up with friends and I was tapping my foot the whole time. I was so proud to see this huge line. This was the clique standing in a line, waiting two see two amazing boys that we all adore so greatly.

So the gates opened and our tickets were scanned and we were in.

That night, I saw Tyler and Josh. I cried. I cried when we started to chant “thank you.” Tyler told us he heard us and he thanked us instead. I cried when Addict With a Pen was played. I cried when I touched Tyler’s foot when he was in the hamster ball and I cried during Goner.

I love this band. This is not just a band. It is so much more. I love the clique. I love the massive amount of support and strength we all give eachother. I love Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. I love the music.

This was the best day of my life.

More pictures from the concert will be posted later.

I agree wholeheartedly,,
I made another post about matt and kevin hanging out and Matt teaching Kevin and Nicky boxing, and like,,, these three bros are my life tbh,,

Also your tags !! Nicky sleeping with his massive therapy dog!!! Yes dude,, I bet it helps with missing Erik, like Nicky probably hates sleeping alone and here comes this fluffy baby to cheer him up and keep him warm!! :D :D

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countries i’ve lived in: denmark

favourite fandom: well the eerie crests fandom is pretty lit rn so lets go with that

languages you speak: oh like well enough to speak them probably just english, danish, spanish, turkish and like maaaybe french?? idk

favourite film of 2016: uuuh its between arrival and kubo and the two strings 

last article you read: alright so checking my history apparently an article about the pros and cons of bradford pear trees ?? i dont really have an explanation 

shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here: underwater (feat. blu) - kero uno, life itself - glass animals, drunk in the morning - lukas graham

last thing u bought online: uuuh this shirt

any phobias or fears? a fear of like moray eels maybe, those fuckers are unsettling as hell

how would ur friends describe you? well i asked my friends and they said “memismatic (a combination of charismatic and memes)” so idk if i wanna put that out there

how would ur enemies describe you? crying, most likely

 who would u take a bullet for? dude at this point i’d take a bullet for like a dead badger 

if you had money to spare what would you buy first? oh man like a really good mini calzone or smth

tag ten people you’d like to get to know better: @shortjosten, @allisonreynoldsofficial, @thecruciblegavemeyou, @r-i-v-e-r, @aromanticparse, @allisongaynolds, @thewcrst, @you-only-love-one-toe, @pennybunceforyourthoughts, @alleak 

Imagine Cas getting stuck in a revolving door

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It was some case up in northern Cali, some fancy hotel that was supposedly haunted. There weren’t that many facts to support the claim, but the unexpected deaths of multiple residents on the same floor raised some suspicion. Enough for Castiel and the Winchesters to go check it out, at least.

They had just arrived at the hotel and the three of them walked in, heading to the front desk.

“Agents Nash, Crosby and Stills,” they showed their fake FBI badges to the clerk, “we’re here about the recent deaths?”

“Oh, I didn’t think the FBI was involved in this?” The desk clerk seemed surprised, giving the men a dubious look.

“Yeah, well, slow day at the office.” Dean flashed a smile. “Can we speak with the manager?”

The girl nodded, grabbing the phone and dialing a number. Sam sighed, taking a look around the entryway, when he noticed Cas was missing. He nudged Dean.

“Dude. Where’s Cas?”

Dean turned around, looking for the angel when he stopped and closed his eyes, covering his face with his hands.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Sam looked in the direction Dean was facing and gave a short laugh, clearing his throat and trying to compose himself.

Cas was in the revolving door at the entrance of the hotel, spinning in circles while people slipping in and out when they had a chance. Dean slowly walked up to the door and sighed.

“Cas, what are you doing?”

“I cannot- way out- spinning device.” Cas’ spoke in broken sentences as he kept spinning, Dean only able to hear him when he came round the open way to the inside. He groaned internally and slipped in the chamber Cas was in when he came back around, pulling it to a stop once they had revolved back.

“You gotta stop it when you’re inside, Cas.” Dean walked away briskly.

Cas walked out slowly, teetering to one side and then the other, trying to walk straight after having gone in circles for a while. Dean just rolled his eyes. “Friggin’ angels.”

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Relationship status: In a 5 year old relationship with my boyfriend that I’m still keeping a secret from my parents ohboy

Favorite color: Green!

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick. Whenever I put lipstick on I end up eating it by accident and it doesn’t taste nice :x

Last song I listened to: Simple and Clean Ray of Hope remix I’m not even surprised dude

Last movie I watched: Harry Potter and the Half blood prince. It was on tv last night and it’s the Harry Potter movie I’ve least watched of them all O:

Top 3 tv shows: Princess Tutu; to this day I rewatch it and still have a blast. Miraculous Ladybug; here’s hoping season 2 is awesome. And Steven Universe is pretty goshdarn cool.

Top 3 ships: Just three?? Oh geez. Venqua definitely, the Ladybug love square, and Kirisuna from SAO (I hate that show’s writing but the ship is so good fuck)

Books I’m currently reading: I’m not reading anything at the moment :s Do fanfics count? Cause I sure read a lot of those.. 

So, I saw Moana today...

Yes, I was late to the game. Yes I saw it at the Three Dollar Theatre. Hush.

Here are my thoughts:

  • A good story with a lot of good ideas, but I could see them straining against the Disney formula, and it kinda pained me to see the very much We-gotta-have-this-because-it’s-Disney
  • While the larger existential issue of “corporations dictating public perception of native cultures via representation” still kinda looms over, you can tell they did actually try to portray it faithfully; both in aesthetics but also in spirit.
    • Related to that, apparently the little coconut dudes were more general “Little People” in the actual mythology, which I can understand being peeved by but I do think as a way of making them aesthetically unique; the coconut-kodama-gremlin look was a good one.
    • Tho, while we’re continuing on this aside, anyone from the actual Pacific Islands the story got its material from have opinions on that?
  • It’s interesting how the film had less a “villain” and more monsters-of-the-scene/narrative linked by a main inciting cause; which makes it feel a lot like a lot of other myths story-structure-wise, even if it is ultimately in that Disney formula.
  • Maui was great, You’re Welcome was a hilariously good character-building moment, and while I’ve seen a fair few criticisms about his indignity, I never thought of him as so much a “buffoon” as more acting like the trickster god he apparently was in actual myth, who tend to be kinda goofy and full of themselves from my general reading.
  • Music was kinda meh for be though, even the notable “Shiny,” (tho it was better in the second part) but IDK why. Maybe I’m just not fond of the Hamilton guy’s music, given he apparently contributed a lot to the score.
  • The 2d animation, as many have said, was great. I know it was probably based on indigenous styles, but I can’t help but think of Scarfe’s artstyle from the Hercules movie when seeing it
  • Speaking of Hercules, the resemblance of Te Fiti to the Titans in that film made me ponder a bit on how one could create a general cosmology for Disney films; in the animated canon at least, which I might elborate on if y’all are interested
    • For a preview also, I did at least get a headcanon that Tamatoa may have been the actual power behind a villain from another Disney film whose main goal was material wealth and who put on a neon “game face” when shit got real. Whose “Friends On The Other Side” were explicitly stated by the production as not being voudou related but rather something else…