dude has a lot of kids

regional differences

“oh hey,” she said, “it’s a really touristy area, but since you’re gonna be passing through anyway, you might as well stop by pier 29, see the dragons. also, there’s a—”

“hold on,” i said. “i knew your city had mountains, but. dragons? uh, actual living dragons?”

“dude, it’s not a big deal. they’re there all the time. of course they’re majestic and everything, but they’re loud and cranky and mostly they lie around eating garbage. now and then the city council will talk about trying to make them roost somewhere else, but—”

“dragons,” i repeated. i knew it was making me sound like a rube, but it was a lot to take in. “you live in a city that has dragons.”

“no, it’s cool, we used to go see them when i was a little kid. it’s worth doing. but that whole area is mostly dragon-themed gift shops, and the commercialization is kind of a bummer. also, sometimes a dragon will melt somebody’s car and it’s a whole problem.”

"fairytale-style, giant scaly fire-breathing dragons.”

“honestly, i forget other cities don’t have them?” she said. "there’s a few other sites on the west coast where they gather. portland calls them wyverns, but that’s a portland thing.”

"chicago’s got, like, bunnies and songbirds,” i told her, “but otherwise it’s just your typical vermin. pigeons, rats, sphinxes—”

“sphinxes? what the hell.

“oh, yeah, they nest in the el tunnels. sometimes a fucking sphinx will flap down out of nowhere, bring the whole train to a halt until the front car answers a riddle.”

“that sounds exciting,” she said.

“it’s the worst. your train winds up being twenty minutes late, and you just have to hang out hoping somebody up there read their mythology. there’s supposed to be a program where the conductors get trained in riddling, but i don’t know. rahm emmanuel keeps saying it’s not a budget priority.”

“huh,” she said. “guess the grass is always greener and all that. but on some level, it’s nice to remember that even with all these big box stores, the country still has some variety left in it.”

“yeah, did you know that in rhode island they call water fountains ‘bubblers’?” i said.

“whoa, seriously?”

“i read it somewhere. crazy, right?”


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Has Camilla ever done with it somebody or does she only see other people (with the exception of James) as food?

She’s actually done it with hundreds of human dudes throughout history and as a result has sired dozens upon dozens of half-vampire/half-human kids over the centuries. It’s ironic as most people wouldn’t look at a pint-sized woman of her size and stature and think “bastion of fertility with a lot of kids” but looks can indeed be deceiving. 

She has varying relationships with all of them, from great, to pretty crummy. But you honestly can’t get mad at a kid for hating their mom cause she ate their dad over something petty 200 years ago.  

James is just the most recent on a string of relationships she’s had through history, had but she’s already enjoying him the most. 

Also I love that before strickler even knew Jim was the hunter, he still offered to be a sort of emotional counselor for Jim, and told Jim to talk to Claire instead of hiding his feelings, and told jim he knows Jim has a lot going on at home and it’s okay
Like he was just being a kind dude to a kid who could’ve been totally irrelevant to his changeling life

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I really liked how Connie tore down on Lapis and Peridot for acting like babies. Not to mention, Connie said what most of he fans have thought: Steven, whose only a kid, has to be the adult for those who are older than him. Connie uses practicality, Steven uses sentimentality. Which method do you personally like more?

“You make a really bad Steven, you know that?”

“Dude, stop saying all this crazy nonsense. It’s making me messed up. I’m twelve. You’re messing me up.”

I think it depends on the situation!  

Steven’s sentimentality has garnered a lot of help for the Crystal Gems- it’s weird to think our main cast at the start of the show was just three magic ladies and one boy, and now it’s spun out to the point we have allies in Homeworld, no matter how remote (that was Amethyst’s doing, with the Fam, but there’s no telling how they would’ve reacted if they were repulsed by Steven and Greg)

But, outside of missions with sentient Gems, Connie’s way of leading is best. It’s swift, practical, and it gets the job done. No muss or fuss.

AOS 4x13:  AKA THE BUS KIDS ARE BACK!  Oh how I missed them.  And we might as well have left Mace in the middle of the road with his own Ransom note.

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The Bus Kids are back!   

We had a lot of set up to get us to the finale of the arc, some questions answered, new questions appeared, few things put on the back burner, and a team up who clearly has different goals.  

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Man I have fallen down a rabbit hole of “figuring out this dead guy’s life and he isn’t even famous or related to me”


Freddy meets Miguel Medina at the Desert Bloom park for some hoops (the last time they were here they ‘played’ basketball - it’s so cool that they can do it again and for real this time!)

“I don’t know man, the place I’m living in now is a real dump…I can’t see how I can move again if business stays as slow as it has been - and let’s not even talk about the possibility of the lot closing!”

“Dude, that’s terrible - I’d suggest you move into my place but Benito and Bitsy are already living with me and now there’s the kid!”

“Thanks for the game and the chat, Miguel!  Same time next week?”

“Definitely, man - and hang in there!”

“You Schweinsteiger?”

“That depends on who’s asking.”

“Our boss wants to talk to you.”

“Well, tell your boss that I’ve got a job and if he wants to ‘headhunt’ me he can do it through my professional networking site.  Now, get lost!”

“You got it wrong, Schweinsteiger.  We’re not asking…”

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Dude split says it's DID and it uses this crazy scary and incorrect version of DID as a disguise for a fictional spooky thing. You can like the fucking movie but please admit it's demonizing this shit because its like "this is Kevin. He has DID and kidnaps some kids and go fucking psycho" please dude you're popular and you effect a lot of young kids

Split is about a character with an unstable superpower manifesting as multiple personalities related to trauma, incorrectly diagnosed as DID by the psychologist who doesnt know whats actually up. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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🔥Lucci and 🔥Kidd?

Send me a “ 🔥 “ for an unpopular opinion

Lucci, I cant stand this dude at all, nor do I understand the fact that hes the most hyped antagonist with more fanboys than the likes of Croc or Doffy. Of course I dislike him a lot because he annoys me to no end, but the one thing he has going for him is that it was him who showed how freaking strong a Zoan fruit can be

Send me a “ 🔥 “ for an unpopular opinion

Kid, I dont consider Kid to be really strong, how do I put it…I do think that he has Coc and I think Kid has potential because of his cool as heck df powers but maaaaan, the way people overhype his powers…I sometimes think Oda noticed that, thats why he put in how Kaido and Big Mom wrecked him and how Urouge dealt with a sweet commander and managed to take them out not only to show how bounties are not powerlevels but to show that Kid has a long way to go yet

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I don't know a whole lot about dicks considering I'm 1000% virgin and all, but I wouldn't describe one as "angry" from what I've seen of my guy friends or from porn. Some can be intimidating because of the size but honestly, I don't think size matters too much. I mean, yeah you'd much rather have a yacht than a rubber dinghy if you get me but a dicks a dick and unless it's the size of a little finger then I ain't got no problem with it

Talking about little fingers, a friend of mine has dated a guy with a micro penis. I’m not even kidding, this guy had a really small dick, and my friend has a lot of experience, she’s pretty open when it comes to these things, but she was worried about the sex because you know, she thought it would just be too small and that she wouldn’t be able to feel anything. She ended up having the best sex of her life with this dude, she dated him for a long time, she’s still crazy about him even though they broke up and she’s dated other men, so if that doesn’t prove that dick size doesn’t matter, I don’t know what does. Now I’d really like to stop talking about this because I don’t know why anyone would think I know shit about this :D

Date! Jaemin

@jaeminiast I’m no writer so rip

-ok so it’s the last day of school before a holiday so you decide to spend it with Jae! Bc hes so busy with maybe debuting and stuff and he recently texted you that he was coming home!!
-so you go to his house first thing the next day bc holt shit he’s back!!!
-you guys go to his room and this kid has soooo much planned
-video games, snacks, movies, board games, drinks (soda wtf not alcohol he’s a minor) and blankets!!!
-you also see a lot of pillows so uk the only logical explanation is PILLOW FORTS
-“jaemin jaemin can we like make a pillow fort it’d be fun come on dude”
-“sure!” He laughs so u do and ngl u guys had a mini pillow fight in the process
-so it’s all done and now u guys are inside w the laptop and ready to play the movie with snacks and stuff
-and bc the fort is big u guys have enough space to lay down right
-so both of u are on ur stomach laying VERY close to each other non of u mind tho UT like ur blushing REAL HARD
-you guys decided to play mulan (I luv her 2 death)
-when it gets to the part where they sing I’ll make a man out of u you guys staRT TO YELL IT SO LOUD HIs mom comes in to scold you two but then see how cute u are so she’s like
-“;) aight u do u kids just don’t scream” and occasionally asks if u guys need a refill of snacks or drinks
-she thinks u guys are the cutest ahhhhhh
-anyway halfway thru the movie he puTS HIS ARM AROUND UR LOWER BACK AND U DO THIS GASP LIKE AHHHH YES!!!! but he thinks it’s bc u don’t like it
-so he’s like “ahhh I’m sorry I won’t do it again I promise” he’s so cute
-“nonono it’s ok I was just..,.,, um gaSPING AT MULAN!! YEAH THAT’S RIGHT!!! she’s so cool!!!!!!!1111!!!” And u kinda mumble “pls put ur arm back on my back I like it”
-he almost died man it was adorable so he’s like !!!!!!!cutie!!!!!!!! And like without thinking he goes to kiss ur cheek
-but then u see him getting close so you turn ur head anD IT’S A KISS ON THE LIPS AND BOTH OF YOU SQUEAL SO LOUD AND LIKE DIE ON THE INSIDE WITH A RED ASS FACE
-it gets kinda awkward but like a cute awkward and both of u are stealing glances and each other and giggling
-“ngl I liked it” u mumble
-“wbat?? Omg really?” hE HEARD U
-“um glad bc me too” BOIIIIIIII HE DID IT U GOT SO READ SO U HIDE UR CHEEKS W UR HANDS TO HIDE HOW RED THEY ARE “can we… uk..,,.,, kiss.,….. intentionally next time” HE WINKED @ U

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Really ? Shippers are talkin about various wrestlers bulges now , & casually throwing Dean in the mix , to what , try to excuse Renee's vile ways by making her out as this poor suffering soul cause Dean isn't packing ? Real talk A lot of men are growers not showers . Size doesn't matter if he knows what he is doing & there are other ways to get the job done . And how much a dude is packing has zero to do with his ability or not to have kids ^ All is a moot point for Dean / Deanee


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Dude I'm so nervous about what a filth pit a CATCF fandom is going to create on this site. Since all the people who crossed lines for SR and False**os fandoms are just gonna move over to Charlie. And now like little kids are going to see this sh*t. I mean yes really young kids shouldn't be here AT ALL but we know they ARE. Don't know man, just venting. I'm just scared for the future of a sweet show with the sweetest star being made creepy girl dirty because it has a lot of potential innuendo.

Aw man, you’re right. I haven’t thought that far ahead. For me personally I’m trying extra hard to avoid all that weird fandom shit more now than ever because it’s really getting to be too much. But of course, some people just don’t know how to not be weird and have to make it their business to spread that weirdness to other people and to the actors.

I really hope things don’t get bad!! CATCF and Christian and the entire cast and crew’s sanity don’t deserve it. I hope Charlie’s run is as sweet as possible. 💜

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It seems like every H!P fan reaches this point. mine was when Berryz disbanded. I will be around for the C-ute finale though. H!P Kids were MY idols. They brought me into this world and I don’t know if anyone will ever rival their magic for me. Them in their prime plus Plat9 was like the perfect idol sandwich for me.

DUDE SAME Ive been a big hello pro kids fan for so long this sucks. Like Berryz disbanding didnt hit me too hard, because I was never super into them. (Tbh, Shining power really killed a lot of my drive to follow them) Rather than just an idol group. C-ute has always been my go too. My home for idols, above all else. But now hello project is forcing them out and im like k….just….stab me in the heart after taking my money…….its fine……….

And Plat9 Momusu was bomb. All of it. I miss Kamei Eri.

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That's fantastic. Unfortunately, my mother says things like "I don't understand how you can't look at some things and just be certain that there is a God" & I'm thinking "I'd probably be religious still if you didn't shove it down my throat at age 5" lmao. I went to the same school with a girl I still kinda know, and she ended up atheist (I'm agnostic). So I really do think that a lot of religious views being pushed onto a young child can make them not religious when they're older.

dude i think that there isn’t a person in my city that has gone to a catholic school and didn’t lose their belief in god (the younger generations), i don’t know about you but here catholic schools make kids HATE religion

Jim is a pilot whose plane crashed and got him in all sorts of trouble. Trying to recover physically and mentally, he meets a grumpy-ass doc at the rehab center he’s been sent to. The two of them get along well since Leonard has a lot of stories to tell and even agrees to sneak in some real food for his patient. In exchange Kirk fixes the laptop Leonard managed to spill whiskey on and teaches him how to use eBay, because “Dude, you can’t live without Internet shopping! It’s the twenty-first century, if you haven’t noticed!”

“When’s our first date, Bones?” Jim smiles like a kid in a candy shop. He’s been waiting for an answer for three weeks now. “I’m not going with you anywhere until you tell me how you managed to fool the shrink.” Because even though the nurses and the rest of the inmates haven’t noticed, Jim’s still   suffering from a mild PTSD and Bones (“Damn your stupid nicknames, kid!”) was the one who found him  shaking on the bathroom floor, crashing down from another panic attack. “I told you I’m fine. I had nightmares even when I was a kid.” “Yeah, well you can eat dinner with the Boogeyman, then.” The doctor goes on about how Jim should take his injuries more seriously  and stop fucking around trying to hide his obvious baggage behind a cocky grin. “Maybe I just should invite Christine. She likes me anyways.” Leonard scrapes down his address and phone number and leaves the paper on the table. “You’re staying here until next Thursday, and than you’re coming to my house and you’ll have bloody dinner with me and if you ever mention any pretty blond nurse again, I’m going to brake your leg myself, Jimbo.”

A day in the life of a smol trans dude

So today was a pretty good day. Well actually ive been really proud of myself lately because I have been doing a lot of adult things by myself. Like ive been setting up my own appointments for my transition and going to the bank and ordering and picking up my own meds and shit. I’ve really come a long way from the anxious little kid who had multiple panic attacks a day that i was last year. 

Anyway so yeah I was at work today, and im the only boy who has ever been a server at my little hole in the wall restaurant i work at, and waiting tables is a female dominated job in most peoples eyes anyway, so I get called ma’am a lot. Most of the time. Which sucks, but today there was this old lady, and I wasnt even waiting her table (she was with a bunch of her old lady friends) and all of them kept looking at me and giggling. And one of them pulled me aside and was like “young man, youre a real looker” and I got really embarrassed and said thanks. And when they were finished, she was like “sir, I mean it!” and then winked at me. It made me feel really good idk :)


TG: rose oh my god that was so embarrassing
TT: What was?
TG: you know what it was
TG: when i first met the guy i thought he was like some kind of emo kid who never smiles and shit
TG: and he was wearing a lot of black that time which proves my point
TG: but
TG: shit
TT: You weren’t expecting Karkat to actually smile when you said so, right?
TG: no shit sherlock
TT: Admit it. You have feelings for him, don’t you?
TG: no
TG: fuck no
TG: but he’s a real nice dude and all
TG: he’s fucking adorable
TG: he listens to people and he’s nice to people he’s close to
TG: and he has the cutest smile i’ve seen in my entire lifetime like
TG: fuck
TG: i can’t believe nobody likes him
TT: He has somebody who likes him, you know.
TG: who
TT: You idiot. Can’t you even see it? It’s so obvious.
TG: ?
TT: It’s you.