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A real live human boy??? asked me out???? I'm going on a date????? with a cute dude??? in like three days???? A cute athletic dude with soft hair and nice muscles??? A cute dude who is at least sixty times hotter than me?? And at least sixty times more interesting than me??? Who somehow decided??? I was cool enough to ask out??? i must be dreaming i'm definitely dreaming, right??

thats so cute omg i hope everything goes well for you two!!!! 💘

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Aether, Wrathful God, Inspiring Song

Aether: Favorite lord?

MICAIAH TOTALLY COUNTS AS A LORD IN A STORY SENSE but no i’ll go by actual title okay

it’s gotta be my boy ike <3 FE lords can be a bit formulaic at times–some young blue-haired dude full of Ideals™, noble by birth and noble in character–but ike shakes it up a bit. especially in fe9, he’s fully aware that while he might have good intentions, he doesn’t have much practical knowledge of the world. so not only does he regularly ask for and value titania & soren’s advice without dodging responsibility or blame, he also makes a point of going around and talking to as many different people as possible so he can learn about different cultures and points of view.

and he’s not anybody special. he’s not Secretly The Rightful Prince Of Whatever, he’s not Spoken Of In Prophecy, he’s not Blessed By The Goddess. he’s just some random guy who becomes special because of his attitude and actions.

and even when he’s the center of attention, commanding armies and saving the world, he never lets it get to his head. he always remembers that he’s taken up the mantle of his father’s mercenary group, and so he always defers to his employer–elincia in fe9, ranulf & skrimir in fe10. he’s got a really good conversation with ranulf about this at the beginning of part 3, where ranulf is all like man i feel bad dragging a bunch of beorc into laguz affairs, and ike just says hey look, you guys offered us a job and you’re on the right side of things so we took it. we’re here to help however we can but ultimately you’re in charge. he’s a good & respectful boy who really doesn’t want any fame or power please stop trying to give him fame and power oh my god now he’s left forever so you wouldn’t give him fame and power.

also from like a gameplay standpoint (which i’ll talk about IF I HAVE TO I GUESS), you give him ragnell and an A support with soren, he kills everything and nobody can fuckin touch him. unless he gets hit w/ a sleep staff. fuck those guys

Rightful God: Favorite boss in the series?

funnily enough, an actual god! ashera is just great. again, she breaks from the mold of your stereotypical Evil For The Sake Of Evil, World Domination 4ever, Murder Is So Much Fun kind of final bosses to be an actual nuanced character. her motivations are understandable. the people she created won’t stop fighting each other, their leaders make a pact, the pact is eventually broken so she wants to try again with a new set of creations. and at the same time you get to see how far she’s fallen from who she was when she agreed to the pact–she’s so desperate to keep control of herself and all situations because that’s who she ‘should’ be as the Goddess of Order that she can’t accept any changes to the world at all, and certainly not any changes in herself.

i’ve said before that i LOVE when classic dichotomies are subverted, and it’s a particular pet peeve of mine that everyone assumes Order is good and Chaos is evil (lookin’ at a certain second season of a certain legend of a certain k.orra). sure, order can mean peace, but it can also mean inflexibility, stagnation, clinging to an outdated dogma. and chaos can equal violence but it can also equal vitality, creativity, adaptation. fe10 does this beautifully because neither ashera nor yune is perfectly good or perfectly bad; what’s needed and healthy is a balance between them.

(gotta give a quick shoutout to my favorite minibosses petrine & jarod tho, for being such total unrepentant dickheads who are hot and stabby. it’s not All Philosophy All The Time up in this blog i’m allowed to be shallow shut up)

Inspiring Song: Favorite song(s) from the series?

the challenge here is can i write another fucking essay answer

pretty much everything from fe10 is the best (the other emblems i’ve played have kinda forgettable soundtracks and also i’m massively biased) but i’m especially fond of Skrimir’s Pride and Wheeling Corby and every time the herons sing.

oliver’s themes (Beauty Is a Mad Mistress and Oliver’s Fall) can go straight to hell but only because he’s a terrible person. and can anyone who’s played fe9 or 10 not have an instant oh my fucking god it’s this guy again reaction to the bWAHHHHH-NAH. BWAHHHHH-NAH. start of The Black Knight Lives? i mean c’mon

i cant believe i main lúcio and i haven’t noticed until now 

that the things in his hair aren’t weird beads

they’re speakers

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long haired yurio.

there he is!