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Have Pixelberry lost their minds completely? Almost 100 diamonds if you want to use all the diamond choices and have fun with your friends in It Lives In The Woods? I honestly have no words for this.

YOOOOOO RIGHT????? I’m a hard advocate for spending diamonds, I do it ridiculously, but .. even I was completely dumbfounded they would include that many diamond scenes in one chapter. Plus the first premium outfit since the book started??? AND LILY’S DANCING SCENE?????? @/pb get it together man.

listen just dance dude even if you’re not good at it just like go be alone turn on some good ass music and dance however ur body tells you to it’s like the most immediately uplifting thing u can do

  • Ghaul: I am a GOD!
  • The Guardian: I've got a lot of experience killing gods so maybe you might wanna consider a different profession
Notes about that Atomic Blonde trailer

-Charlize Theron is bisexual and her girlfriend is both hot and badass and another agent, shit you got my ass in the theater 😩

-Charlize Theron dresses and walks like a fucking queen I CANT

-Also she gets punched in the face and the fighting is LEGIT. It’s not some Scarlet Johansson dancing around dudes and never getting down and dirty, it’s some legit face bashing and getting bloodied up and fucked UP. I love it, Charlize wears it like an aesthetic I can’t get enough of

-James Mcavoy looks like a drug dealer, kinda like he looked in Split, and i get a sidekick feeling from him and i dig it

-the fucking song. Oh my god. That style.

Someone please explain to me how is Logan harder to draw dancing than Roman,