dude at window

food truck au

Lance: Hi, welcome to chili’s.

Keith: Uh… hi? (looks at the menu) I’ll have the #3.

Lance: Sorry, I don’t know how to make that.

Keith: … Then why is it on the- fine, I’ll have the uh, soup of the day.

Lance: Cool. What’s the soup of the day?

Keith: Why are you asking me that?

Lance: ‘Cuz I can’t read the board if I’m behind the counter, duh. C’mon man, just order something already.

Keith: Fine! Can I have the meatball special?

Lance: Sorry, that’s outside my cooking expertise.

Keith: … The BLT?

Lance: Nah.

Keith: (desperately) A water?

Lance: Yeahhhhh, I don’t know where the cooler is.

Keith: How can you run a food truck if you don’t even know how to cook?!

Lance: What? This isn’t my food truck.

Keith: … What.

Lance: Yeah, I’m just filling in for my buddy Hunk while he’s in the bathroom. Oh hey, there he is!

Hunk: (jogging up) Thanks for watching the truck while I’m gone Lance, you’re a lifesaver!

Lance: No problemo, dude! (climbing out the serving window) All in a day’s work.


save him. 

Royalty AU - Prince Kim of Lê Chiến Kingdom

Read the fic here (Kim is the main character so it was about time I drew him! :P)

(Marinette, Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Alix) (more classmates coming soon)

Colin’s panel day 2 at FT5 2017
  • Le panel @colinodonoghue1 et @RachelShelley va commencer x
  • colin talking about a fan x
  • Colin speak about the time he worked with Anthony Hopkins who is one of his favorite actors. x
  • In monte carlo a dude kicked Colin’s car window in to grab him and he found it pretty fun actually x
  • if colin and milah would still be together “okay so they would probably be fishing, since it’s a family show, no pancakes” x
  • “I don’t think there were pancakes 300 years ago” COLIN WJWJQKDJBR x
  • Hook and Milah would probably do so much “pancake” on the JR if they were still together x
  • Rachel: “would we have had pancakes?” Colin: “that’s how you make little pirates” x
  • “What would’ve happened if Rumple didn’t kill Milah?” Colin: “i guess the would still be together” Crowd: *freaks out* x
  • Les quelques notes de guitare de @colinodonoghue1 lors du panel de la  #ft5 x
  • q: if killian had 3 wishes? colin: a second hand, power of flight, tons of gold x
  • colin just specifically thanked us all for coming here and supporting the show & etc #ft5 IT WAS SO NICE x                                      

Confession time: given the amount of time I spend thinking about the skelebros, I have achieved weird sibling status with all of them mentally

To the point where I sometimes have a hard time understanding why people want to date them

Like, take Stretch for example. “You wanna date this jackass? Dude, never washes his hoodie and last week he drank all the milk and then put the empty carton back”

I have too much dirt on all of them

There is no going back

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#lifeasagothamite Dude I keep all my windows closed, wanna know why? Because all the crazy stories about vigilantes flying through windows! But that ain't working! Wanna know what I'll do? Imma put plastic planks instead of glass. Next time red robin or robin tries to crash my window he'll bloody hit his face so hard he'll learn not to break citizen propierty #someone'sgottateachthemsomemodals #batmanthatonewasforyou #onlyingotham

Guys i dont usually watch the bachelorette but this new season is meme worthy. There’s a guy in a penguin suit. There’s a guy screaming and narrating with a megaphone. There’s a guy with a giant doll. There was a dude screaming from a window in the background when the bachelorette was making out with a guy. I’ve laughed so many times. (Plus this bachelorette is awesome and intelligent and cool and she’s the first african american bachelorette so some reasons to watch)

Burgers In New York (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

Hi, so this is my first fic on here. I want to give a BIG thanks to my best friend @pumpernickelbae. She read this as I wrote it and she encouraged me to finish it, so thanks! Hope you enjoy, please like and reblog it if you liked it. 

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, some asshole kids

You’d always hated working at the diner. Sure, you had a great boss and you made money, but come on. The diner itself was filthy; it always smelled of grease, artificial strawberries, cologne and perfume. The amount of people who walked in there with way too much cologne or perfume was ridiculous.  But also, the diner kept you from going to school full time. You had nowhere near enough money to go to college, so you had to spend as much time as possible working at the diner, which made for a barely there social life. For now, night classes were the only thing you could afford, and even that was a struggle to continue to pay for. It was hard to keep up school, a full-time job and a boyfriend.

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Every time I see someone (incorrectly) calling someone else a pedophile for shipping Yuri with an older teenager, I think to myself, “Woah, I wonder what these people would assume about me when they find out my favorite manga of all time is Kaze to Ki no Uta.”  If being interested in something means you condone the bad things about it, then damn.  Damn.  I must be a terrible person for finding a manga so achingly beautiful when it covers such dark themes.

Sit down, honey child, and let me tell you the story of Gilbert Cocteau, another green eyed 15 year old with pretty blond hair hanging in his face.  If you are horrified by the thought of Yuri Plisetsky being shipped with another character, your head’s probably going to explode when you see all the appalling shit that happened to Gilbert before he even reached the age of 15.   A warning, though. If you assume this manga and the people who love it are in support of any of the terrible things that occur within it, I will personally kick your ass, because you will have missed the entire point.

I Give Up (A BTS V/Taehyung Imagine) - Part 2

Summary: high school!AU where you and V are neighbors your whole life and you grew very strong feelings for him and then you saw him with another girl and it breaks your heart.

Characters: AU! Taehyung x Reader

Warning(s): None

Word count: 1405 

Author’s note: This is a sample for an imagine. But, you can request any scenarios you want except for smuts😄

ctto to the owner of the pic⬇⬇

Part 1


“Taehyung!!” You exclaimed, eyes wide.

Taehyung had a very scary look on his eyes. Not the one that says, ‘you’re mine’. But, one that says, ‘you’re meant to be protected from him’ stare. You violently removed your hand from his grasp and glared at him. “Go to your girlfriend.” You said to him and turned your back. As if on queue, Jimin’s car arrived in front of you and Taehyung. You gave Taehyung one last glare and went inside Jimin’s car.

“Hey, what happened?”

You heaved a sigh and said, “Just drive.” You saw Jimin in your peripheral vision nod and finally drove away from the school. 


 It’s been almost a week since you decided to TRY moving on from Taehyung. And to be honest, you have been making a slight progress yourself. That meaning you don’t go out of your house at the same time as him.

Also because, Jimin and you had a talk that he was going to fetch you with his car every morning until you’ve completely moved on. And that, was going to be a very long time. Unless, Taehyung’s family decided to move. So you were basically stuck.

“Mom! Where’s my lunch?!” You yelled while you were going down the stairs.

“It’s at the dining table along with your allowance for the week!” Your mom shouted back. 

You arrived down stairs and quickly went to the dining room. And yes, you were in a rush like the girl protagonist in every high school anime. You grabbed your stuff from the dining table and rushed in front of the front door where you combed your hair a little and took a deep breath before opening the door.


“What the hell?” You whispered to yourself as soon as you heard Taehyung’s voice and looked up from his chest, which is also the first thing you saw as you opened your front door, to his face. Then, you saw Jimin’s little figure behind him combing his hair back looking done with Taehyung.

“Why are you ignoring me?” He immediately asked you.

You averted your eyes to Jimin at the back who was looking worried. You gave him a reassuring look and looked back at Taehyung who was starting to drill a hole through your head with his eyes.

“Uh… No. I’m not ignoring you.” You answered.

“Oh really? Then, why aren’t you talking to me at school?” He countered.

“Cuz, I was probably not in the mood. Duhhh. Not every girl is head over heels for you Tae.” You retorted and walked pass him to Jimin before he, again, held your wrist and whispered something in your ear.

“Don’t even think about replacing me with Jimin.”

He let go of your wrist and you looked at his face where a smirk is now plastered all over his handsome features. You averted your gaze and walked towards Jimin and the both of you went inside his car.

“What did he say?” Jimin asked halfway through your drive to school.

“As usual, he was being very weird. But, this time he’s really done it.” You answered looking out the window.

“Dude, I asked you WHAT he said. Not, something else.” He commented.

“He said to not even think about replacing him with you.” You said your voice dying down.

“Did he mean like as a best friend or as a lover?” 

Your eyes widened and you looked at Jimin as if he was out of his mind.

“What?! No! He’s too oblivious about my feelings for him!!” You exclaimed.

“Well, someone’s been reading the dictionary.” He mumbled and you gave him a mocking laugh.

“So, he meant replacing him with me as your bestfriend?” He continued. “Probably.” You shrugged. The rest of the drive turned out to be pretty quiet for you or just that you tuned out Jimin’s morning karaoke because you’ve been thinking about what Taehyung said at your house. When you arrived at your school, you had five more minutes before you were going to be late for your Bio class and you can’t have that since you have that class with Taehyung and the teacher was the most terrifying of them all.

Right now, you were fast walking towards your locker secretly hoping that Taehyung wasn’t at his locker with some girl having a make out sesh. As she arrived there, she thanked the gods so much that they were on her side these days, Taehyung wasn’t in the mood for a morning make out sesh. He was just there leaning on his locker staring blankly into space. You quietly opened your locker, being careful as to not break his staring contest with space and also for not to notice you. You got all of your Bio things and closed, not looking back at Taehyung and started walking towards the Bio classroom, which was just, thankfully, very near your locker area. 

As you went inside the classroom, you were surprised to see Taehyung already there and waving at you and smiling while gesturing at the seat beside him. You gave a second thought about sitting there. If you’d sit there, Taehyung wouldn’t get the idea of replacing him in any position of him in your life. If you don’t, well, good luck to yourself because Taehyung’s going to confront you.

“Y/N-ah!” You heard Jungkook’s familiar voice that immediately made your head turn at where he was at that moment. He was smiling at you with his adorable bunny smile, “Come sit with me, please?!” 

God, thank you for being on my side today! T^T

“Sorry, Tae.” You grinned at him. He gave you a playful pout but gave you a thumbs up. Taehyung knew Jungkook as your long time crush. But, of course part of that was true. Jungkook was a good-looking bunny.

You went towards the seat beside Jungkook and placed your things at the table. 

“You’re welcome.” Jungkook whispered to your ear. You whipped your head towards him and looked at him wide-eyed.

“Jiminie-hyung told me to keep you away from Taehyung. And he also, told me Taehyung thinks that you actually have a major crush on me.” He said and winked at you.

“What the hell?” 

“Look. Teacher’s here. Now help me, please. I’m failing.” He announced at you quietly and gave you puppy-bunny eyes. 

“Fine.” You answered and smiled.

Bio today was, for some odd reason, extremely easy. Even Jungkook understood it. Anyways, as soon as yours and Jungkook’s class was finished, Jimin texted both of you to meet him at the tables outside the cafeteria. 

But, before you went out of classed you looked back to check in Taehyung who was eyeing you and Jungkook with that big brother stare of his. Again. It’s a good thing that he knew to back off because you seriously can’t deal with the drama the the queen bitches in your school.

You finally went out of the classroom and Jungkook was waiting for you outside.

“That staring contest of ours…wasn’t long, right?” I asked.

“Not really, it went on for like 10 or 20 seconds. I dunno.” he shrugged. “Anyways, let’s get to Jimin-hyung.”

You asked Jungkook if you could take the long cut to the cafeteria because you wanted to sort some things out with yourself. And that’s exactly what you did. You tried to remember what Taehyung’s ideal type was. First, he wanted someone who gets charming by the day, someone who only takes care of him, and someone who has flat boobs. Well, the last one seemed to be a problem to you. You looked down at your big mounds and looked back up again then you saw Jungkook looking at you weird with your peripheral vision.

“What?” You asked him.

“Why were you looking at your…” He started but his face became red. You grinned at his cuteness. “You know…your…”

“No need to finish your sentence, little bunny.” You said starting to laugh at his bunny-ness.

What you didn’t know was that there was a very jealous Taehyung looking at you and Jungkook at the back doing the “jeonlous” thing. Yep, he was jealous alright.