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  • Suicide Squad: has a black man as main character together with a woman. A black woman is the most badass and strong character. Has a cast of mostly poc and the cutest dude ends up being a Mexican cholo
  • The lesson is that the World is not black and white. People are human and capable of good
  • Not everyone is completely evil and you shouldn't judge for appearances
  • Reviews: the movie is bad and I can't like the characters

My gift for @ask-cosplay-nyo-lithuania for the @aphgenficexchange!

One of the prompts was superheroes and NA bros, so I hope you like this ^^ ❤❤

The importance of Jonathan Samuel Kent

(this is purely speculation in my part, I’m just trying to connect all the events in preN52, N52, Rebirth together and the latest Superwoman issue hints heavily about this as well)

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Can someone explain to me how being “grounded” as a comic book universe is only a bad thing if it pertains to the dceu? Because I’ve seen that word used for MCU movies, particularly their color palette, and for some reason that’s…not a mark in the negative box? Like, forget the fact that the dceu uses the ficional cities for the most part and real life news anchors and personalities while Marvel uses the real cities and fictional news anchors, what makes the mcu’s version of “grounded” better than the dceu’s?

Because so far we’ve been given severely de-powered characters ranging from Wanda and Quicksilver’s weird origin to small things like Falcon not talking to birds but to a drone and Black Widow not being around since the 50s as a Russian super soilder experiment. Magic was only introduced as a concept in the mcu this year, after 8 years of movies and two good opportunities to do so.

That’s a lot more grounded than a magic lasso, a magic soul-stealing sword, two hidden kingdoms somewhere in and above the ocean, and a dude that can channel fire and become a fire god’s proxy on earth. And an alien that came from outer space and not a space portal (but this is a nitpick).

Like honestly, between the two, which one is more grounded, and which one is that a problem for? Y'all tell me.

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I really wonder why mera was never in the Justice league like no offense to Arthur but a) she could kick his ass and b) she controls water!! Like?? @dc come dudes

right before flashpoint happened and dc rebooted, there were talks/rumors of mera finally joining the JL/JLA because she was seen helping the justice leaguers and the teen titans more and more, but in all honesty listen, mera… mera isn’t like arthur. arthur will have to talk himself into not banging his head against a wall while the leaguers are fighting over something for the sixth time that day and may even succeed in not sighing internally for four minutes and a half straight, but mera is far more likely to actually DELIVER that punch when hal and bruce won’t shut up

i just imagine arthur very badly and obviously feigning illness and going “oh no i’ll have to call in sick maybe you can go and make them choke on their glasses of water and then i’ll have to save the world on my own, calm, non ball-bustery terms. maybe leave diana alone, she’s cool. she’s cool. batman, however,”


Ariel as Wonder Woman.

I ended up buying two Wonder Woman dolls and I’m using one for a project so I decided to remove her outfit (which is pretty much impossible to put back unless you use glue) and decided to put it on Ariel for some pics. It doesn’t really fit but with some tricks for the pictures it looks great!!!