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dudde ok @ the wearable makeup thing, what some beauty gurus think is/isnt wearable is wyllld!! ok like, this one girl put on like, 2 coats of lipgloss and was like Watch OUT! unwearable!! and this other girl straight up glued studs all over her mouth and was just "dont eat em lol"

Beauty gurus are wild im so tired of ppl getting praised for a nude cutcrease ?? Like i wanna see more original looks which is y im obsessed with queer club culture lol (not 2 get off topic but like.. Do they kno that they didnt invent these techniques…. Like contour, cut creases, baking etc just came to light but queens/ theater have been using these technique forevaaaaaa

In regards to FOB's Twitter hack

I feel like they’ve actualluy been keeping Pete in their basement for years. Just keeping him off social media, posting for him and stuff. And finally, one day he escapes, and runs up to Andy’s computer. He’s got one chance before Joe comes home to send out his last words. He spills all the secrets. As Patty tackles him to the ground, he manages to tweet his last words. “Dicks out for fucking harambre dudde”.

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Oooh I totally know what Cleareu is talking about, I'm just so used to Suzuki Yuuto's cutesy kouhai voice that when he turned up recently in Servamp with that mid-range koibito miman voice I was so confused! I never knew he had that side to his voice and I can't link them at all, they seem too different. xD Have you ever had that? Where you're so used to one side of a seiyuu's voice that when they reveal a different side it just completely fucks you up?

lmao I have! it happens quite a lot, but the one i recall the most was with Ishii Kazutaka bc holy shit dude, for real?? Noble Lily vol. 2 and UkiUki weekend 4 are voiced by the same person?!? mind = fucking blown.

I’ll be first to admit that I’m not familiar with irl Ishii Kazutaka and his anime roles so i don’t know whether there are 2 seiyuu of the same name with very different voices, but if they’re the same person, dudde….wow.

I have other instances where i just went the fuck?? at the seiyuu list bc i can’t recognize them but in r18 CDs Ishii Kazutaka surprises me the most.

But honestly speaking though, I’m actually fucking glad when I can’t link a seiyuu’s “anime” voice with his “r18 CD” voice because really, I don’t want to feel more guilty than I already do. For example like, I can separate fukujun in yowapeda & fukujun in r18 cds, and instead of being disappointed or feeling screwed over, I thank heavens for the distinction.

And the strangest thing about me is that sometimes when I’m watching anime I just “hear” Fujiwara Yuuki. Like, i don’t fucking know how, but I’d be watching this new rad anime and suddenly the side character talks and I’d be like ‘oh my fuck isn’t this fujiwara yuuki??’ and then i’d check the wiki and be disappointed because i’m wrong and i’m probably just super thirsty.