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Hi I just came across your blog and I can't believe I found someone who is vocal about their dislike of whoknows! When she said she's a cishet woman I was like lmao no wonder her fics made me so damn uncomfortable. Isn't it funny how the most popular bottom Louis author atm is not a 1d fan, doesn't follow Harry or Louis, doesn't listen to their music 🤔 it's almost like she writes her own fcuked up stories and just use hl for their physical attributes. I don't trust anyone that likes her Harry

dudddeeeeeee yes!!! pop the fuck off!!!

it’s bizarre to me that no one else seems? to think it’s weird that this cishet woman who clearly knows nothing about them and just writes her very HETERONORMATIVE OUT OF CHARACTER BS slapped on to harry and louis’ faces?? 🤔 I LOVE STRAIGHT PEOPLE FETISHIZING US! AND ROMANTICIZING ABUSE

i know i use this word a lot but like… she genuinely just is a straight woman who fetishizes these two men…..whom she does not give 1 single fuck about… like maybe at that point just write your own characters and leave my actual dads alone?

and every time i have to think about it i rly just want to dwindle into nothingness !!!

anyway thanks for stopping by pal. i will always hate whomstknew fic no matter what lmao