• Lydia:*Can't find Stiles anywhere*
  • Lydia:Guess a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do.
  • Lydia:*Cups hands together and shouts* I'M GOING ON A DANGEROUS ADVENTURE BY MYSELF!
  • Stiles:*Runs with duct tape in hand* tHE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?
  • Lydia:There he is.

You might have noticed in Dr. JCon’s Friday Feature she was using a cane. While there are some fashionable canes out there (this one has stars & moons!), she couldn’t find a space-themed one to suit her needs so, in resourceful startorialist fashion, she made one!

Dr. JCon took these photos after she had been using it heavily for several months, but it seems to have held up well!

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Duct Tape is an unbelievably useful item for under $5 to throw in a go bag. I love the camouflage varieties. Perfect for everything from securing shelter to making weapons to improvised First Aid. Silver duct tape can also be used for marking a trail on trees. Even useful for making your Zombie Apocalypse partner shut up for a few minutes! Lol 😉

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