duct tape soup


Crimpshrine, 1992 comp on Lookout Records


Today I finally met someone cool in this godawful town, a cute girl nonetheless (see, skipping class is a good thing sometimes!) and less than a month before I leave the state, WTF? We smoked and talked outside CVS for a little while (well, she talked, I just kinda mumbled stuff) and then I just dipped out, didn’t even ask for her number because these days talking to new people just makes me so nervous. Normally I’d be kicking the shit out of myself for fucking something up like that but I’m fucking wired from all the caffeine and I’ve got 2 packs of cigarettes and my new Crimpshrine record that just came in the mail so life is good, motherfucker. And the record came with a zine/lyric book with some cool comics in it (see above!).