duct tape portrait

‘Scream & Shout’

Thank You @tapefaceboy for the perfect inspirational photo behind this portrait… one of my favorite, creative, celebrity personalities! You can view more detailed photos of the process for this artwork on my Instagram page (link in bio). ‘Scream & Shout’ is the name and that’s what i’m doing right at this moment with the launch of my Etsy Shop! 

Yes, you can now buy some of the artwork i’ve created using the following source link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Kulorbandit?ref=shop_sugg 

You’ll find quite a bit of familiar 'faces’ with new artwork to be added in the near future. I’ll let you explore what’s available, but for now I would like to point you to one section in my shop under items: Downloadable. Here, you will find download links for The Muppet Series. I felt this was the best way I could make these available immediately. In addition $5 from every Muppet download purchase will go to support the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. As a child Sesame Street and similar shows like it were a part of my upbringing and continues to be a source of positive inspiration for all… kids and adults. This will be one of many ways of trying to use my talents to afford the same opportunity to those in need. With that I would like to say Thank You for all your continued support, words of encouragement, and friendship! 

Sincerely, Kulorbandit


This girl is the receptionist at my work. She has this sort of neo-punk personality: friendly, but doesn’t give too much of a shit. She pretty much wears the same outfit everyday - all black, short skirt, high heels - and commutes via this beater pink bike, usually while smoking a cigarette. I see her more riding on the streets than I do at the office, and always wanted to take her portrait. 
Points for juxtaposition of black heels and duct tape on bike frame; leather rocker skirt.
Bonus points for the matching pink chain.
Style rider on 6th ave.