Sketches that I have done, while bored at work. lol


I really enjoy drawing outside my own style, I feel that there are no limitations when it comes to drawing EEnE. LOL Plus most of them are absolutelyfun to draw( mostly Jim, Nat, and Edd).

Most people are correct when they said Eddy is hard to draw LOL I find his profile much easier, and fun.

Nazz and Marie OTP just saying lol

Also Nat and Rave cosplaying as Cosmo and Wanda from “Fairly Oddparents” I’d like to thank random Anon for this request on my other blog. LOL Their names are Nasmo and Randa XD I regret nothing!!


Nat © c2ndy2c1d

Rave © kirakurry

“Some say fate is beyond our command, but I know better. Our destiny is within us. You just have to be brave enough to see it.” - Merida

Been extremely inspired with my recent cosplay workings, and I couldn’t be any happier with the results!

Next plan of action is to color it with Copic markers, as soon as I earn enough money to get the colors I need for her hair.


Here is me doing a speed drawing with a few tips and such.

I promised a friend that I would give them a view of how I tackled my drawings. I hope what I have created is at least some what helpful. ^__^ Enjoy.

Kitty, unfortunately this is not the drawing I was originally doing for the video, so I hope that it will do just fine. When I started recording I was pretty much in the camera’s way and didn’t realize it until I was too far into the drawing. XD Oops. Hope this is some-what helpful to you!

With my laptop being stolen, and me sadly not saving my artwork on an external, I have been getting myself to spend more time drawing. I am also working my way to learning the ways of coloring with Copic Markers.

2015 may not have started off right, but I’ll still make it a great year!

Keep going my little ducklings