By an extremely large margin vote, here you go.

Sunset Valley Adventures

A collection of landscapes from Sunset Valley!  Total natural wonders of the surrounding area.  Because it became such a popularly voted item, I added in like eight more images than originally intended.

They’re very big, FYI.  xD

Worth 500 simoleons and located in Decor -> Wall Art.

TOU: None that I can think of.  :)

Download: SFS

Recently, as many of my posts may have stated, I just started college. I’m now living cross-country from my home with barely any close friends and relatives nearby. 

While I’m eligible for work study at my school, any and all applications I’ve put in for various jobs have resulted in nothing but stress for myself. I don’t have a car or a license, so that means getting a job off-campus through the employment center is out of the question. I’ve applied for multiple outside scholarships as well, and in order to keep my scholarships from my school I will need to be studying for the majority of my time outside of class. I already have student loans, as well and I’d like to not take out any more.

I need money. My cafeteria is not open for three meals a day just because of campus rules, so I have to be able to buy food to cook. My parents can only give me so much money a month due to our family’s financial situation (because of medical bills), and most of it goes towards school expenses such as fees and transportation for off-campus events, which I’m required to attend for many of my music classes.

Today I added a “Buy me a coffee” button on both this blog and my writing blog @imagineteamfreewill. Any amount truly helps, because a girl’s gotta eat. I know that money is tight and a lot of you are college students as well, so if you can’t donate that’s okay, but please at least reblog this post so I can try to get some more money to buy things like food and toilet paper, as well as medicine for my allergies.

You can donate by clicking the button on either blog, or going here.

In return I can write you a Supernatural drabble on my writing blog (please read my Guidelines), or give you a promo on this one. Just shoot me an ask saying that you’ve donated and what you want, and I’ll do it as soon as I can.

so @foreverafterall wanted to see lossi in a ducky onesie and i just had to draw sai in one as well XD

lossis favorite animal is a duck and sais are pandas though he loves how small red pandas are~

she said they would cuddle so hard in those

i love how it came out x3

lossi belongs to faa

sai belongs to me!

blackglasses66  asked:

I recently lost a vball championship and have been feeling pretty down bc of it so Id like to ask y'all. What do you do to cheer up whenever youre feeling down?

Hmm… it’s always tough when something you love doing doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. But, you have to brush yourself down and keep doing it anyway!

There’s a reason you love doing it, right? Losing sight of that would be the biggest tragedy of all.

Get the team together and go for a fancy meal, and celebrate all the things that went well. Nothing heals the spirit quite like delicious food and great company!

If you’re looking for a distraction, though, a long, hot bath does wonders. Some aromatherapy oils, ambient music, candle light… and a little rubber duckie.

Well, of course you need the rubber duckie! While your body relaxes, he listens to your soul. He’ll wick away all that negative energy and still keep smiling!

Remember to thank him afterwards, alright?