so I did it guys I’ve reached 3,000 followers on this blog. I know its not that special but still its pretty amazing to have that many. glad you guys like my blog. much love to you guys.

so I’d like to do another follow forever for this occasion. last time I did one was a year ago and since then I’ve come across and enjoyed so many more blogs and I’ve made friends with a few more of em too. its you guys that make my blog pretty great. here we go!

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Rules: Tell me your favorite character from 10 fictional works ( shows, movies, novels, etc ) and tag 10 people.

1. Bioshock 2- Delta
2. Fooly Cooly - Canti
3. Friday the 13 - Jason Vorhees
4. Fallout NV- E-DE
5. Halo ODST - The Rookie
6. Dishonored - Corvo Attano
7. Halo Reach - Jorge
8. Soul Calibur - Nightmare
9. Mortal Kombat - Subzero
10. Transformers - Optimus Prime

I tag @erenaeoth @actual-optimusprime @sexy-noble-6 @duckydeathly @mrhavik @zeynker @gentlecatt and anyone else that I probably missed or wants to try this

whoa guys, I’ve messed around and reached 2,000 followers. how awesome, glad you guys like my blog.

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and there is a lot more and I’m sorry if I missed you but really all of you are awesome. I never would of expected this. thanks!


Yo, go check out @duckydeathlyart, it’s the art blog of @duckydeathly, who designed the characters above, which, surprisingly, were for sale since 2012, until I snatched up the lot for a cool 20 bucks. (Which is a STEAL!)

Admittedly, the top 3 feel a little in need of refinement (which I will be doing… Eventually…), but the bottom 2, who I’ve taken to calling Arachnia and Hattie respectively, are adorably well designed in their own right. Simple yet still rather unique, they’re great, and I’m unnecessarily attracted to them due to their sickening cuteness. And they were very low priced for such cute characters! Criminally priced I’d say. I should be imprisoned for committing such a heinous theft.

Go check out Ducky’s shit, then proceed to follow, like, and reblog all of it, if it so appeals to you. She obviously does Adoptables, clearly, but she also does commissions, so watch out for that too!

(And maybe expect some Arachnia and Hattie draws from me in the future, but don’t quote me on that)

duckydeathly  asked:

also i've been meaning to ask this but who are your fav MK characters

my favorite character right off the bat when i was 12 was sub-zero because before going into mk i knew scorpion was the most popular ninja and i didn’t wanna be predictable so i chose sub-zero and also i like blue better than yellow. i treat the mk ninjas like they’re power rangers and as if i’m a kid that doesn’t really have a clear idea of the characters themselves so they just say “i like the green one!” and i love them all but sub-zero the most because he was a longtime favorite of mine. however, if this was not the case i’d like reptile the best because i love lizards. hmm.. the lizard man. he is so cute. reptile is so cute. ermac back then was a close second. so i guess it would be sub-zero -> reptile -> ermac

as for the non-ninjas, i really REALLY like kung lao and his self-esteem issues, raiden because he speaks like a sapiosexual (or is), mileena deserves to learn how to love and the power of friendship (but it was too late for her in mkx….)

and i pretty much love the Kombat Kidz from mkx. every single one. especially kung jin. he is my fucking son. i love him.

WHAT about you

Nine Tailed Nonsense

By: Gin123

“Dattebayo! (Believe It!)” Naruto yells at Sasuke, who apparently has made

Naruto Angry. “I WOULD be able to beat you in a staring contest!” Naruto Exclaims

“Well, let’s see you try.” Sasuke responds. As Sakura annoyingly cheers on Sasuke,

Hinata hides her face behind an Oak Tree. Hinata thinks of what to do, and what to

Say. “There’s Naruto-Kun.” “But, what do I say?” Ask Hinata to herself. “I..I..can do

It.” “..I got to try.” Hinata takes a deep breath and goes to Naruto to say “Hi.”

“Naruto, I see your eyes straining.” Says Sasuke meaningful. “Shut up, and just

Stare!” Naruto replies angrily. “Naruto, just quit. Sasuke-kun will beat you.”

Sakura says. Than Hinata comes trough the conflict. “Hi…everybody.” Hinata

Says shyly. “HINATA!” Naruto gives her a big hug! “Long time no see.”

Hinata is fascinated by Naruto reactions… than faints. “Ha! You blinked, Naruto.”

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