ducky drew

cont. x || @suncrcwned

There’s a moment of silence as his gaze flickers from the opening of the pipe to the woman who had just crawled out of it, his mind beginning to buzz with a multitude of different questions. Hanzo’s neck then craned itself sideways to try and hear for the supposed trapped ducklings, only catching a faint peeping echo of a noise far off somewhere in the pipe. A scoff was released, followed by a curt shake of the head – there was no telling what was actually down there or if it was even possible to retrieve it. To him, it was just best to not get involved. Yet, as he took a few steps past the woman, he couldn’t  help but feel a pit of something horrid begin to form itself over his chest and he stopped. It would be wrong to ignore a plea of help.

“You will receive more than a punch if this is some trick.”, he replied, turning back toward the pipe entrance – shedding his quiver and bow before entering.