ducky dog

Me: Hey, Ducky.

Ducky: You can’t see me.

Me: Actually…

Ducky: I am camouflaged beyond all detection.

Me: Your nose is behind a towel.



Ducky: Completely imperceptible to human eyes.


Ducky: “Where’s Ducky?” they ask.


Ducky: “No one knows,” the universe whispers!



Me:  You’re still getting a bath.

Ducky: “No…one…knows!”

Me: I love you, Ducky.

Ducky: I love you, Daddy.

Ag & Ducky

Me: It makes you smell better.


Me: And you’ll be less itchy.


Me: And actually the wet look is a bit slimming…

Ducky: Then you should hop all the way in, tubby.


Ducky: I don’t care for baths and it causes me to lash out.

Me: I am aware.

Ducky: Just rinse me, old man.

Me: I love you, Ducky.

Ducky: I love you, Daddy.

Ducky: That’s my food.

Me: Yes it is.



Ducky: I don’t see how putting my food in zippy bags makes much sense. I can’t open zippy bags.

Me: I know.

Ducky: You know why?

Me: Yes. No thumbs.

Ducky: No thumbs!

Me: The Lady’s Sister has thumbs. That’s a prerequisite for watching you while we’re gone.

Ducky: You’re going somewhere?

Me: We’ve been packing all day. 

Ducky: Oh. I got distracted.

Me: By me putting your food in bags.

Ducky: By you putting my food in bags.

Me: I understand.

Ducky: Why put it in bags? Is The Lady’s Sister scoop averse?

Me: Not to the best of my knowledge, no. But this way I can make sure your medicine is dosed correctly for each day without her worrying about it. 

Ducky: Thanks.

Me: And I can make sure you get the right amount of food each day.



Ducky: But how do you know how hungry I’m going to be each day?

Me: I tend to assume you’re going to be very hungry.

Ducky: Good call.

Me: But still, the same amount each day.



Ducky: You don’t eat the same amount each day.

Me: No. And we’ve both seen the impact of that tendency.

Ducky: You seem happy?


Ducky: If I say heavy you’re not going to add any extra food in that baggie so I’m sticking with happy.

Me: Good call.

Ducky: I’m going to miss you.

Me: I’m going to miss you too, Duck. But we’ll be back soon. 

Ducky: Okay. Which day is that bag for?

Me: This is for Wednesday evening.



Ducky: I have a feeling I’ll be a extra active that day. Better add a little bit more.

Me: Why are you going to be more active on Wednesday?



Ducky: I plan to miss you extra on Wednesday.



Me: A little extra for Wednesday.

Ducky: I love you, Daddy,

Me: I love you too, Ducky.

#that boob shelf is where he stores kittens ok


It was so ridiculous I had to.

Welp, I feel like this has needed to be Done, and so here it is, a Voice Acting Tribute to the late great Ms. Judith Barsi, who put the “Yep, yep, yep!” in the ‘Big-Mouth’ Ducky in the Original 'Land Before Time’ feature, and Anne-Marie in the Original 'All Dogs go to Heaven’. I feel like a did a Good job on Ducky, but I feel like I almost screwed up on Anne-Marie, I even tried to find some Good Picture reference of her looks, even on Model Sheets.

Me: Duuuuuuucky…


Me: Duuuuuuuuuuucky…


Me: Comfy Duck?


Me: Sleepy Duck?


Me: So sleepy you can’t even hear me?




Me: Ducky? I think it’s dinner time.

Ducky: Hey, Daddy?

Me: Yes, Ducky?

Ducky: I think it’s dinner time.

Me: I love you, Ducky.

Ducky: I love you, Daddy.

Ducky and I were both tagged in a 20 Beautiful People post by unironichashtags! Ducky and I discussed it and we agree that it was probably a case where he got credit for “beautiful” and I got credit for “people.” So together…BAM!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Me: Hey, Ducky. Do you know what today is?

Ducky: Yes. The present day, time, or age; this day; the present time.

Me: Technically you are correct. But do you know specifically what makes this day special?

Ducky: I do believe today is Extra Treat Day.

Me: Not at all.

Ducky: According to my calendar it is.

Me: You don’t have a calendar.

Ducky: Which explains why we missed it last year. 

Me: Today is National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day!

Ducky: Hey! I was a shelter pet!

Me: That is correct!

Ducky: However should we celebrate?




Ducky: Hey! I have an idea!

Me: Is the idea that you and I should post a conversation where we remind everyone that shelter pets are awesome and that anyone who wants a pet should always look to see if a shelter pet is right for them?



Ducky: That was not my idea.

Me: But?

Ducky: But it’s a pretty good one. If all the pets in shelters had homes like this they’d be happier.

Me: And the people that adopted them would be happier.

Ducky: Did adopting me make you happier?

Me: Yup!

Ducky: I knew that was going to be your answer. But if you’re going to post this it’s helpful for you to verbalize your inner monologue so the reader…

Me: No need to pull the curtain back so far, Ducky.

Ducky: Dilutes the message?

Me: A bit.

Ducky: Stay on topic? 

Me: When possible.

Ducky: How about a slogan?

Me: Okay.

Ducky: Celebrate National Adopt A Ducky Day: Being Adopted Is Quite A Treat!


Ducky: It’s a call back. Shelter pets are famous for call backs.

Me: I love you, Ducky.

Ducky: I love you, Daddy.