ducky and the brain

btw here’s a sneak peek of my (nearly finished!!) piece for the Shiro zine that I posted on twitter a few days ago:

+ a preview of something I might submit to the Shallura zine if it doesn’t crash and burn (it’s quite ambitious eeek)

Brain Dump

Ducky left for his visit an hour ago and I wanted to immediately collapse from exhaustion. I didn’t even know I was tired before that moment. Instead I made myself a coffee and some food (what is it about new placements that makes me not hungry and forget to eat?). I haven’t cried yet, so that’s an improvement over last time when I cried constantly over every little thing. 

Both babies took bottles back to back two different times in the middle of the night last night. Rooster was up a few other times too. I had a hard time waking up with my alarm this morning.

I got all 5 kids ready and out the door this morning by myself. We were a few minutes late but really not that bad. Rooster went to daycare, two older girls went to school. 4 year old, Ducky, and I went to get coffee and then back to the school to watch the kids do mile runs with their classes. I got so many questions from people who were confused that this wasn’t Rooster.

It was weird to send Ducky to a visit without ever meeting the parents. With Rooster I did all the transportation until visits moved to his mom’s home, which meant I saw his mom twice a day. Ducky is having supervised visits in home, so all transportation is provided. I wrote a long note in the communication notebook to his parents, asked their opinions on a few things, so hopefully it comes across well to them. 

I’m going to be meeting them tomorrow for a shared parenting meeting. Hope it goes well. 

My schedule is suddenly so full. Ducky has 3 specialist appointments 2 hours away next week (not even sure for what), physical therapy this week (not sure for what or how often), plus visits every weekday. I did tell them that some of the visit time pick ups of drops off just didn’t work for me because I have to bring the other kids to school/daycare at the same time, so they adjusted it for me. Thank goodness school is almost over. 

I don’t know if it has really hit me yet that we have 5 kids (for now). We weren’t really going to take any more placements, but when the resource coordinator called crying and needing a home that she knew wouldn’t bounce him around again, I couldn’t say no. He has been a dream so far and I don’t regret saying yes at all. 

miccru  asked:

So what do we prefer to call out mom or dad ? My little ducky brain is going to explode Oh also congrats of the 10,000 followers and really love your work

Thank you so much!! ;w;!!! My mom and dad call me real insulting things sometimes, but I’ve had an issue with speaking my mind for years so only lately I’ve been able to say what I’d like to, and it’s relieving to me no matter how they respond tbh

the signs as major characters from 80s movies

aries: Andrew (the athlete) - the breakfast club

taurus: Cameron- Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

gemini: Claire (the princess) - the breakfast club

cancer: Samantha Baker- 16 candles

leo: Ferris Bueller- Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

virgo: Brian (the Brain) - the breakfast club

libra: Ducky - pretty in pink

scorpio: Christian - Heathers

sagittarius: Bender (the criminal) - the breakfast club

capricorn: Farmer Ted (the geek)- 16 candles

aquarius: Veronica - heathers

pisces: Allison (the Basketcase) - the breakfast club

Ducky: New fuzzy!

Me: Sorta. Actually pretty old. Doing some serious clutter cutting and decided to let you have that one before I threw it out. There may be more coming. I feel like I have significantly more stuffed animals than a man my age really needs.

Ducky: You do have a lot of them around here.

Me: Actually, I probably could have sold that one on ebay. People like him. He’s called “Brain.”

Ducky: You could have made money on this? But instead you gave it to me to destroy?

Me: Yup.

Ducky: Because you love me?



Me: That definitely played a role.


Me: I also wanted to be able to sing the song.

Ducky: What song?

Me: “They’re Ducky and The Brain! Yes, Ducky and The Brain! One is a genius, the other’s insane!”



Ducky: ‘Kay. Hope you enjoyed that.

Me: I did.

Ducky: “One is a genius, the other’s insane?”

Me: Yup.



Ducky: Which one am…

Me: I love you, Ducky!


Me: I love you, Ducky!



Ducky: I love you, Daddy.