First Look at the DuckTales Reboot (x)

“The image marks our first official look at the return of the beloved billed crew. It comes almost a full year because the new series is set to debut in 2017.

After the show was announced back in February 2015 to much excitement from fans, it’s been widely quiet on the DuckTales front.

This photo’s release comes as Disney prepares to present its brands — Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD — at the annual Upfronts.”

Here in Duckburg...

So I can finally announce that I’ve been working on Disney XD’s brand new DUCKTALES series, coming in 2017!  It’s been an absolute dream come true working on this amazing show with a crew that LOVES (and in some ways, have been defined by) the original series and comics.  And that passion is shining through on every episode.

“But, Frank,” you cry to the heavens, “who the heck do you think you are to be writing DuckTales?!”  Some of my credentials:

- DuckTales Theme lyrics were included in my wedding vows.

- My eldest daughter’s first words were “Woo-oo!”

- My first apartment was nicknamed Duckburg.

- Had the “Moon Theme” as my ringtone for five years.

- An almost unreasonable love for all things Barks, Rosa, EU comics, Original Series, and Video Games, as well as the entirety of the Disney Afternoon.

- This photo of me at age 10:

For the record, I wore that on several non-Halloween occasions.

So hang on tight, everybody.  Racecars. Lasers. Aeroplanes. It’s gonna be a Duck Blur.


Disney XD Reveals ‘DuckTales’ Creative Team, Teaser Art (x)

“The crack creative team behind the highly anticipated new DuckTales series has been revealed — along with fresh teaser artwork — leading into this week’s Comic-Con International. The 2D animated show will launch on Disney XD in 2017 and follow the all-new adventures of Scrooge McDuck, his grandnephews Huey, Dewey and Louie, and Donald Duck.

DuckTales will be executive produced by Annie Award nominee Matt Youngberg (Ben 10: Omniverse). The story editor and co-producer is Francisco Angones (Wander Over Yonder) and the art director is Sean Jimenez (Gravity Falls). The show is being produced by Disney Television Animation.

The newly revealed artwork — created by the series art team lead by Youngberg and Jimenez — will grace the back of the DuckTales Cinestory Vol. 1 comic that will debut on the show floor at CCI on July 20. The comic is a collectible edition featuring a retelling of the first five original DuckTales episodes, and will be available nationwide September 27.”


A quandary of life’s tales and DuckTales

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Jim Hill: 'Ducktales' Reboot is CG-Animated, 'Darkwing Duck' and 'Kim Possible' Reboots Could Follow
A Disney expert dishes on some unconfirmed heresay regarding rebooted properties from Disney TVA.

“With Ducktales, Jim Hill reportedly tells us that the reboot will be CG-animated. This isn’t exactly official confirmation, but it would seem as if the decision for the show to be CG was made internally and decisively. He also mentions that top-tier talent from other shows (Batman: The Animated Series in particular) are being brought in to steer the creative direction of the new Ducktales.

But that’s not all. If Jim’s word is to be believed, Disney has a ‘shortlist’ of properties that they want to revisit if the new Ducktales pans out. On that list is a CG-animated Kim Possible and even Darkwing Duck, a cult favorite that will soon return as a new comic book series.

In the case of Kim Possible, creators Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle had actually pitched the idea of a CG-animated reboot to Disney a few times, even going so far as to get Chris Bailey (who directed the pilot) to do a CG-animated ‘proof of concept’ that served as a reworking of the original pilot.”


When I was a kid I LOVED Ducktales, Rescue Rangers, TailSpin, and Darkwing Duck. Every episode sparked creativity in my supple young mind and made me the creator I am today.

You can watch me ink this drawing over on Facebook LIVE:

I answer questions while I draw and even give a brief tour of my studio. It’s fun, check it out.

Also, the original is available in my shop along with other drawings and art books and prints. Got to