Do You Think that Donald Duck and Darkwing

Ever just sit and have coffee and discuss parenting.

Especially in terms of adopted children and the struggles with that?

“Sometimes I just stare at the ceiling and realize two people had to abuse a kid and three people had to die just so I could be happy.” Darkwing would swish his beer can around before taking a swig.

Donald would snort. “I can’t even take care of all three all the time. My uncle has to help-”

“I can barely take care of one. I’m waiting for the day I screw up past the point of no return.”

“Aren’t we all,” Donald mumbles, before the two clink beer cans in solidarity.

But at the end of the day, there’s something to be said of how the kids latch hold of the both of them. They’ll give each other a look (maybe we’ve got a chance) before corralling their kids to bed, the complaints of “I’m not tired!” echoing through the halls.

Ok, so, I was watching the promo for the next “DuckTales” episode and I couldn’t help but wonder…

… why does Gladstone’s voice sound so familiar?

And sure enough, after looking it up on IMDb, i found out that Gladstone is played by the same voice actor as….


Mr. Peanutbutter from Bojack Horseman.

How perfect. How absolutely perfect!!

Greaser Hair!

Alright guys, I’m going to show you how I take my luscious locks and make them into rumble-worthy greaser hair.

Maybe I can …. shed some light on the situation.

That was a horrible pun, I know.

Step 1: Throw on your Greaser Jams. I recommend this song.

Step 2: Push all you hair into the center of your head and pin it with bobby pins

You’re aiming for a “fo-hawk” kinda look. You’re basically going to get a big floppy mohawk down the center of your head. Don’t forget to secure the hair near the base of your skull with bobby pins in an “X” formation so that the baby hairs don’t slip out and ruin your do!

Step 3: Tease it a bit.

Separate your hair into sections that you can curl and back comb it until your hair is a bit floofy, but not too much or the next step will be more difficult. 

You want it to be able to hold the form of a curl without too much hairspray, but you don’t want too much, or you’ve totally switched decades. 

(repeat above with your whole head)

Step 4: Time to curl that shit

The reason you curl it after you pin it is so your curls fall forward. You want to start father back and move your way forward so your little ducktail (your bangs) is the last thing that you curl.

Time for the little ducktail!!

Now this is the basic shape your do is going to have …. now onto the fun part.


Step 6: Pin it so your do wont flop.


I have to put a tiny bobby pin in the very center of my little swooshy curl in the front so it stays short enough. We don’t wanna look like an emo alpaca. 

Step 7: Now add your sideburns.

Every great greaser has killer sideburns. I use mascara to darken the ones I have and make them longer.

Step 8: Turn on the Stray Cats and go crusin’