ducksfan. Gender differences & Quidditch

The more comments you make the less likely other female players will be aggressive. Social context. Not “oh well I didn’t mean it that way" 

The comments you make ARE sexist. It puts down female players. 
If you create an environment where players are already being told they aren’t as good as the boys why would they try? They aren’t expected to be aggressive because "the boys will just do it”
By putting female chasers as solely supporting players in your strategies you put down female players.
By simply expecting male players to tackle and not taking the time to teach/encourage females you are putting them down.
Every comment you make. Every time you hit on a player. Comment on her chest. You put down a player.
They are a teammate. Not someone you could potentially bone.  

So. You make any more comments like that. I’ll kick your ass off my field. Period. 

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You should boycott QuidCon for being 'Offical IQA' teams only. Restricting players/guests based on monetary status is something I'm increasingly becoming disgusted by in the quidditch world.

Well they’ll be doing IQA-centric events….. Like ref and snitch training and certifying… And it’s only 3 players per team. How would they be able to gauge that if the team is unofficial? Someone could just make up a “team” on the spot and loophole their way in.

This is a bit of an exclusive event - It’s not free. And you can only send 3 members per official team (unless you’re reffing or snitching or something). It only makes sense that teams that play in IQA tournaments and with IQA rules and a sturdy relationship with the IQA are invited to come.

If you personally would really like to go but don’t happen to play for an IQA team, you can certainly look into volunteering/snitching/reffing.

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wtf is happening on your page right now? xD

I’ve got an anon telling me stories about prison rape and bear sex and I’ve got another anon who likes to tell long-ass jokes that may or may not have a punchline and at other times I’ve got other anons asking me for nudes and awkward questions and shit and I just

They’re my friends and I love them, though

ducksfan replied to your post: You should boycott QuidCon for being ‘Offical IQA’ teams only. Restricting players/guests based on monetary status is something I’m increasingly becoming disgusted by in the quidditch world.

Our conference charges 0 to join, and our Tournament registration fee, is 0 for entry.. Many of the teams can’t become official, because its more important for them to have gas money, or money for new equipment.

That’s fine and dandy for an independent conference, but the IQA is way too large to run without cost. Things cost money. It’s just a fact of life.

If teams want the benefits of being official, they should strive to raise the funds necessary. My team has always been in a really tough spot financially, but we did dorm-cleaning jobs and bake sales out the wazoo to raise the money (for membership, travel expenses, and equipment). Anything is possible when you put enough work into it.

If, however, being a part of the IQA is not important to you, cool. Saves you some time fundraising. But don’t whine when the IQA throws events and you’re not invited. :\