Happy birthday, Virgo! The Sun moves into your own corner of the cosmos on Monday, and it will remain there for the next four weeks. No matter when your actual birthday occurs, the whole month is a very special time — you’re shining brightly now and you should take center stage as often as possible. The next week is really important for getting ahead, because Mercury will go retrograde in your sign starting on the 30th, suggesting something of a slowdown. And with a Solar Eclipse shakeup next week, it’s wise to get your ducks in a row while the stars are calm and inspiring. So organize your heart out, but don’t agonize.

It’s the quiet before the storm, and for the sake of this particular metaphor — the storm is ur birthday. Aim to get as much quiet time & beauty sleep as possible early this month, especially near the New Moon on the 2nd. Meditation, yoga classes, writing in ur journal & focusing on the simple and streamlined: these are the things that hit ur sweet spot now. If you’ve had trouble sticking to a mindfulness practice this year, use this New Moon to reset and start anew. It’s also an amazing time to set goals for the next six months, particularly for wellness and peace of mind. Two weeks later a partial Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon wakes u up in the most powerful way possible. This cosmic event is exactly on the 18th, but as a super sensitive Virgo, u are likely to feel it before other people do, so be good to yourself. A little bit of advance TLC will get u through it unscathed. This Full Moon could bring up deep fears and old psychological baggage. It’s best dealt with by employing the skill set u started building earlier in the month —meditate, practice yoga, drink green juice, eat healthy and move your body. This is just what u need because, baby, it’s almost ur birthday! The last ten days of August are Virgo Time and life is super sweet.

Yearly Overview
2016 is the year you’ve been waiting for, Virgo. The stars are about to deliver ur dreams on so many levels. You’ve had Jupiter on ur side since mid-2015, and this amazing, auspicious, ego-boosting vibe will continue through September. (Cont. On my FB) #virgo #horoscope #septemberbaby

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Donut Bun 2 Ways | Ducks In A Row

If you’re like me, then it’s necessary to pull your hair back when you’re working. I can’t stand my hair being in my face - it distracts me and I can’t do anything until I’ve pulled it up! But then you fall into the old same ‘do day in day out. Well here’s a great tutorial on how to do a gorgeous bun that will take you from day to night. For work, try the 'regal’ bun, then before you leave for drinks/dates/fun, take it out, tease it up and re-pin for a 'I didn’t try too hard but still look fab’ look!

I'm a Chronic Goodie-Two-Shoes

And I tie both laces neatly in bows. My nails are not often polished, but when they are, it’s two layers and a top coat. Shoulders back, chin up, even when seated. I take black teas with honey and cream.

Did I forget to mention that my shoes are steel-toe Harley Davidson’s?

Did Omega really wait 200 years to give Shadow an emerald?

When Rouge gave the emerald to Omega and told him to deliver it to Shadow in the future in ‘06, did she really mean for him to wait it out 200 years? Or did she mean… deliver it immediately? She and Shadow met up with Team Sonic when they literally fell out of a time machine right in front of them, and she’s smart - even if they didn’t directly tell her what happened, she would be able to figure out that Eggman had in his base a machine capable of transporting someone to that exact moment in time when Shadow needed help. She likely wouldn’t like the idea of going back into that base that gave her so much trouble at the beginning of the game, and she’s not exactly a combat expert or Chaos Control user. She wouldn’t be much help in helping him fight his way out… but Omega would be.

I mean, the fact that we see Omega in Crisis City is supposed to be foreshadowing for this plot point, but two things: first, I would have expected some kind of reaction if Rouge had approached Omega, who would have been carrying the green emerald if it’s the same Omega sent by Rouge in the past, holding that same emerald in her hand. Like, it would be the same green emerald next to itself - you’re telling me they’d stay completely inert, that Shadow of all people wouldn’t be able to sense another emerald’s presence?

Plus, look at how deactivated!Omega looks, vs. functional!Omega from a few scenes later:

What, did Omega give himself a bath before running off to save Shadow in Flame Core? Nah - the first Omega is the one discarded by GUN after using him to seal away future!Shadow, the second one is the one that has just time traveled to save Shadow.

Speaking of which, how does that little detail factor into this theory? Well, here’s the dialogue from the scene where Omega reveals what happened between him and Shadow in the future:

Omega: *shoots Mephiles with a goddamn minigun*

Mephiles: *laughs* “This only proves you were created to stop Shadow, the ultimate life form.”

Omega: *hesitates*

Mephiles: “Don’t tell me you didn’t know. You may have been programmed by humanity, but what you did to Shadow in the future, that was your….”

Omega: *shoots Mephiles until he melts away laughing*

Rouge: *runs up with Shadow* “What just happened?”

Omega: *clearly upset and hesitating* “Shadow. The one who defeats and seals you in the future… is me.”

Nowhere in that scene does it explicitly say that this Omega is the same one who sealed Shadow. I find it likely that Mephiles was manipulating him just as he manipulated Shadow. In Flame Core, Mephiles showed Shadow his sealed-away future self in order to manipulate him. So how likely would it be that on the beach, Mephiles tried to manipulate present!Omega by explaining to him what his future counterpart does?

I think the line “Don’t tell me you didn’t know” is the most telling. Why else would Mephiles say that if he wasn’t talking to a version of Omega who didn’t seal Shadow? He’s being manipulative, like “Do you honestly think that someone who was created to stop Shadow wouldn’t do exactly that in the event of an apocalypse?” And he’s making it out to be a personal choice that Omega made, when it’s far more likely that GUN/Shadow’s human enemies reprogrammed him to do so and then left him discarded in the ruins of Soleanna.

And from that point in the story on, Omega seems to have it out for Mephiles, even declaring that he is the one who is going to “seal” Mephiles. It sounds like he’s angry that Mephiles tried to manipulate him and sever the bond of friendship between him and Shadow. And Shadow seems perfectly willing to work with Omega by that point in the story, even despite hearing what happens in the future - would he be so trusting if it was the same Omega that sealed him in the future? Not likely. Explanation: he believes that this Omega, present!Omega, won’t do such a thing with forewarning.

While both explanations of Omega’s involvement in the plot “work”, I think this one - that present!Omega time traveled while future!Omega is a different entity entirely - makes more logical sense. What do you think?