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If you’re like me, then it’s necessary to pull your hair back when you’re working. I can’t stand my hair being in my face - it distracts me and I can’t do anything until I’ve pulled it up! But then you fall into the old same ‘do day in day out. Well here’s a great tutorial on how to do a gorgeous bun that will take you from day to night. For work, try the 'regal’ bun, then before you leave for drinks/dates/fun, take it out, tease it up and re-pin for a 'I didn’t try too hard but still look fab’ look!

I'm a Chronic Goodie-Two-Shoes

And I tie both laces neatly in bows. My nails are not often polished, but when they are, it’s two layers and a top coat. Shoulders back, chin up, even when seated. I take black teas with honey and cream.

Did I forget to mention that my shoes are steel-toe Harley Davidson’s?


Kim Cogan (1977, United States)

Interiors and figures

Cogan is best-known and most prolific as a painter of America’s urban environment, focusing on lesser-depicted areas rather than landmarks. His style is realist, but with very limited brushstrokes, which seperates it considerably in technique from contemporary academic realism - though the accuracy of lighting means that from middle-distance his images have a photographic quality.
Ducks in a Row Chapter 6, an once upon a time fanfic | FanFiction

After Regina had finished putting Henry to bed she made her way downstairs. Emma was sitting cross legged on the couch with her backpack in front of her. The blonde was pulling several miscellaneous objects from the bag, when she paused. Slowly she pulled a white envelope out. Regina recognized the object immediately. Emma opened the envelope and pulled two fifty dollar bills out and stared down at them.

“Those were meant to be used.” Regina said making her presence known to the blonde.

Emma jumped and quickly put the money back in the envelope. Looking up at Regina with wide eyes; similar to Henry’s when he is caught doing something he should not have.

“Why didn’t you use it?” Regina asked sternly moving over to the couch.

“I don’t know.” Emma admitted looking down. “I guess I felt guilty about it.”


#FridayReads: DUCKS IN A ROW

Get Your Ducks in a Row! The little team behind There’s a Book For That! works hard to stay organized and poised to react to breaking trends but this post has nothing to do with that!  Rather, we present to you a gaggle of great books featuring ducks for your reading enjoyment.  Have a quacking good time with this list!


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