professionals and hustlers: gemini, leo, virgo, libra

out of all the signs, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, and Libra are the four most obsessed with appearances. even if they say they don’t give a fuck about what people think, they care a WHOLE lot about how they are perceived and the public opinion of them. they break down into two groups: professionals and hustlers.

professionals: leo, virgo
professionals are always put together. all their ducks are in a row. they have a plan a, b, and emergency c as well as a few side plans they can execute in the off chance of a less likely situation that they still feel they should prep for. when things aren’t organized or their plans get unexpectedly changed, they tend to get upset – they don’t like having unnecessary problems or changes, especially when they had everything planned just right from jump. they don’t like people to get in their way, especially if they’re supposed to be friends. if you block them by accident, they’ll be annoyed, but impede them on purpose and they’re liable to cuss you out. they like having all the trappings and appearances of being put together – nice clothes, hair just right, great at what they do, and doing it without anyone to prop them up. this leaves them susceptible to ego trips and to self-destructive behaviors by way of not reaching out for help when they really need it. they truly believe that they should have it together without someone else having to extend charity to them. this is also because, deep down inside, they rarely believe anyone else can be right (this is the reason they work so hard to be self-sufficient). so if someone comes trying to hep them, they don’t truly believe they should need help when they know best and especially when others are likely to let them down. this is why they seem cold to people and like they believe they’re better.

hustlers: gemini, libra
hustlers are a lot like professionals on the surface – they like to have their shit together, they like to look put together and like they have it down pat. the main difference? usually, they’re only concerned about LOOKING like they have it together. where virgos and leos may smile through their world crumbling around them because they don’t believe they need help to get their shit together, geminis and libras will know full well that their worlds are crumbling and that they can’t stop it and that others know best… but they hate to LOOK like that. appearances are very important to libras and geminis (which is why they both also are in the fakers and freezers categories, respectively) and they hate to have the IMAGE that they have it all together torn down. unlike professionals, who who really work to BE together and refuse to accept help because they’re so capable, hustlers work hard on making sure they come off as adjusted and doing great at all times. even when they admit it, they tend to downplay how bad it is and instead focus on others. however, because they bottle things up, they tend to have emotional explosions or radical changes of heart that seem to come out of nowhere, but have actually come after long periods of quiet, unseen reflection.

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Since the schedule was pushed so most of 7 could be filmed in snow, I'm betting they are filming out of order. Jon meeting with Dany was inevitable, and, honestly, we JonSa shippers should want this. If he is meeting with Dany, he could be forming an alliance against the Others. Or he already knows he is Targ (in new armor??). Or both. Either way, he needs to meet with Dany, accept his new family, defeat the NK, reject the iron throne, and return to WF and Sansa. Ducks in a row, folks.

yup. and in a few leaks we’ve seen that Sansa finds out about his heritage before him, so Sansa could be the one pining for him hardcore just as a slap to the fave because Sansa always wanted blond princes, but ends up loving a man with a darker history showing how she’s changed from porcelain to steel.

Donut Bun 2 Ways | Ducks In A Row

If you’re like me, then it’s necessary to pull your hair back when you’re working. I can’t stand my hair being in my face - it distracts me and I can’t do anything until I’ve pulled it up! But then you fall into the old same ‘do day in day out. Well here’s a great tutorial on how to do a gorgeous bun that will take you from day to night. For work, try the 'regal’ bun, then before you leave for drinks/dates/fun, take it out, tease it up and re-pin for a 'I didn’t try too hard but still look fab’ look!

I'm a Chronic Goodie-Two-Shoes

And I tie both laces neatly in bows. My nails are not often polished, but when they are, it’s two layers and a top coat. Shoulders back, chin up, even when seated. I take black teas with honey and cream.

Did I forget to mention that my shoes are steel-toe Harley Davidson’s?