ducks tho

Absolutely could not get the idea of Gladstone being “Durkburg’s answer to Dorian Gray” out of my head it was too perfect an image to pass up on

Mildly melancholy fop? Original sour-grapes flavour? I don’t even know which adaptation I prefer but I sure as heck am excited to see how he fares in the new Ducktales reboot!

I wanted to try and draw Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for the first time, so I did a thing to see how much I remembered them (from non-stop watching all the epic Mickey cutscenes x~x) so on the right there are non-reference doodles, only from memory(I had colored Mickeys shoes brown at first but i fixed them. I have insulted the mouse) and the left are referenced doodles, where I used my phone to look at pictures of them. There’s also a duck eating grapes raining from the sky.

Imagine: Draco’s Animagus Form

“Come on, Draco, you can do it,” you urge. He claimed he’d done it before, so you’d been practicing for weeks to see if he could do it again.

“I’m trying as hard as I can,” he said, his face contorted into pure concentration. Any moment could be the moment.

Any second now…

Suddenly, something started to happen. He shifted from his human form into his animal body. It was glorious… It was fascinating…

He was…

A duck.

foamimi  asked:

Hey!! I was thinking about that screenshot with Junkrat and reaper hugging a while back - then I saw you posted a screenshot showing how tall junk was to hanzo - anndd I was wondering if you'd ever try messing with junk and hanzos emotes to hug?? Or if not junk then hanzo and somebody else to make another hug-like thing?? Idk it was just on my mind and thought I'd ask but if not no worries!


i dont think we’ve been able to get any of their standing emotes to intersect (tho that was a LONG time ago so maybe my memory’s just failing me, i can check further back in my screenshots to make sure)

however, we did find a spot quite recently that their sitting emotes work fairly well with! (scarecrow junkrat but th Concept is there)

as for generally-hugging-hanzo ones, i do have a good sample that i could try to compile somtime when i hav th time