ducks tag

  • Anaheim Ducks: fuck the blackhawks
  • Arizona Coyotes: fuck the blackhawks
  • Buffalo Sabres: fuck the blackhawks
  • Calgary Flames: fuck the blackhawks
  • Carolina Hurricanes: fuck the blackhawks
  • Chicago Blackhawks: fuck you
  • Colorado Avalanche: fuck the blackhawks
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: fuck the blackhawks
  • Dallas Stars: fuck the blackhawks
  • Detroit Red Wings: fuck the blackhawks
  • Edmonton Oilers: fuck the blackhawks
  • LA Kings: fuck the blackhawks
  • Minnesota Wild: fuck the blackhawks
  • Montreal Canadiens: fuck the blackhawks
  • New Jersey Devils: fuck the blackhawks
  • New York Islanders: fuck the blackhawks
  • New York Rangers: fuck the blackhawks
  • Ottawa Senators: fuck the blackhawks
  • Philadelphia Flyers: fuck the blackhawks
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: fuck the blackhawks
  • San Jose Sharks: fuck the blackhawks
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: fuck the blackhawks
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: fuck the blackhawks
  • Vancouver Canucks: fuck the blackhawks
  • Washington Capitals: fuck the blackhawks
  • Winnipeg Jets: fuck the blackhawks

Jay: the loud kid at the corner of the classroom. the greasy. the ugly. the stupid. the unknown virgin. got suspended once because of an accidental nip slip. but is actually always sad and tired. gave a hobo $100. by accident.

Gray: the robot beauty at the front. Doesn’t speak. but is never single. Is dead inside. has a diary, for sissies. 5 thicc diaries. secretly emotional. grades are not average. but he insists that he’s above average. c student.

Loco: he swears to all his gods that aliens are real. But info only exclusive to only a selected few people. stutters when reading. giggles at anything that looks like boobs. draws bears on his spare time. any time is a spare time. even during tests.

Simon: has the world record of holding a pencil on top of his lips the longest. has the girliest hand writing. one time he came to school in drag and pretend to be Nomis the D. has straight As but doesn’t know when to cross the street.

Hoody: the girl with a lot of guy friends. no one knows why or how. she kinda looks like your youngest aunt. always staring into space. more than once was mistaken for the teacher. has more knowledge about gay sex more than anyone. proves it with her smut skills. poetic.

Elo: the always sick. “does he even go to this school?” sometimes he brags about his collections of old cds from the 90s. Sometimes speaks in a French accent. No one knows why either. mistaken for Elmo. Too much.

Ugly Duck: everyone’s favorite side kick. doesn’t believe he’s a side kick. prefers Captain America over Iron Man to prove it. he snores and drools. his teacher once yelled at him for drooling on his test. but he got a b on it.

so many duck folks out here and I didn’t even know, my people were with me all along I feel so blessed

(also regarding doodle comics gosh don’t tempt me pal I got too many ideas, but anyway even if I do I can’t hurt you more than the original comics I mean heck have you read A Letter From Home)