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Here for You (Steve Harrington x Reader)

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Request- “Steve Harrington x Reader where you’re Dustin’s older sister and Dustin has Steve over to babysit him bc Reader is supposed to be out on a date but she comes home like halfway through with like super ready eyes and tells them she found out he’s cheating on her because he stood her up to go with the other girl or something”

Words- 1052

Warning- Cheating (not having to do with Steve) swearing

A/N- Enjoy!

You had waited for half an hour outside the movie theater before you saw it. You were supposed to be on a date with a guy from your school. He was supposed to meet you at the theater to go see a movie to together. You had been excited, finally a chance to get out and relax, and just live a little. Although, your plans were slashed to ribbons when you spotted a parked car. Your date was not supposed to be making out with some girl in the front seat of his car.

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Homeless bechloe au? I’ve never seen this done before and I would love to see where you take it :)

Ohh what a sweet idea! I hope I’ve done it justice!! ❤️

Chloe Beale trotted out of the coffee shop with a sweet smile on her face, thanking the old man who held the door open for her. She held a take-out coffee in each hand, and slowly began making her way down the sidewalk over to work.

As she approached a crossing she noticed a puppy poking it’s nose out of a pile of material beside a small store that had recently closed down. Her heart soared as she ducked down, stacking one of the cups on the other and using her now free hand to stroke the little thing.

“Hey there sweetheart,” she said quietly, sweetly, “What are you doing out here on such a cold morning?”

The puppy licked Chloe excitably on the hand, wagging its tail as it crawled out to greet her. Suddenly the redhead let out a small squeal, immediately pulling her hand back to steady the coffee cups as a hand reached out from the material and grabbed the puppy, pulling it back into the midst of material.

Chloe realised that the pile of material was actually several old sleeping bags, and she gasped as she heard a low groan coming from beneath them. It was then that she spied a petite girl sit up an unravel herself from the bags. She couldn’t have been much younger than her Chloe suspected, maybe seventeen?

She had raggedy long brown hair, pale skin, and looked as though she hadn’t eaten a proper meal in weeks. Maybe even months. The brunette scowled at her, but Chloe wasn’t taken aback. Unfortunately for the homeless girl, Chloe Beale was one of the most forgiving and understanding people in the world. Forever empathetic, she would see the good in everyone, and want the very best for anyone too.

“You have a beautiful dog” Chloe said sweetly, a soft smile on her face. But the brunette still looked at her, this time rather suspiciously.

“He’s alright I guess?” She replied, still scowling.

“How old is he?” Chloe asked, looking down at the puppy who was busy nibbling the girl’s dirty thumb.

The girl shrugged, still refusing to look away from Chloe, and Chloe couldn’t work out why.

“Um..well does he have a name?”


“H-Hank?” Chloe stuttered slightly. The puppy was so small he really didn’t look much like a ‘Hank’. But the girl just shrugged again and Chloe decided not to push it further with the dog.

“Does Hank’s owner have a name?” Chloe asked kindly, giving the girl a sweet smile. She watched as the brunette hesitated, her deep blue eyes bearing into hers as if trying to read her mind.

“Beca” The girl mumbled and Chloe smiled. That was a nice name.

“Beca.” Chloe repeated, holding her hand out to her, “Well hi Beca, I’m Chloe.”

Beca seemed to hesitate as she looked down at Chloe’s hand, then looked back up at her face. Then the brunette slowly moved Hank to her other hand, then took Chloe’s hand, shaking it gently. Chloe felt something in that handshake. She couldn’t work out what. But when Beca let go, she kinda felt a bit empty. Which was strange really because they were strangers.. but Chloe wanted to change that.

“Can I sit with you for a bit?” The redhead asked, motioning to a spare bit of sleeping bag beside Beca. The brunette shrugged and Chloe giggled gently, “You’re not one for talking much huh..”

“People don’t usually want to talk to me” Beca mumbled, her expression less like a scowl, and more like she was uninterested. Chloe took a seat beside her.

“Well I want to talk to you.” Chloe said brightly, nudging the girl with her elbow, “If that’s ok of course?”

Beca looked over at Chloe, then shrugged again, “If you want?”

The two teens sat on the cool ground, looking out at the street before them as people walked past and cars drove commuters to work. Chloe was smiling softly. Beca looked brooding. Hank was busy nibbling Beca’s thumb again.

After a few moments Chloe turned back to Beca, “Do you like coffee?”

“Uhuh” Beca said, turning to look at Chloe suspiciously.

“If you could choose your most faaavourite coffee, what would you pick?”

Beca furrowed her brow, not entirely sure why Chloe wanted to know. But after a moment she shrugged, “Just…a black coffee I guess.”

Chloe took a deep breath, then held out one of the coffee cups she’d had in her hand, “One black coffee”

Beca took it cautiously, making Chloe giggle softly again. That had been her co-worker’s coffee. It was her turn to buy the coffees today as Aubrey had bought the coffees yesterday. But Aubrey would understand..

The two girls fell silent again, sipping their respective coffees. Chloe kept looking down at Hank longingly. She adored dogs. And she adored puppies even more.

“Did you want to hold him?” Beca asked casually and Chloe almost dropped her coffee cup she was so excited. Her eyes and smile lit up which, to her delight, seemed to place a genuine smile on Beca’s face.

The brunette handed the puppy to Chloe and the redhead placed her coffee cup down before cooing at the little ball of fluff in her hands, “Heeeeeeeeeyyyyy!” she said in a sweet voice to the puppy. Hank scrambled up to lick her chin and Chloe giggled, “Oh aren’t you looooovely!!”

Beca looked curiously at the redhead. Why did a girl as beautiful as her want to sit with a grubby girl like her? It couldn’t just be because of Hank..or maybe it was..

“What?” Chloe asked curiously, and Beca blushed, realising she’d been staring.

“Nothing..just..people don’t tend to smile around me..”

“Well I’m a very smiley person!” Chloe said brightly. Then felt terrible as she saw Beca’s face drop, “Oh! No-no..I mean, I’m smiley, yeah. But I smile when I’m happy and right now I’m really happy!”

Beca squinted slightly, not overly sure whether she could trust if the redhead was telling the truth or not. So they sat in silence, watching Hank feverishly lick Chloe’s hand.

The redhead let out a small sigh, then turned back to Beca, “I’m really sorry. I’ve got to go to work..”

Beca shrugged, “‘S’okay. Thanks for stopping.”

Chloe lifted the puppy to her face and giggled gently as Hank licked her nose, “I’ll see you later Hank!” Beca furrowed her brow as Chloe turned to her and smiled softly, “If..if that’s ok?”

Beca hesitated, then raised her eyebrows with a shrug, “Uh, yeah..yeah we’ll be here.”

Chloe smiled sweetly, “Great. I have my lunch break around 1 so I’ll try to sneak out of the office then?”

Beca felt a small smile wipe over her face, an unusual sensation because she rarely had anything to smile about these days, “Uh yeah, okay..”

“What’s your favourite food?” Chloe asked quickly as she handed Hank back to Beca.


“Your favourite food?”


“Do you like burritos?”

Beca hesitated, blinking slightly at the question, “Uh..yeah..”

“Great!” Chloe said as she scrambled to her feet, dusting herself down before taking hold of her coffee, “I’ll see you in a few hours then!”

Beca looked up at the redhead, still somewhat stunned at what had happened, “Yeah s-see you in a few hours..”

“It’s a date!” Chloe said brightly, before ducking down and giving Hank one last pat on the head, before turning on the spot and continuing down the street towards her work…

The Chase is Half the Fun

Summary:  You and Dean are playing a game of chase through the bunker but you’re hoping he’ll catch you.

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count:  947

Warnings: SMUT (fingering, unprotected sex), Chasing, does that need a warning?

A/N:  This is a drabble I thought of while re-watching episode 10.3 “Soul Survivor” and wondering what it would be like getting chased through the bunker by non-Demon Dean.  As is usually the case, smut ensued and yet another kink was born.  Chasing kink is now something I can add to my ever growing list.

My tags are open so, if you’d like to be tagged please send me a message or an ask.

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You and Dean spent most of the day stuck in the library researching some arcane spell that Sam needed while working a case a few towns over.  The search had been fruitless and you finally left in a huff of frustration.  Dean persisted and you’ve been waiting hours for him to finish.

Now you’re lying on the bed growing ever more impatient.  The bed vibrates and you reach for your phone.

                Dammit woman quit sending me those

You smirk to yourself unbuttoning another button on your flannel shirt before snapping another picture and sending it.  Your phone buzzes almost immediately.

                That’s it I’m coming to get you

You squeal jumping off the bed before turning left out of Dean’s room and sprinting down the hall.  At the T you turn left again; your chunky socks helping you slide around the corner.

“Y/N!” Dean calls.  “Come out, come out wherever you are!”

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Request from anon: Could you please do one where Levi’s S/O is a civilian? How and how often would he see them? Thank you so much!

A/N: This is going to be a series as well, so prepare for some fluffy angst and angsty fluff! ;)

“Hey! Get back here, you punk!”

You whipped your head around as you searched for the bellowing voice you had just heard, ducking into the small alley beside your family’s shop. Standing behind a stack of boxes, you peered out to see a boy, about your age, sprinting while clutching a loaf of bread to his chest.

“Hey! Over here!”

Without thinking, you called out to him quietly enough for just his ears to hear, waving him over frantically. He glanced over and looked back over his shoulder as he rushed to hide behind the boxes alongside you.

The two of you watched in silence as the man who was chasing him continued running down the street with a bewildered expression on his face. In that moment, you took the opportunity to study his appearance. He was obviously poor, even by Underground standards. His clothes were tattered and he was thin, but he did seem rather clean. Shaggy black hair hung in his face, but was kept short and clean-cut on the sides and at the nape of his neck. His eyes were perhaps his most string feature. They could be compared to a cloudy day on the surface; steely grey irises that were as dark as they were mesmerizing.

“Why did you help me?”

His blunt inquisition startled you and you cast your eyes down as you rubbed the back of your neck.

“I don’t know. You don’t look like a typical criminal. You just look hungry. I could only assume that you stole that loaf of bread, because you were starving.”

He stood still for a moment, looking you over as if sizing you up, or making his mind up about you. You couldn’t quite tell which.

“You gathered all that from the two seconds you saw me running?”

His voice was flat and his expression stoic. His personality, so far, amounted to little more than that of a rock’s, but he was still intriguing to you somehow.

“My family owns this bakery.”

You gestured to the building beside the two of you, smiling politely.

“I’ve seen my fair share of bread thieves. My family tries to feed the hungry, so we don’t get many thieves nowadays. If you like, I could give you what we have left from today.”

“You would do that?”

Skepticism was apparent in his tone as he looked between you and the building, scrutinizing the details the pair of you bore.

“Of course. No one should have to steal in order not to starve. Please, come in. My parents left me to lock up.”

Heading inside, you waited for him to enter as closed the door behind him, watching as his ogled the shelf of pastries and bread before him.

“Let me get you a basket.”

Disappearing behind the counter for a moment, you stopped down until you found a small, wicker basket and you rose as you set it down on the counter.

“Here you are. Take whatever you like.”

“You’re sure?”

His expression was still weary as he looked over at you with those piercing eyes.

“I’m certain. Please, help yourself. I’m sure you could use a good meal.”

“Thank you. I appreciate this.”

“Don’t mention it.”

You began sweeping, leaving him to it as he loaded up the basket.

“What’s your name?”

“Hmm? Oh, it’s (Y/N). What’s yours?”

Smiling politely, you continued sweeping as you moved closer to him.

“Levi. So, you work here with your parents?”

“Yep. I have since I was about ten.”

“And how old are you now?”

His brow arched in curiosity as his eyes scanned your frame once more.

“Sixteen. And yourself?”

Continuing to smile, you tried not to blush as you glanced down at the floor.


“Oh, have you ever been to the surface?”

Your curiosity got the best of you. The surface was such a foreign place to you, almost like a different world, but you had never had the chance to experience it. Firstly, the toll to gain access to the surface was expensive and second, you weren’t permitted to leave without your parents at your age.

“No. I assume you haven’t either.”

His question was uttered as more of a statement; one that was unfortunately true.

“No, my parents would never allow it. Even if I had the money. They say it would be too disappointing to see it, knowing we would have to return home.”

“Huh. Is that so?”

He shook his head as he scoffed, setting his now full basket on the countertop.


“Well, I can’t say they’re wrong. I hear the surface is far better than this shithole. But if you want to go, go. Don’t look back. First chance I get, I’ll be long gone.”

“Really? You would leave?”

“Of course. Wouldn’t you? Why would you want to stay here? To rot in the darkness? To live and die in some shitty cave?”

Crossing his arms over his chest, he leaned back against the counter, locking eyes with you.

“Well, I suppose. It’s a nice dream, it is. I hope it comes true for you, but I think I’ve resigned myself to the idea that it’s my fate to live and die here, like everyone else.”

Dropping your eyes to the floor once more, you began sweeping up the smile pile you had gathered.


You lifted your head with a start at his voice, staring at him in confusion.

“I’m sorry?”

“I said bullshit. You aren’t like everyone else. I’m not the brightest guy around, but I can tell that much. You were kind enough to feed scum like me and down here, that’s saying something. If anyone deserves to see what’s up there, I would say it’s you.”

Crimson rushed to your cheeks as you desperately told yourself to look anywhere but at Levi, but you couldn’t.

“Tell you what, when I get out of here, I’ll come back and get you out too. Okay?”


You couldn’t believe your ears. You had just met this man ten minutes ago and now he was promising to get you out of this place?

“You heard me. I’ll get you out of here. No one down here has ever shown me the kindness that you have tonight and I don’t like to leave debts unpaid. Don’t you want out?”

“Well, y-yes. Yes. Thank you. I hope you get out. I really hope you do.”

A soft smile danced across your lips as you tried not to flush deep red again, keeping your eyes locked with Levi’s as he grinned reluctantly.

“I will. We will. That’s a promise.”

just a lil’ de-stress doodle of some good Boys before bed

the new Duck Stack level is really difficult, but an incredibly-focused boyfriend is also an incredibly cute boyfriend, so~ ¯\_(uwu;;)_/¯

The daughter's burden 2

A/n: I live! So yeah, I’m not dead I’m just horrible at updating.

Jason was not in a good mood. The week had started out with finding out Bruce had another brat that no one knew about, then the kid ran away and he got yelled at by Alfred. Getting yelled at by Alfred is the worst. Now, he had to deal with first degree burns from some kid.

“Geez little wing, what happened to you?” Dick asked as Jason rode his bike into the cave. His clothes and hair were still smoking from the brat that attacked him. His favorite leather jacket was ruined!

“Some kid burnt me. Must’ve had a lighter or a really small supped up blowtorch.” He muttered as he started getting out of his uniform, ignoring the fact that Dick had gone pale.

“They burnt you?! Did you see what they were using?” Dick asked. Jason shook his head. “Couldn’t see what they had. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that it came out of her bare hands. Wouldn’t surprise me if she turned out to be a meta.”

“She?” “Yeah, guess I forgot to mention that little fact. She was pretty good. Attacked me outta nowhere when I was shooting at these drug dealers. Kid had guts.” Jason said.

Dick nodded absentmindedly and started to leave the cave. Y/n, what did you do now? He sighed as he walked up the stairs. He figured it was time to visit his sister.

You were in a new apartment. How could a kid below the age of eighteen be allowed to have an apartment? It’s Gotham, for the right price (or the right threat) you could get anything. Currently, this was your fifth place this month. You couldn’t stay in the same place for too long.

Why? Well there’s the fact that your very rich dad (and your three brothers) are looking for you and you don’t want to be found. One of the few reasons you had lasted this long was because your oldest brother, Dick, would tell you when they were close to finding you.

For that reason, Dick’s visits meant trouble. So when he visited you
this time, you were ready to grab your bags and find a new home. Except, he didn’t come to warn you.

“Y/n, what the hell were you doing with drug dealers?! I swear if you’re helping them or worse, buying off of them, I’ll send you back to your father. I don’t care if you think that he doesn’t like you, at least with him you won’t do drugs!” Dick yelled as he walked into your new place. You glared at him before getting ready to rant back at him.

“Me? Doing drugs? There is no way that would ever happen! I already know you want to send me back to dad, because you sold me out! Why the hell else would Jason be shooting up my old neighbors’ apartment?” You yelled back. Dick looked at you, confused.

“What do you mean? I wouldn’t tell them where you were unless you needed help or you were doing illegal things. And Jason never went near your apartment! That was-”

“The Red Hood, who just happens to be my second oldest brother, Jason Todd. I kinda figured out the secret identity thing after you stupidly showed up a week ago dressed as Nightwing. He was in my neighbors’ apartment and I panicked.“

“So you tried to burn him?” Dick asked as he sat down on one of the few pieces of furniture you had. You plopped down next to him.

“I didn’t mean to. I told you, I panicked and I don’t have good control over my powers. When I get really stressed, the flames come out.”

“I know some people who could help you. If you’ve already figured out our identities there’s no reason why the league won’t be able to help you learn how to control your powers. As long as you won’t become a hero like us, I’m sure dad would let you go there.”

You shifted awkwardly in your spot. “That’d mean I’d have to go to the manor though, and I’m sure he won’t let me leave a second time. Besides, it might be a little too late…”

“Y/n, what the hell are you talking about? Don’t tell me you’re a vigilante! You were the one hope of the family that wouldn’t turn to crime fighting!” Dick griped. He was muttering some more under his breath and you knew that you were about to get a lecture.

"I’ve been sticking to the small time crooks like your everyday robber and pickpockets. I’ve stayed away from dad and the people he normally deals with.” You told him trying to get your brother to calm down.

"Doesn’t matter y/n. Bruce started out with small time criminals too. Then he got addicted to the rush and he started taking down bigger and bigger crooks. He had several years of training under his belt too. The best you’ve got is your flames.”

"Wrong, mom used to have a job that required a lot of skills like dad has. She taught me how to fight and I was better than her. I’m not dependent on my powers like you want to believe.” You told him.

Dick sighed and ran his hands through his hair. “There’s no way I can change your mind?” You shook your head and he groaned. “Fine. But if I have to patch you up, you won’t ever do it again, got it?”

You agreed and Dick left the apartment. You glanced at the clock and a surge of excitement went through you. It was time for patrol, and it meant you got to finally show Gotham what you were capable of.

"Damian, I was wondering… If all you wanted to do was put a picture in y/n’s notebook, why did you white out her mother’s name?” Dick asked his little brother as they stood on top of an office building.

"It wasn’t white out, it was a special fluid that would copy the writing and peel away so I could use it. The name sounded familiar, so I thought if I could get the signature and run it through a few things, I could learn more about y/n’s mother.”

"And? What did you find?” Dick said. Damian turned his com off and gestured for Dick to do the same.

"I ran it through the league of assassins database, among other places. Apparently many years ago, a child was kidnapped from her home and raised in the league. When they realized that the child couldn’t be an assassin, they started experimenting on her to turn her into a weapon. The experiments worked but they didn’t plan for the prisoner to try and escape. The child that was taken, was y/n’s mother.” Damian said.

Dick was amazed. That explained how you had powers and why your mother had taught you how to fight. “Is there any chance that it could’ve been passed down to y/n?” He asked, just to be sure.

Damian nodded. “The serum the league used on Ms. L/n apparently had many chemicals that given time will create cancer. So not only did grandfather’s organization give y/n and her mother powers, it also is the reason y/n’s mother is dead and why y/n is supposed to be living with us.”

"Would the chemicals cause cancer in y/n, too? Could she get sick?”

"No, I don’t think it would affect her. She’s had those chemicals in her bloodstream since birth and if she was naturally born with her powers, they might cancel the chemicals out. But if she does have powers, we need to find her before she loses control.”


Damian shrugged at his brother’s shock. “Tt. I never said her powers were stable. We better go back on the coms though or father and the others might come looking for us.” He said.

Dick was about ready to make this the most surprising news of the month but what he heard over the coms made him rethink his decision.

"Boys, I need all of you at a warehouse by the docks. I’m sending you the coordinates but a major arms deal is going down and a girl is currently trying to stop them. I believe it’s the same child that attacked Red Hood but we need to make sure they don’t get killed.”

Damnit y/n! Sticking to small time crooks my ass!

You didn’t know how you had gotten into this situation. You had been planning on making this warehouse your hideout since apartments were no good and it had been abandoned for years. But an arms deal was going down at the time you were inspecting the place. Why did it always have to be at warehouses by the docks? Why couldn’t it be some cozy conference center in Florida?

"Shit!” You yelled as you duck behind a stack of crates, dodging the hailstorm of bullets. Your arm had been grazed but you put a burning hot hand over it and your wound was cauterized.

"Stupid kid! Come on out or you’ll just die more painfully!” A thug yelled in your direction. You grit your teeth and made a flame ball appear in your hand.

"Who said I was gonna die tonight, dumbass?” You shouted as you lobbed the fire at him. A couple more shots came your way but the bullets melted under the heat you were emitting.

The sound of glass breaking caught everyone’s attention and you looked up to see your family in uniform coming in through the roof. “Have to have a dramatic entrance, don’t ya?” You muttered as you turned attention back to the fight.

Now that the others were here, it was sure to go quickly. Nightwing fought his way over to you and you smiled at him. “Hey!” You greeted cheerfully. He just started giving you a lecture about crime fighting safety and why you shouldn’t be a vigilante in the first place.

You just blocked him out as you punched and kicked most of the thugs. A quick glance over your shoulder showed Red Robin about to get shot. You ran and pushed him out of the way, taking the shot to your leg.

"Ow, fuck! You assholes better run now, cause I’m pissed!” You shouted as the bullet hit. It melted and your skin was cauterized before you could do anything. Great, now you have a molten bullet in you body. Thank you unnatural body heat which you have no control of.

"Alright boys, back off. It’s my turn now.” You said as you stood up. The boys stared at you in amazement and you smiled at them. Walls of fire started to appear and corral the criminals into the one corner. It was sucking a good bit of energy but you were used to it. You knew that you could still go for a while before you had to rest.

One of the thugs took his jacket off and you swore. The bastard was wearing a bomb! Rather than have that blow up and who knows how much of the city get taken out, you had another idea.

"He has a bomb! I need all of you to get out of here, now!” You shouted as you looked around. There were barrels of lighter fluid, and some had fortunately spilled on the floor. It was spread all over so that could work.

"What about you? I’m not leaving you!” Nightwing shouted out. You growled in frustration and glared at him.

"I’m going to contain the blast so innocent civilians don’t get killed. Now you better get out of here with the others or we’ll all die! My plan might work, might not, we’ll see.” You said as you fought down a wave of nausea. You were pushing yourself hard and were close to running out of energy.

Batman grabbed Nightwing and started dragging him to safety. You shot your father a grateful look and shouted one last message. “See you on the side!” You said. They were soon gone and you turned your attention back to the issue at hand.

"Time to light the bastards up!” You focused you fire into your hand and soon you had a flaming fist. You slammed it down into the puddle of lighter fluid and watched as the place began to ignite.

You used your powers and started to absorb the worst of the fire. It was hot and for once in your life, the flames actually hurt. Only little tendrils of easily controllable fire escaped you.

Your head was pounding and you fought against the urge to pass out. But it was so hard to hold on to the fire, and it was so warm…

It’d just be so easy to fall asleep….

Dick and the others frantically searched the remains of the warehouse. A few small fires were put out but other than that the ashes were actually cold. That meant you had contained the fire like you said you would.

Jason started yelling and they all ran over to him. You were lying in his arms and your skin looked like it had been sunburnt. Your eyes were closed and Dick couldn’t tell if you were dead or unconscious.

"I can feel a pulse! Holy shit, she’s still alive! We need to get her back to the cave though and fast. Her breathing is too shallow and she’s burning up.” Jason said. Your father picked you up and started to run back to the batmobile as fast as he could.

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"Trick or treat," says what is clearly a full grown beagle man wearing a comically undersized children's Frankenstein costume over a prisoner's outfit. He holds out a pillow case half filled with an equal parts mix of candy, wallets, and cell phones, plus one pair of expensive sneakers. "You buying this?"

a fully grown adult opens the door,

Listen I don’t know how many people like to think that Huey will grow up with a Nerdy, slight and slim body type because his Thing is that he wants to be smart…

But since peoople have been drawing Duck Stacks (Each of the boys one on top of the other) and seeing Huey always being at the bottom holding everyone up got me thinking. 

I mean Huey isn’t JUST all about being smart. We saw from Donald’s picture on his phone that the kid was into football at some point (even if he only ended up as waterboy). And he snaked that shirt around Hack Smashnikov and shoved him onto the ground like a boss in Atlantis.

And Huey is hyper-resourceful. He’s excitable and isn’t going to skip out on a brawl or some heavy lifting if it means getting the job done.

So like.

What if Huey grew up to have a similar body type to Launchpad…? Like, can you imagine this sweet, helpful and sunshiny 22 yr old Huey Duck who’s shoulders brush against door-frames when he walks through them? This gentle giant who can lift both his brothers on his back effortlessly with this barrel chest who likes to sit on an armchair sipping tea and reading mystery novels 

and who STILL geeks out on every new adventure and goes to ridiculous amounts of trouble making t-shirts for everyone on special occasions?

I just… I want this to be a thing. I want Big Lovable Giant Huey who works part-time as camp director: Senior Woodchuck. I want Everybody’s Friend Huey who can probably kill a man with one punch but wouldn’t even hurt a fly.


Bill Peet began his career at Walt Disney Studios in 1937. He started off as an ‘in-betweener’ on the animated shorts. Peet would later describe the position as a “tedious, painstaking job of adding hundreds of drawings in between hundreds of other drawings to move Donald or Mickey from here to there.”

One day a large stack of Donald Duck drawings was dumped on Peet’s desk. More in-betweens, please! The sight of those drawings caused Peet to have a near-nervous breakdown. He jumped up from his chair and ran out of the studio, shouting “NO MORE DUCKS!!! NO MORE LOUSY DUCKS!” The next day, Peet returned to the studio to pick up his things. He saw a letter on his desk. He was sure he had been fired. Instead, he’d been promoted to the story department!

Peet worked as a Disney story artist for years. He really came into his own on Dumbo. Walt Disney noticed this, too, and asked him to do ALL of the storyboards for the animated sequences in Song of the South. Walt was so impressed with Peet’s work on SotS, he tasked Peet with doing the storyboards (i.e. writing) for 101 Dalmatians and The Sword in the Stone.

Looking at this small selection of Peet’s storyboards from Song of the South, it’s not hard to see why Peet was one of Walt’s go-to story men!

To learn more about Peet, check out his delightfully illustrated autobiography: Bill Peet: An Autobiography (Link leads to

You Should Reconsider

Hanzo thought that Talon had lost interest in their attempts to recruit him. It turns out he was wrong, and that its a very dangerous choice to refuse Akande’s offer.

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Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2: Ch11
(Non-idol!AU) It’s summer when you and Jungkook meet. The same summer when you reevaluate your infatuation towards another boy from Seoul.

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You’re walking with Jungkook, him carrying enough lunch to feed everyone in the orphanage and you attempting to take one of the stacks of food containers that he’s carrying, when you see Hyuk at the market across the street.

“There’s Hyuk-hyung! I thought you said he was busy–” Jungkook’s about to cross the street to call the other guy, but some instinct has you catching him by the back of his shirt.

Hyuk ducks behind several stacks of produce and you notice Saren is there too, choosing mangoes and sniffing them for ripeness. When she fills her eco-bag, she pays the plump, smiling vendor lady and goes on her way.

Hyuk stands up again, fills a plastic bag with mangoes and shoves money towards the vendor. He points at Saren and the lady rushes after her. Saren looks surprised and hesitant, but the lady forces the bag in her hands and sends her off with tap on her bum. The gesture makes her jump and hurry away.

You and Jungkook exchange glances and trail Hyuk, who’s trailing Saren. You all approach a group of kids playing football on the street, and Hyuk dashes towards them–just in time to swat away the ball when it hurtles towards her. She doesn’t even notice, as she’s still looking through her two bags of mangoes.

It feels a bit ridiculous to hide from Hyuk, who’s also attempting to hide from Saren while you’re all climbing the steps to the orphanage. She has trouble opening the short wooden gate, with its rusty hinges, but finally manages to get inside.

While you and Jungkook continue up the steps, Hyuk grabs a can of oil from the tool shed and lubricates the hinges. After testing the gate and returning the oil, he pulls out something from a paper bag he’s carrying and sets it by the gate. As you draw closer, you realize it’s a bouquet of pink flowers.

You start to say something, but Jungkook beats you to it: “Those are from you? I thought those flowers come from Hongbin-hyung!”

Hyuk turns, not at all fazed by yours and Jungkook’s confrontational stances, both with your arms crossed. “They’re usually from hyung, but sometimes he forgets, so I…”

“Why?” you demand.

“Why, you ask?” Hyuk shrugs. “Because noona likes flowers.”

“Holy shit,” Jungkook curses. “You like her!”

You stifle a gasp. Hyuk only glances from one of you to the other. “Huh?”

“You don’t even realize it…” Jungkook shakes his head.

“I guess… I kept following her around because hyung’s interested in her, so it accidentally happened.” Hyuk chuckles. “It’s hard not to see someone’s good points when you’re trying to see why your older brother likes them.”

Jungkook gapes at him. “But… you’re helping Hongbin-hyung with her? Even though you also…”

Hyuk simply shrugs again. “He’s my hyung, my one and only brother. I’ll meet other girls–she’s not even that pretty, you know? But my hyung really likes her, so I’ll let him have this round, yeah?” With a wink and a farewell wave, he jogs down the steps and leaves.

A stunned Jungkook stares after him, and you do the same, for completely different reasons. He turns to you, still dazed, but shakes himself out of it when he sees the dark look on your face. “Hey, Y/N… alright there?”

“I’m gonna go… you go, have lunch with unnie and the kids.” You start down the steps. Despite your words, you hear him follow you. “Jungkook. I want to be alone for a bit.”

Will You Shut Up!

* Philip Hamilton X Reader
* 131: If you weren’t so attractive I would’ve punched you in the face nine times by now
*modern times

A/N: this is literally the first imagine I did, you’ve been warned…

You were in the library bent over your history text book. You had an exam tomorrow and you really needed to study. You had your headphones in to block out any distractions. However a distraction by the name of Philip Hamilton came along and pulled one of your headphones out before dropping into a chair across from you.

“What’re you up to Y/N?” He asked.

“Studying, Philip. Like you should be doing. You know you’re dad will not be happy you fail any exam. You have to uphold his name here.”

You and Philip grew up together, over time he ended up more like an annoying brother to you. He took every opportunity to annoy you.

“Psh. I’m not worried about a history exam. It’ll be a piece of cake. We go back to my room and ‘study’ though if you’d like.” He said leaning in and flashing a suggestive smile.

“Seriously Hamilton, I need to focus.” You put your headphone back in and started reading. Unfortunately Philip didn’t do well with being ignored. He started tapping on the table and lightly kicking your legs. You glared at him and he responded with a cheeky smile. You tried reading some more but he continued pestering you. “What?” Asked him while pulling a headphone from your ear.

“I’m bored.” Was his reply.

“Philip, you’re in a library. Grab a book.” You said.

“Yeah but if I annoy you I get to see your cute mad face.” He said with his signature smirk. You just glared. “That’s the one.” He said. He leaned forward and tapped your nose. “Adorable.” He said.

“Philip I need to study. So either be helpful or leave me alone.”

“I offered to help you study.” He defended.

“No, you offered to help me ‘study’” you said, putting air quotes around study. You our your headphones back in and turned back to your book once more. And Philip kept bothering you. You grit your teeth and grabbed a novel that was next to you on the table. You tossed it in his direction but he ducked. It hit a stack of books on the table behind you causing them to topple over and disrupt the quiet of the library.

You and Philip both froze and looked at each other before slowly turning toward the librarian.

You shoved the door to the library open and walked through. Philip came our right behind you.

“Y/N wait!” He cried trying to get you to stop.

“Philip we are banned from the library for a week. I have two exams and need to study in the library or I get distracted. And thanks to you I can’t go in there!” You started yelling at some point.

“Look I’m sorry ok?” He said. He shoved his hands in his pockets and had his head ducked. He truly looked like he felt bad. You wouldn’t fall for it though. You knew this was how he got away with so much at home. Eliza Hamilton was sweet but she believed Philip never did anything wrong.

“Well I’ll forgive you if I pass my exams.” You huffed and turned to go.

“Seriously can’t I help at all?” He asked. “I want to help.”

“Like you helped in there? Yeah no thanks!” You exclaimed. “God, I swear if you weren’t so attractive I would’ve punched you in the face nine times by now.” You grumbled.

“Wait. What was that?” Philip asked, a smile on his face.

Your eyes widen as you realized what you said. “Well I mean…what I wanted to say was…of course I don’t…” you stammered trying to take back what you said. Of course you found Philip attractive, with his freckles and bright smiles, but he annoyed you constantly.

“Attractive huh?” He said leaning closer to you.

“Yeah fine, you’re hot. But that’s usually over shadowed by how much of a shit you can be.” You shot back.

Philip recoiled like he’d be hit. “Seriously, I’m that bad?”

“Philip we aren’t allowed in the library! Yes you’re that bad!”

“Well sorry but unless you’re telling me to shut up you don’t talk to me at all!” He exclaimed.

“Philip that’s insane, we grew up together.”

“Yeah so you look at me like some annoying pest you had to put up with. When you started ignoring me at family parties I picked on you so you would at least talk to me.” He grew quiet as he realized what he was admitting.

“I’m sorry what?” You said a bit shocked.

“You started brushing me off every time I spoke to you so I tried getting your attention somehow.”

“Philip I started ignoring you because you always had girls following you around.”

“So then you liked me?” He asked.

“Yeah I did, and maybe still do a bit.” You said shrugging and looking at your feet as you felt a blush cover your face.

“You do?” He asked surprised.

“Of course. Why else would I put up with you.” You replied smiling. Philip was smiling a huge smile and looking at you with awe. Suddenly he lunged forward and kissed you. You were startled but returned the kiss. You broke apart and he leaned his forehead against yours. He was smiling but suddenly he got a confused look on his face.

“Nine times? Exactly nine?” He asked.

You laughed. “Well we could go for an even ten or you could help me study.”

“I can help you study but I warn you, I tend to be awfully distracted by beautiful women in my dorm.”

“Then we can study in the park.” You said grabbing his hands and walking in that direction.

“Well such a beautiful woman like you anywhere is distracting.”

“Shut up, Philip.” You said but you were smiling.

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"i always see you in the library and i think you’re really cute so i leave you little post it notes on your work whenever you go and get a book just to see you blush" with akaashi, yamaguchi?

so the thing is. i actually wrote and finished this ask like a month ago. but i didn’t write it according to the request (again) so i had to rewrite everything lol

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He didn’t know what he was expecting when he returned to his seat in the library, new reference books in hand. Really, though. With the way things had been going whenever he went to the library, he should’ve expected that another one would be on his desk when he returned.

There, on top of his laptop keyboard, was a neon green post-it note with the words, Cheering for you and the completion of your thesis! You can do it!

Akaashi smiled, flattered, but at the same time a little jittered. Did this person send post-it notes to other people, or were the notes something exclusively reserved for him? Akaashi was pretty sure that person was using these color post-its as well. Would it be wise to seek them out? Because he figured it would be more progressive if they would just talk face to face.

He picked up the note and walked around the third floor of the library, figuring that, whoever it was, they would be considerably close to where he sat since he hadn’t been gone that long when he got the book.

But after he circled the whole first floor and still hadn’t found the sender of the five post-it notes, he realized that maybe they were sitting by the stacks. That wasn’t usually allowed, but the library was full in light of midterm season, and the security guards were less strict on the library rules.

Akaashi strolled through the stacks, eyes focused on finding blinding green papers until—

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