ducks and swans


The last two weeks Animal Alphabets Fairy Tale Edition was U for Ugly Duckling and V for Vasilisa the Beautiful (Based off a Russian fairy tale).  Long story short, she is sent to find fire, and meets Baba Yaga and must complete a set of tasks with the help of her magical doll given to her by her dead mother.

Transformation from Ugly Ducking to Swan complete

It’s so moving that Emma Swan, when cursed with no memories, read the story of her OWN life and thought “I’m not this person but she’s who I WANT to be”.

The woman Emma became is the kind of person she always wished she was, but didn’t think she could be. All those traits she admired were within her - she just needed LOVE. The support and encouragement of her family allowed to be her BEST self - a self that younger, broken Emma would look at and admire.

Emma Swan, at the conclusion of her story, was an inspiration to herself.

And I can’t think of a more beautiful way to end her journey.

justonesherlockian  asked:

hahaha that duck! finland is full of ducks, right?

It’s not a duck, it’s a swan, you ignorant fool!!! It’s the majestic cygnus cygnus! The whooper swan is the symbol and the national bird of my mother land! A swan like this swims in the black River of Tuonela that leads to Tuonela, The Land of the Dead! Do not mock the swan!