duckling rescue

Duckling Rescue: Part 1

This is a series that I never planned to do… but I was very happy with the photographs I took. In the last three days, I have had to rescue 7 ducklings twice. On Sunday, the first rescue took place. I went out my backdoor, and discovered 7 ducklings and their mother trying to get through the gate. The ducklings fit, but the mom was too big and they started to panic. If they went onto the road outside the gate, they would have certainly been run over so I had to jump the fence and go to the other side of the gate and sort of herd the ducklings into the alley behind my house, and had to keep making them walk towards the lake near my house where they came from. Once I accomplished this, I was congratulating myself on a job well done, and then about an hour later I heard a little chirping sound. I looked under a plant, and one of the ducklings had been left behind. I had to get the little guy to the lake, which was a challenge, but soon after he found his mom and all 7 made it home safe. Check tomorrow for part 2, and more pictures from the duckling rescue. 


Sometimes things just don’t go to plan, and as hard as we try, we can’t get the ideal result.

This little yellow mallard duckling was found in a park in Reigate by a member of the public, after falling from its nest and knocking itself unconscious. Although initially dazed, it quickly picked up, and we had high hopes in getting it back with its mum.

Sadly though, it just wasn’t to be… Despite us spending an afternoon wading through a lake trying, its mum refused to take it back..

We recovered the poor duckling again, and after warming it up and drying it out, it was back into one of our nice, warm incubators for some rest.

Like with our gosling, we put a mirror into its cage to stimulate self-awareness and remove human dependency. It will now stay with us until it’s big enough to be released!

Duckling Rescue: Part 3

Here is just a photo I took to help show exactly what situation the ducks were in. This is to provide a visual aid in understanding the story, and this is not one of my more flattering images, nor one of by best (not one of my worst either though haha). As you can see, the mom was guarding the ducks, so if I just grabbed them I would probably have been attacked. I probably took about 120-150 photos of the ducklings, and only have are decent, with a half of those being good, and a half of those being great. For this reason, I couldn’t possibly put all the great, let alone good, images on the website, but if you would like to purchase more at a discount email me, or if you would just like to hear and see more about the rescue story. Just so everyone knows, only the sample images that are on this website are watermarked. The actual images are not. For more information about purchasing images and the website in general, see the about tab.