duckling rescue


These beautiful little ducklings arrived at WAF recently after being abandoned by their mother.

They were given a thorough checkup by volunteer vet, Anthony, who found one of the pair to be slightly struggling to use one of its legs.

Luckily, the leg was not broken, but it will need veterinary attention if it is to recover. After being given anti-inflammatories and painkillers, both were moved into one of our pens and we will do all we can to get them back to the wild!


Ducks and their ducklings get stuck in the strangest places and last year we were called out to rescue five young ducklings that had been swept down a storm drain.

Maru, the vet, managed to squeeze herself through the drain bars and the search was on!


Another rescue.....a duckling

Again, at Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation. From its Facebook page:

Thank you to the students and teachers at the Montessori school in Hoffman Estates for helping this injured duckling whose mom and siblings were all killed by a driver yesterday. This surviving duckling sustained multiple fractures in the left foot and a fracture to the right leg (proximal tibiotarsus).

The little kids had a moment I bet they won’t forget!

frostbite883  asked:

TumblrFrostbite: If Vlad Masters became a super hero called Vlad Plamsius after the particular accident he went through (albeit to impress Maddie), would do small stuff like saving cats from trees, help lost kids find their parents and rescuing ducklings from getting run over by cars? Or would he go for the bigger stuff as such trying to stop a hurricane from ruining a building or fighting against evil and powerful ghosts?

Oh, with Vlad, it would absolutely be “go big or go home.” Especially if he was only doing it to impress Maddie. He’d probably see things like cats, lost children, and ducklings as beneath him and only fight the huge catastrophes. The stuff that would get him noticed. He’d wanna make headlines, show off, be recognized as a hero. Small things wouldn’t really get the attention he wanted, and he’s always big on theatrics. I know Vlad’s design is the way it is because he was originally going to be a vampire, but if you ignore that background, just look at him. His ghost form is so over the top. Pointed teeth, blue skin, that hair. The cape???

I think that’s one of the things that sets Vlad and Danny apart. If Vlad were to try to be a hero, it’d be for the glory. Danny fights ghosts even when he’s not noticed, and even when he’s thought of by most of the town as evil. Heck, he actually is shown helping kids and cats. If he can help, he does.

Not that Vlad’s work would be any less deserving of attention, because heroics are heroics, but still. Vlad’s way too over-dramatic for minor things.


Missionaries rescue ducklings from storm drain.


Sometimes things just don’t go to plan, and as hard as we try, we can’t get the ideal result.

This little yellow mallard duckling was found in a park in Reigate by a member of the public, after falling from its nest and knocking itself unconscious. Although initially dazed, it quickly picked up, and we had high hopes in getting it back with its mum.

Sadly though, it just wasn’t to be… Despite us spending an afternoon wading through a lake trying, its mum refused to take it back..

We recovered the poor duckling again, and after warming it up and drying it out, it was back into one of our nice, warm incubators for some rest.

Like with our gosling, we put a mirror into its cage to stimulate self-awareness and remove human dependency. It will now stay with us until it’s big enough to be released!

At Disney today a bunch of ducklings fell down into a sewer drain and I was TRAUMATIZED like I couldn’t even have fun after that but then a crew of Disney team members rescued the ducklings with nets and stuff so I hope they’re all ok