In celebration of my Ducklette evolving into Swanna in Pokemon White,

here’s Yuhui Choe’s Odette Variation.

because her name is Odette.

August 17th Giveaway

Pink shiny time! Battle bred, pre-EVed, and ready for leveling up / evolving.

Minnie | Female | Levels 1 - 10
Final Moveset : Tail Slap, Bullet Seed, Rock Blast, Knock Off

Rudy | Male | Levels 1 - 10
Final Moveset : Hurricane, Scald, Defog, Roost

You are allowed ONE OF EACH Pokemon per person.

I have 60 of each Pokemon. I WILL be checking IGNs/ Regions/ OTs. If I see you double dipping, you’ll first receive a warning. If you do it again, you will be permanently banned from future giveaways.

If you are sniped, tell me immediately and redeposit ASAP! Let me know the sniper’s IGN and region, I will ban them permanently if they then try to participate.


1) Deposit a Male Poochyena or Male Bunnelby into the GTS.
2) Ask for Minccino or Ducklett. Input the additional information provided to avoid getting sniped if you want..
3) In the message section, write the code “BRIGHT BRAIXEN”. If you don’t use the code, you won’t be traded.
4) I do not hold Pokemon.
5) Do not message me saying you’ve deposited, I will get to you, be patient.
6) Want to make me super happy? Post images of your new Pokemon in Amie then tag me, or submit them, I’ll smash the reblog button at the speed of light!

This giveaway starts now, 9:00 PM EST, and I’ll be scouting the GTS until about 11:00 PM EST.

Reblogs are greatly appreciated!

Click here for an EST clock.

If you miss this giveaway, you have 24 hours to message me asking if there are leftovers.

You may start depositing!

I’m almost done with black, and as saddening as that is because i really liked how this team turned out, im thinking about what I’m going to use in black 2 and getting really excited about it. so far I’ve got Snivy, Ducklett, and Tynamo

ask-dark-matter  asked:

"LIAR. YoU ARe LyiNG. YOU CANNOT LIE TO ME. You've wanted to hurt people all this time, haven't you? That possession just let out ALL OF THOSE REPRESSED IDEALS AND DESIRES. TO HURT. TO DESTROY. YOU JUST NEEDED SOMETHING TO BLAME IT ON TO GET AAAAALL OF THOSE REPRESSED FEELINGS OUT. Don't lie to me, Nuzleaf. Do NOT lie to me, or to them. It's what you've wanted this entire time, isn't it? TO HURT PEOPLE? YES? ISN'T IT? ADMIT IT. YOU WANTED THIS ALL ALONG. TO SEE PEOPLE SUFFER AT YOUR HAND."

He would defend himself by denying the Ducklett’s accusations, but only whimpers managed to escape his throat. Why was it hard to talk…?

on top of my randomized crystal adventure i also restarted pkmn y pretty recently so here’s my team atm

haruto. adamant nature. very finicky. kinda don’t want to evolve him since delphoxs are unfortunate looking by comparison

airi. lonely nature. takes plenty of siestas.

geki. bashful nature. strong willed.

yuka. modest nature. takes plenty of siestas. duckletts are canonically 1 foot tall and yet you can somehow surf on them? i love pokemon

shigeru. lonely nature. good endurance. if ledians weren’t so bad offensively i’d get one to be his double battles partner

miho. naughty nature. capable of taking hits.

in the box: miyuki the gardevoir, lonely nature. starting to get a little concerned about the number of lonely pokemon i’m attracting

platinumverity  asked:

"Sora, duck!" Moments after he shouted that, it was made clear that he meant it quite literally. Why? A Ducklett seemed to dive right towards Sora, roosting on his head. The duck Pokemon looks rather comfy. ((I absolutely had to-))

“Wha? Oh, ‘coz I’ve got–” He was showing off a picture of Donald, considering the real Donald couldn’t be here at the moment. Sora just assumed as soon as he pulled it out Lucas was just making some dumb joke. That was before something thwapped him right in the face. Before he can even recover, the said Ducklett is already sitting on his horrible bed head to begin with. To be fair, from a distance, his hair does look like a good nest to sit in.