Valentine’s Day GTS Giveaway!

Love is in the air… or it was a few days ago. Anyway, it’s time for you to receive your V-Day themed shiny Pokemon! Put up Rockruffs that are nicknamed For Wolf so you can receive them. This giveaway will last until Sunday at 6 PM PST.

Unfortunately, Celebi can’t be traded over the GTS since people who deposit for Celebi won’t show up on the GTS. So instead, I’ve replaced Celebi with a 2nd bonus Pokemon.

They are all shiny. You may have one of each.

  • Sweetheart the Heracross [Level 1, Female]
  • Valentine the Dratini [Level 1, Female]
  • Romeo the Ducklett [Level 1, Male]
  • Cupid the Decidueye [Level 100, Male]

This week’s bonus shinies are Fennekin [Level 1, Female] and Porygon2 [Level 100]. These bonus shinies are for everyone and you receive them the same way as the others.

Nuzlocke Day 4

Ooooh man okay. So. Currently I have

  • Servine (Snisseras)
  • Stoutland (bread.)
  • Liepard (Grace)
  • Magneton (Alf)
  • Braviary (Aybeeceedee)
  • Trapinch (Fingolfin)
  • Solosis (Colbert)
  • Swadloon (Georg)

So I have to start actually making decisions now about who I want on my team and now that I know they have feelings I don’t want to hurt any of them.