duckies draws

A small Dieselpunk-inspired Shiro that I needed to get out of my system

Bonus mask thingy for maximum aesthetic:

jotnann  asked:

four words: Vikings sharing a bath OuO tbh I think they would have at least helped each other with fixing the water, their hair if it's messed up and braided etc.. it could be cute!

*cough* Some bathing Vikings. I’m not sure where the bubbles are coming from… but you can’t have vikings in a bath without bubbles, amirite?? (Den wants a rubber longboat to play with…)

A gift for my little sister, @isaacsdevil4108, who turns 20 today ♡

I thought about tidying this up, but I quite liked the sketchy look and I figured you wouldn’t mind it either. I hope you like it! And Happy Birthday :)

Colored my page for the @voltroncoloringbook! (which apparently won’t be coming out until January? Woops I thought it was this month)

I really hope you guys like it! While coloring this I realized that I definitely should have included more flowers and leafs, but you live and learn I guess. Regardless, I’m really happy with how Allura came out ~

If you color this, feel free to add on anything extra; I would love to see someone include their own details :)