duckie thoughts

There’s a feeling in my gut.

A feeling I can’t shake off.

Ever since they announced that NCIS was renewed for two seasons last year, I’ve had the strong feeling that it was because they were getting ready to end the story.

Even if it has been almost a year, I still don’t know how I feel about it.

On one hand, I’ve accepted it. It seems right. And I feel fine about it. If they truly believe that they’ve done their job and told their stories then I won’t force them to carry on and do something they don’t have their hearts in.

On the other hand, this show has been with me for the longest time. It was, I think, my very first fandom. Even with it’s age it still manages to help me through things and tells me good stories. So, it will hurt, a lot if they do go off-air.

All I know is I love this show. I’m thankful because this existed. Whether or not this will be the last seasons we will only know in time.

Whatever will happen though, I will be here until the end. Supporting you. And when the end does come I know it will be bittersweet.

*deep breath*


Me: Hey, Ducky. There’s a lot of fuzzy stuffing all over the living room.

Ducky: Shhhh…sleeping.

Me: No, you aren’t. Your eyes are open.

Ducky: No they aren’t. You’re dreaming. 


Ducky: Or I am. Whichever. Shhhhhh. 

Me: So I think it’s time for kitty to go away.



Ducky: If you think you can take her then you’re definitely the one dreaming.

Me: Really? Because if I try to take her you’ll do what?

Ducky: You don’t want to know.


Ducky: Technically you can’t know.

Me: Because?


Me: Because you don’t know?

Ducky: Just sounded good.

Me: Uh huh.

Ducky: Thought it might bide me some time until you woke up.

Me: I’m not asleep.

Ducky: So we have agreed that I am the one asleep!

Me: No we…

Ducky: Shhhhh. Sleeping.


Ducky: Sleeping comfortably with a perfectly semi-unstuffed kitty right under my neck that only a very mean Daddy would attempt to remove.


Ducky: I mean, “Zzzzzzzzz.”

Me: You do look comfy. You can keep the kitty until you get up. But then we have to throw her out.

Ducky: Agreed.

Me: Really?

Ducky: Sure.



Me: Because you’re asleep?

Ducky: And agreements made whilst one party is slumbering are non-binding.


Ducky: You’ll be laughed out of court. Trying to form a contract with a sleeping dog. You know what they say…

Me: Let sleeping dogs lie?



Ducky: You calling me a liar?

Me: No. It’s the other lie. Like lie down.

Ducky: Ah. Never heard that one.

Me: Really? And yet contract law…

Ducky: “They say” that dogs cannot enter into legally binding contracts when in an unconscious or semi conscious state  as they cannot give willful consent.



Me: Who is the “they” in this situation?

Ducky: Dog lawyers mainly.


Ducky: Dog judges.


Ducky: Canine legal correspondents for major newspapers.


Ducky: Para-beagles.

Me: That’s enough.

Ducky: I love you, Daddy.

Me: I love you, Ducky.

Ag & Ducky

Taron Egerton is a chicken nugget. Pass it on. (insp/ref)

The Evil Within Celebration Week
DAY 7 » free day

More Kidman! Yippee! I had some old Juli sketches in my folder from my last drawing so I decided to go ahead and finish one for free day.
What exactly is going on, I hear ye ask? Well…I have no idea honestly. But she looks great doing it 👍

Thanks for making this an awesome week guys! I have a lot of catching up to do in terms of reblogging posts, so…after party here I come!

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