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Duckvember #4 - OLD DUCK

I had a thought a while ago and suddenly decided I couldn’t stomach the thought of Scrooge attending his nephews’ funerals. So I thought, why couldn’t he outlive them all? After all, he’s a hundred and fifty years old when he meets the triplet for the first time - he’s still young! But he can’t die alone, so obviously his first (and youngest) companion would be by his side, the only survivor from the original six, and of an old age herself. Then… well…. this happened. 

Of course, Scrooge buried his nephews on the Manor’s land. 

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Yup, I see no difference. 

Ruslan.  If I had to mentally pick anywhere for him to just randomly go, I could have sworn he was about to leap into their hot tub with no clothes on.  … as he’s wont to do.  But no.

…… why Artyom’s room.

To meditate to the incense.

…. I’d have thought about that next. *nods solemnly*

x0wolfie0x  asked:

I dont know you n duckys thoughts and opinions on marriage and the like but i swear if i ever see wedding photos of you two im going to die the happiest person ever you guys are so beautiful together! (I hope this doesnt come off weird or anything, you guys are serious couple goals and im so happy youre both so happy together)

who says we’re not already married

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Hey, I figured I’d give you guys a head’s up and announce that I’ve decided to go ahead and continue drawing Shallura!

Now that I’ve had time to think it over I’m very confident that, if the writers do have fixed ages, Allura is at least 18/19 and Shiro around 24. That being said, I still have a lot of fun drawing the both of them as adults in their mid-20′s and will continue to do so. To repeat myself from the last post: All my previous and future Shallura art is between two adults; regardless of what’s canon that has always been my intention.

I completely understand that this might make others uncomfortable so definitely unfollow/block if it’s whats best for you, or otherwise blacklist the ship because I’ll always tag my posts ~