duckie power

i visited a friend in uni today @ 9 in the goddamn morning and watched with my own two real life eyes as her half-asleep roommate put a funnel in a ¾ full bottle of vodka and then dropped a fuckton of instant coffee in it, shook the shit out of it, and put it in her purse. i fully believe that this drink will allow her to conquer her day in not only this dimension, but also the 6 closest parallel ones, and pray her body can keep up with her unstoppable spirit. rock on you beautiful bitch, rock on

Bloodbath at the Cornucopia: Round Nine

The Cornucopia sits on the edge of a forest. In front of it is a small field that drops into an old quarry.

Ladies and Gentlemen… Let the Fandom Games begin!

A gong sounds, and the eight Tributes run off round, metal platforms. They head for the Cornucopia, where they fight for the supplies they think that they’d need to survive in the Games, in what is expected to be the bloodiest part of the Games.

The First Day

Well, it seems Brax has killed Tino and Dwayne in the Cornucopia, as well as injured Detective Munch.

Ducky and Marla have teamed up, and it seems Mrs. Booth and the Tooth Child will soon.

The Tooth Child is in its (his?) sort of rock next, and Mrs. Booth has hidden in her RV in the woods. But where are our other surviving Tributes? What are they doing?

This has been a commentary from Caesar Flickerman. May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor.