ducki ducki my quackoro

Wow, you guys....

Never expected those Leafie gifs to circulate so quickly. Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve had a great time laughing at your misery reading all the comments on that photoset the past couple of days. It’s gone everywhere from Korra comparisons to duck genitalia…oh man, wish you were at my end! 

I especially enjoy all the excellent reviews people have been giving the film - way better than anything I could put together. “Bishie duck movie” is clearly the most misleading description ever, but hey, at least it’s getting this gem the attention it deserves yes? xD

Currently being peer-pressured into finishing some gijinka fanart…might make a few more gifsets too if my followers aren’t sick of duckface yet.

tl;dr here’s a handsome duck petting a talking guard dog