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LOVE U ALL we are the best fandom and this year is our year fighting .. @elf-sj-oppa @elf-support @elfalwaysfifteen @elfishangelly13 @kyuline13 @kimheenim4president @heecorner @hyukk-jae @heenim-star @ladyheewook @leeteuk-licious-blog @super-junior @superjuniorpicfics @donghae1015 @donghaeguns @danime25 @duckflyfly @clownfishae @ch-kyuhyun @chokyutehyun @chorgasm @epikleader @eunhae-loveforever @eunhaeheaven @yehae @yesungismylife And all my ELF 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

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Okay this has been sitting in my drafts for long enough, and I’ve procrastinated doing this cause errrr I just didn’t know how to go around thanking everyone without sounding so ineloquent about it, but I shall try my best & I hope I didn’t leave anyone out kay? <3

I’ve been wanting to do this follow forever for awhile now because all of you have been so sweet & I just can’t thank y’all enough.
But I shall divide this into TWO parts.
Part I is dedicated to my followers who I’ve been fortunate enough to talk to personally as they’re just the sweetest and nicest people ever on tumblr.
Part II is a SUPER JUNIOR TUMBLR GUIDE for all you ELFs out there. What tumblrs to follow & take note of if you’re a fan, just like us.

And here’s PART II ~ SUPER JUNIOR TUMBLR GUIDE. Here are some of the best tumblrs for Super Junior content. If you’re looking out for SJ tumblrs to follow, this is a comprehensive list. Some of the finest & up to date tumblrs about everything SJ.

For General Super Junior Content 
| @shirade | @mysilentmemory | @duckflyfly | @plincess-cho | @15-stars@xxjustshakeitupxx | @stringduo | @elf-support | @suju-lvr | @heesexual | @flowercrownedninja | @hae-eeena | @17mingyus | @sapphireblueish | @sonelf-159 | @teukiesangel | @super-juni-oeo | @clownfishae | @danime25 | @prettyheechul | @superjunior13plus2 | @sapphireinsomnia | @doyoung | @walkinwithsj | @shyukerjunior | @supersujulover | @nilysam | @super-junior | @sjeverlasting | @donghaesfantasy | @chokyutehyun | @lovelovelylaurita | @superjuniorsdevil |  @siwook | @welovehaehyuk | @hyukwoon@eunhae-holic | @mysilver-sea | @hyukk-jae | @gaemerkyu-ssi | @autumnguykyu | @gaemq | @mrs-hae | @vitamin-elf | @hyukjhaes | @kyu-the-applause | @ohmymyeolchi | @15ahjussis | @gaemkyu | @chorgasm | @eunhaelfishy | @leeteuktohenrytoelf | @silver-eunhae | @haehyukjaes | @squishiekyu | @donghaeguns | @donghaeyah | @izubizutizu | @mightykyu | @yehae | @leedonghei | @stillhyuk | @craving-for-eunhae-kyuwook | @kyukylie | @neverendinglove4suju | @yesungismylife | @heenimcat | @superhaek | @bonamama | @sj15leeteuk | @prettyheechul | @kyuteminwook | @kyuhyu-k | @heechul-ssi | @onlyloveeunhae | @solvxjae |

For Super Junior K.R.Y 
| @k-r-y-love | @krybiased |

For Super Junior D&E 
| @cutie-hyukkie-pie | @ishipthatfishycouple | @eunhaelthy | @dalhaenim |  @skulltoki | @damnhaehyuk | @loveiseunhaehyuk

For Henry Lau
| @henry-lau

For Cho Kyuhyun
| @choxide | @kyuaddicted | @chokyuwa | @chokyuhyun2013 | @fy-kyuhyun | @atkyuhyun | @kyucito

For Kim Ryeowook
| @ryeomashita | @sneezes | @lixukuixianlover | @lilichan9 | @bibianwook | @ryeong0621 | @ryeowooklvoe | @sjwookie | @ryeowookaddiction | @ryeongs9 | @naega2106 | @ryeowookk | @lovingmyryeowook | @thepockystick | @rainingspellforlovesj

For Lee Donghae
| @haekey | @haeface | @loveleedonghae | @fyeahae |

For Zhou Mi
| @zhoumiblr | @jenks0619 | @sunny-days2 | @mimizhou |

For Choi Siwon
| @siwonstorm | @wonkyu47 | @uniquelysiwon

For Lee Hyukjae
| @eunhyuklover | @monkeilii

For Lee Sungmin
| @themintimes | @mingbiased | @sungmln |

For Shin Donghee
| @shindongogi |

For Kim Youngwoon
| @youngwoonie |

For Kim Jongwoon
| @y3sung | @fyeahyesunggifs | @yeseex |

For Han Geng
| @gengwuolai | @hanfuckinggeng | @beautifulhangeng |

For Kim Heechul
| @caseyshades | @heenim-star | @heecorner |

For Park Jungsoo
| @tokkiteuk | @-leeteuk | @forleeteuk

OTHERS (Pairs, Groups, etc.)
| @sunmings | @royalgengchul | @wonteuked | @kyusung0324 | @heemin-n |

These are but some of the tumblrs that are mostly dedicated to the group / members that I’ve listed. 
However, please note that….

  • Some blogs mentioned above are personal + multi-fandom blogs but most of the content are devoted to the classifications above 
  • For some members, there really aren’t that many active tumblrs dedicated to them :(((  
  • Also, I’ve not listed SJ-M blogs because all of them are inactive. 
  • I wasn’t able to find any tumblrs for Kim Kibum. 
  • I’ve not included any inactive blogs (I think) :\ sorry! 
  • This list would be periodically updated. 
  • Additionally, I am trying to follow more SJ blogs so I would love it if y’all would recommend any blogs <3

(OMG this has taken me forever and a day to complete though seriously and yes, there are slightly more Ryeowook-centric blogs that I listed errr cause he’s my bias so please try to understand hehehe) 

For all the tumblrs that I’ve listed above, I really, really hope y’all don’t mind me listing you guys in here kay? If the classification is wrong or you’d like me to take you off the list, please let me know and I will do so immediately hehehe <3 
Thank You for being such awesome blogs!!! ^_^

~ Aqidah (camaraderiegems) / INSTAGRAM

Hello Cuties!! ♡ I FINALLY REACHED MY FOLLOWER GOAL!!! ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬

I feel so blessed to have soo many followers. Seriously tho ~ thank you so much for following ♡ ♡ ♡  I love you all and I appreciate every single one of you!!

Honestly ~ i never thought i would have a blog dedicated to korean men and be thanking other blogs for updating me or following me about them ∗˚(* ˃̤൬˂̤ *)˚∗ But i am thankful to have been enlightened about the wonders of kpop and for meeting truly amazing people here ⊂(´・◡・⊂ )∘˚˳° 

♡Bold: Faves♡

♡Italics: Friends♡


@1204ksj @13elieve-in-15 @15-stars @15ahjussis @17-gif @17tvs @19940106 @19970502 @5hownu @5urprise-universe @5urprisee @6-astro @6astros @86milk


@aboutrazu @adore-u-lee-seokmin @adoremoonbin @adotamongalltheotherdots @aegyopanda @ahpheng @ahyeahseokmin @akkinda @alwayswithteuk @amillionpiecesofkyuhyun @applekyuhae-blog @aseutro @ashtro-naut @ask-uniq @aspiring-ryeo @asterocky @astrno @astro-out @astro-six @astrobabiess @astrockie @astrockys @astrodaily @astrofantastic @astrofantrash @astrofficial @astrojinwoo @astrosmum @astroxmoonbin @atgwanghwamun @atkyuhyun @ayejiminie 


@babydongmin @babysuju @baek-in-ho @bangtan @bangtanisveryloser @be-thelegend @bethe1all4one @binwoo @blnu @blondjinjin @blueprincez @blues-kyus @blushdino @boks @bonamama @boyfriend-kpop-yeah @btobnews @bts @bts0726 @buabae @bunnymaknae @butleeseokmin @buttkyulicious @by-yesung


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@daddy-mj @dalgiyeol @damnhaehyuk @danime25 @diamondandl @dino-net @dino-network @dino-sir @dinochans @dirty-jamjam17 @doekyum @dokyeomdoki @dokyummm @dokyutie @domilameu @donghaek @donghaess @donghaessii @donghaeyah @dongheas @dongminty @dontletdonghaedrive @duckflyfly @duckworship


@elf-sj-oppa @elf-support @elf-unite @elfalwaysfifteen @eunhaero @eunhyuklover​ @eunnwoo​ @eunwoopls​ @evilkyubiased​ 

F ♡

@f-v-a-l-s-k5​ @fairyminhyuk​ @fantagioastro-net​  @flying-pig-rabbit​ @flyingminions​ @foreversujuelf​ @foreverthinkingofyou-kyu​ @forjimin​ @forleeteuk​ @fuckyeah-gotseven@fuckyeahadorablekyuhyun​ @fuckyeahchoiyoungjae​ @fuckyeahkyuhae​ @fuckyeahleaderonew​ @fuckyeahmingyu​ @fuckyeahsujufaces​ @fuckyeahsuperjunior​ @funkysuperjuniorgifs​ @funnykpopshit​ @funnykpopstuff​ @fy-got7​ @fy-hyungwonho​ @fy-jeup​ @fy-jihans​ @fy-jiminnie​ @fy-kiho​ @fy-kihyun​ @fy-knk​ @fy-kyuhyun​ @fy-parkminhyuk​ @fy-seokangjoon​ @fy-seokjin​ @fy-taem​ @fyday6​ @fyeah-kangjoon​ @fyeah-kyu​ @fyeah-marktuan​ @fyeah-meanie​ @fyeah-myname​ @fyeah-vixx​ @fyeahae​ @fyeahbangtaned@fyeahchangkyun​ @fyeahimfact​ @fyeahjunior​ @fyeahseventeen​ @fyeahsujumacros​ @fyeajjcc​ @fyhoshi​ @fyhotshot​ @fyhyungwon​ @fyjeonwonwoo​ @fyji-min​ @fyoonjunghan​ @fypark-jimin​ @fyseokmin​ @fytoppdogg​ @fyukjae​ @fywangjackson​ @fywoozi​ @fywoozilee​

G ♡

@gaemers0302​ @gaemgyushela​ @gaemkyu​ @gaemq​ @giantgyu​ @glowingsj @goeun-kim​ @got7europe​ @got7nation​ @got7problems​ @grill15taco​ @grown-man-woozi​ @gwanghwamun-eseo​ @gyugotchi​ @gyuhan-17​ @gyullible​


@haecheeks @haeface @haeheenim @haehyukjaes @haekey @haeloveshyukie @halo-6 @hanfuckinggeng @happydk @happykyuday @hearteyes-wonhao @heebongie @heechul-ssi @heecorner @heemim @heenim-star @hellokyuu @henry-elf @henry-lau @henry-love-u-blog @henrylauz @hey-seokmin @his-torybegins @hltheboss @holyfuckmark @holysanha @holyseokjin @honeykihyun @honeykyuhyun @honeymallow @hoshijpg @hoshl @hotshot-network @hqsuperjuniorscans @httpxastro @hxnrylau @hyeonwoo @hyukdalnim @hyukhero @hyukk-jae @hyukwoon @hyuncafe @hyungw-n @hyungwonhoe​ @hyungwoos​


@iam-imchangkyun @iamjaceyandlovesuju @icekyuream @ichigyuu @illumingyu @imfacted​ @imfactme @imfactuated​ @imfactworld​ @imjooheon​ @imkihyun​ @incorrectastroquotes​ @ismyfckinstuff​ @its-y0u​ @itsrainingjin​ @izubizutizu​


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@k-idolsprotectionsquad @k-r-y-love @k-yuhyuns @kang-jooon @kangjoonchu @kdramadaily @kelly-is-elf @keunakeun @kihyonie @kihyunnie @kihyutie @kihyxnie @kikyuns @kim-hee-chul @kimheechulnet @kimheenim4president @kimsseokjin @kinghoshi @kkoming @kngjns @kpop-is-naughty @kpop-lulz @kwihyunie @kyu-elf @kyu-the-applause @kyuaddicted @kyucito @kyuclam @kyuffee    @kyuhnyun @kyuhyu-k @kyuhyun-support @kyuhyuncho-s @kyuline13 @kyulogic @kyunstarr​ @kyuobserver​ @kyuology​ @kyurrots​ @kyusberry​ @kyusung0324​ @kyutebunny​ @kyutie-ful​ @kyuuhae​ @kyuxhae


@lattesanha​ @leedonghei​ @leegunmingroove​ @leejongsuks​ @leewooji​ @littlemingyu​ @lissachan504 @llx–xll​ @lostinthelegend​ @loveforjoshuaph​ @lovely-wonwoo​ @lukusintl​ @luvmyfunnykpop​


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@nadeshko06​ @networkbangtan​ @nuestnewsletter​ @nuestthings​ @nunenue​


@ohmymyeolchi​ @ohparkjimin​ @onlyhaewon​ @onlyjongsuk​ @onlyuniq​ @onlywonkyu​ @ortaleunhae​ @ourbridgeisforever​


@parkhaejin @parkjngsoo @parkminhyuksdf @parkseojoon1216 @perfect-hyungwon @pervingonsuperjunior @petal-boo @phoebelf @pinkfairiewoozi @pinkprincess-lovejin @pledis17 @plediseventeen17​ @plincess-cho​ @poboion3288​ @potatochul​ @prettyboyrocky​ @prettyheechul​

Q & R ♡

@qiubutt​  @radicalwoo​ @rapmonclub​ @redvelvet-global​ @rivaillis​ @rockybin​ @rockyida​ @rockymj​ @rockytv​ @royalchangkyun​ @royalgengchul​ @rurouneko​ @ryn-s​


@sanhasmile @scoupsjpg @sensitivewonho @seokangjoooon @seokjinnet @seokmint @seungchul @seventeen-mingyu @seventeen-net @seventeengif @seventeenmaknaedino @seventeenreactions @seventeenvines @shay-mazing-cho-kyuhyun @sherpabunbun @shimpai @shirade @shitwonho @shyseoul @shyukerjunior @silver-eunhae @siwonstorm @sj15leeteuk @sjmelody @sjrulestheworld @skulltoki @sleepingtide @smile-seokangjoon @smilewonu @sneezes @softbinwoo @song-gun-hee @soonyeongi @soonyoungin @sparkling-jinjin @ssventeen @stillhyuk @stringduo @suju-icons @sujuaddiction @sujudorm @sujuelf4ever @sujulovesyou  @sujuandgirls @sungmln @sunmings @super-ju17ior @super-junior @super-junior-13-and-2 @super-junior-reactions @superior8823 @superiuniorpetals @superjnr @superjunior-reactions @superjuniorphotos @superjuniorsaranghaeu @superjuniorsdevil @superjuniorww @supersujulover @superzoonior @suzyelf @svetlaieunhyuk @svnteenie @svnten @sweetcoups 


@taetaetown @tallsonsanha @targetsj @the8soo @thedorksquad @thegreatmingdynasty @thelastmanstandingsuju @themaxchangmin @theoneilovesj @theyarebangtan @tinyjinjins @tokkiteuk @toppdoggintl @trainingpanda @trappedgfx @ttclemart @twoseoks

U & V ♡ 

@unhyukedforhyukjae @uniqot5 @usagamers  @vitamin-elf @vixxnly


@w-ooshine @walkinwithsj @wearemonbebes @welovehaehyuk @what17says @whoaastro @whorechul @whyparkjimin @whywonwoo  @withjisoo @won-jae-jinbiased @won-the-prince-woo @won-woo @wonho-monsta-x @wonho-shin @wonholyshit @wonhos @wonhotomykihyun @wonkyufan @wonkyuns @wonweird @wonwoo-ssi @wonwooe @wonwooed @wonwoogyu @wonwoowho @wonwow @wonwuuu @woomingyu @woozai @wooziwoo @wreckitrapmon

X & Y & Z♡

@xian-hai @y3sung @yehae @yempire @yes-infact-im-imfact-trash @yeseex @yesungismylife @yo-scoups @yokyuhyun @yoojihyuk @yooseok @yooskihyun @you-make-me-woozi @zerggyu @zhoumiblr @zicowoofles

(Super sorry if i missed anyone ~ Just message me and i will add you) ^^

ok im sorry for the crappy edit i mean what are those hearts even doing there BUT i wanted to thank each and every one of you because you guys are amazing and i absolutely adore you all and okay you get the point

friends in italics yes youre my friend shut up  :

atgwanghwamunbearseulgi   bokschokyuwa, chokyuh, cokewithzaynchokyutehyun , coqonu , changxianschokyuhyunsweibochorgasm   chokyuuhyun , clownfishae   choxide  cho-kyuhyuns  donghessmiledomino-fxdongheasdontletdonghaedriveduckflyflydonghaek


eevrlasting , ediiofcourse  evilkyubiased,  funkysuperjuniorgifsfunctiongirls- , femaleidol , fyukjae  go–hyun ,  gyullible,  gaemgee, gaemerkyu-ssi

hyunicornhyukwoon heechul-ssi hyungwaeirae ,haehyukjaes, haekey ,  heenimverse,haecheeksizubizutizujonghyunar  justmyperfectgoddess  kawaiiivmin ,  kimtae-yeons ,  kemjo ,  kyupcake13 , kyuaddicted ,  kim-ryeowookie ,  kyuuhyunakyutebunny ,  kibummys ,  kwonyuri ,  kyunugs ,  kittenluna , kyuobserver ,  kyuhyun-senpai , kittensandkyu   ,  kyuteminwook , kyu-the-applausekyuhnyunkimremy kyuline13

leedonghei , lee-teukklittlelostgirlworld  lteuk , mysilentmemorymarcusandmax , monkeiliiminnivitaminkisa ,  ohmymyeolchi ,  nonelikekyuonlyloveeunhae ,  officialkwonyuri ,  oneofakind-jewel

plincess-chophoebelf, parkjngsoo , petal-booryeongwook shiradeswedish-kpop-fanb9ysmtownbabysuzyelf , sicameow-suelgisupersujuloversujulovesyou  sneezes ,sooyyoungsujudormsujuanonymouss-ooyoungsseoulfvls ,sooyoungsssleepykyu  ,superjnr ,stillhyuk , siwooksherpabunbunshuu-tshimpai, super-junior   sungminvevoshyukerjuniorshyseoulsfs-areyoureadytobingo

taylorswift (LMAO),   tokkiteuk ,ttclemart ,  trilku, welovehaehyukwalkinwithsjwhorechul   yunboobs , y3sungyewooks ,yoojihyuk ,  yehae ,  yempire ,  zeelfie 

If I missed someone please let me know. Or you can check my blogroll instead.

Thank you all

yessicaacuna  asked:

Thank you for telling me I have an amazing blog 😊 yours is too!! What super junior blogs do you recommend? I need more suju on my dashboard (and life haha) and if you ever need anything, I'm here as well 💜

You’re welcome ^^ Thank you ❤️ I want to say sorry for do not answering you soon… It’s just that I’ve been busy with my studies and when I use tumblr it’s on my celphone TT And I wanted to answer you properly and give you a cool list of Suju blogs to follow kkk Sorry! So my favorite blogs are: @duckflyfly @shirade @mysilentmemory @hyukwoon @yehae @haekey @kyuaddicted @eunhaesbadtoughcookie @ryeong0621 @sneezes @allrise-haru @plincess-cho @eunhaero @eunhaelthy @eunhae-holic @shupahmin @15-stars @camaraderiegems @kimheenim4president @sujuandgirls @mina-hyun @myeolchihae @superjuniorsdevil @super-juni-oeo @sapphire-shadow @aspiring-ryeo @atkyuhyun @teukiesangel @suju-biased-prick @grill15taco @birdzzmama @noirkat @flowercrownedninja @danime25 @mysiwonworld @petal-boo @heesexual @tama-tae @kpop-is-naughty @eunhyuker @hellyesung @beserkerjewel @kyuteminwook @super-ju17ior @dalnimie @isayni @ayepapi @giraffyness @suju-lvr @sungmln @shyukerjunior @sonelf-159 @allrisememe @kyuyouretasty @jindoelf @heecorner @donghaesfantasy @haeheenim @bummydenny @leedonghae @cutie-hyukkie-pie (they are in no particular order ^^). Some of them aren’t exactly Super Junior blogs, but all reblog/post quality Suju stuff ❤️  I probably forgot some blogs, but I think that the list is already too long kkk And thank you for being so sweet! Have a wonderful day :D

This is not a follow forever

Take it as a reference, a recommendation or an appreciation, all these people are lovely and have lovely blogs so go follow them!! <3

Super Junior/+multifandom:

@elf-sj-oppa @k-r-y-love @shirade @plincess-cho @potatochul @camaraderiegems @kyuline13 @hyukwoon @ourbridgeisforever @heecorner @izubizutizu @sneezes @its-y0u @sonelf-159 @yehae @haekass @queerchul @stillhyuk @peachyhae @duckflyfly @hanbean-kyus @su-ju @asoomatic @pnturtle @sunny-days2 @sujuandgirls @shine-on-dbsj
@chokyuwa @llx–xll @heesexual @taesunamo @leninism @kyuyouretasty @atgwanghwamun @thesuperjunior @bunnyeowook @symphonyofshisus @f-v-a-l-s-k5 @superjunior15only @cassismydivisionanddesign @woaimi @l-o-v-e-0419 @talkdirtyto-mi @hyukk-jae @kkoming @leetuk @super-love-for-sj @sungmln @15ahjussis @15-stars @themintimes @miminey @dontletdonghaedrive @noirkat @ohmymyeolchi @prettyheechul @sherpabunbun @mingbiased @zhoumiblr @kyuhyu-k @mimizhou @wonteuked @kyuteminwook


@fyjjong @blondonew @herewegobebe @itsonewday @tuuzmorado @leemotherfuckingjinki @incorrectshineequotes @jjongs-key @professorjjong @letstalkaboutjinki @sleepyheaded @amigonew @minho-is-brad @shineetho @flamingpuppy 


@dobangshimki @waejoong @boonies @bambayasu @squishyshinki @chibisuz @marcusandmax @hayacall @mirotics @gamjoong @nk-21 @easterlystars @itschangminnie @pornshinki @chichangyu @o-jung-ban-hap @joongies

Female idols:

@fy-girls @femaleidols @femaleidol @ibleedpastelpink @awesomegirlcrush @pinkflowerbud @yeowangs @kgirlsquad @girls1k @girl-group @wonderqurls @exidx @hyotmess @functiongirls- @queensunyoung @kidleadertaeng @fxyun @boshi-love @sooyoungstuff @msburgundy @mumoos @hwaseulgi @iulicious @redvlvets @hyelinies @ailee-is-queen @darksoshi @sooyouhg @sooyyoung @younas @sooyoungnet @wheeinsmilkcarton @wheeimple

Omfs I can’t believe I’ve actually somehow managed to make one of these. o_o 

I just wanna thank each & everyone of you adorable & awesome peeps! & hug you 5eva I’ve met so many cool people through this, people from all over the world & some luckily enough close to me! lol  Thank you so much to those of you who’ve been with me since the beginning, those who just started to join in the chaos & those of you who’ll come to me eventually~

Thanks to each of you wonderfully adorable individuals… I’ve somehow miraculously reached 500 FOLLOWERS.  ????afdsfklasjdflk?idek??? OTL

Even though this is such a huge trip [like srsly how dafuq did so many of you find me & felt like pressing follow?? XD] I’m really grateful to you all & to have reached this huge amount of followers.

Here’s my 1st Follow Forever Thingy~ \(^o^)/…sorry for the crap ass edit which in a way is actually pretty cute ngl lol I don’t know how to edit or make gifs sorryyyyy.

You should all come & talk to me more often oky?

& again, thank you! All of you. <3



***********YOU BOLD PEOPLE KNOW WHO YOU ARE************


kyuteminwook superandyy jasmandermonn ohmymyeolchi elloelen meguchiinyan  zicoscock xxjustshakeitupxx xiaoofen onlythisfool ygcity onlykyuhyuklove potatoamazingg shippersoul violentcosmicsymphony vampirekame thelastmanstandingsuju sungboo thebeautifulsmileof-leehyukjae sleepymilkyway sujudorm sujulocked miwoon2 strawberryhyun sorataand15dorks strawberrymyeolchimilk superiorgaemgyu sjelfen kyukyukachoo all-aboard-kyuhyuns-train

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I know 600 followers isn’t a lot to some people, but it is for me and I just want to say thank you!!

So italics will be either my friends or mutuals that I respect. 

So here goes my very unorganized, first ever, follow forever.

Also don't pay attention to the shitty edit just. I know ok

robotkeychain bhuwakool (<my two main hoes)

rap-sonattackonbangtan | officialbangtantrashaigootaekyungsoosbumholesuga-k00kie kiaoscenwithahaloandwings | ah-zimin | b-bumb | baby-hoseok | baekyum | bang-tan | bangtan-sonyeondumb | beanzino | butt-tan | bwiyomi | carlkitty | catherine-got-no-jams | chocobaozi | 95vmin | as-sweet-as-suga | bangtan-juseyo | kaisooficrec | celestyeol | cumgodkai | yourbiaslikesitrough | cuteyoongi | d-a-d-d-y-monster | daesbulge |  darklordkyungsoo | dem-exo-feels | dimsummark93 | doksoo | doomadadivida | duckflyfly | ducklingdo | dyosoo | ellieroberson | eteru | ew-han | exo-forever-one | exo-lunatichimpanzee | headphonesonmyhead | extraimpossible | fuckhaja | go2bedjungkook | got7europe | ilygot7 | gracious-queen | gyiyomii | hob-e | hobaeyourthirst | holyfuckmark | hugtae | huang-shit-tao | huangl | hyosong | incrediyeol | internationalhouseofwaffurs | its-scarlette | jeonjam | jeongiggle | jhopies | jiminietaetae | jiminsthighs | jiminparks | jiminify | jimins-arms | jomjjeoreo | kaisoothirst | kaiiyeopta | kaisooficrec | kim-pabo | kimnamjoonofficial | kokoyoongi | lay-me-kris | letsallsleepoverwork | lulu-lambtaur | markjestic | metalbenders-and-telepaths | nerdynamjoon | oh-sehuns-ass | ohparkjimin | peperomint | phxnime | pork-chonyal | q-tae | rainsoundzelo | rapmonistheshitbitch | rapmunsta | roughbaek | rookieking | sandeul-thirst | sangdosbae | seduce-me-with-satoori | seokjohn | sehwun | seungjoy | seungcheolll | sheakaluvsjungjihoon | shoulder-hyung | snowmons | squishyjin | squishy-kyung | stopparkjimin2k15 | suga-com | suga-sweetness | supsarahbear | swaegmaster | taestylips | taerrection | vixx-ur-jams | vrotic | vlientae | vvkookies | wangofjackson | witchynamjoon | wonwoosgf | yoongiggles | yoongiminy | yoongirolls | ziminz | yoonsaur | yoongirland



Now this is not gonna be pretty and all because it’s kind of made in a hurry and was not really expected. But I did wanted to do something for reaching 700 followers (I’m really surprised but really thankful too!) And the blog would be turning a year old on December so it’s quite time I do it, don’t you think?

Special mention for this idiot: bendiwarp (<33333)




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welovehaehyuk whorechul yehae yempire yewooks yououui yuru-ruri zeino  zetsueenzetsuubo zor-o

I love you guys!

PS: Some of you are recent follows since I’ve been on a follow spree this days, take this as how much I feel in love with your blog :)


in celebration of MAMACITA’s 1st win (yey!) and having a certain number of followers (like how?),i decided to make a follow forever~so yeah,i finally made a new follow forever~technically,this is my 1st follow forever under the url of seoulfvls but i’ve done some follow forevers before.

this is a simple way of me saying thank you to these blogs that makes my tumblr life worthwhile,because of these blogs,my dash is alive and my blog is filled with great things.

these blogs are my senapis!they make the awesome graphics and gifs.i wish i can be good as them but nope.can’t do./sobs

thelastmanstandingsuju, littleshinee, sjrulestheworld, kittyinabarrel, hyukson, taekwoonies, domino-fxheechul-ssi, sojuberry, choidings, sj-andanteuk, superandyyblueprincez, duckflyfly, namnambunny, chorgasm, mingstrategy, zelow, myungq, sicabrows

the blogs that keeps me updated!twitter/ig updates.fansite updates and how,when and what to vote for bias groups,i can rely on them to keep me on track.thank you for your efforts!

monkeilii, haeface, fyinfinite, fyeah-vixx, fuckyeah-fx, starlightsgift, paetoi, targetsj

the blogs that gets most of my love and affection :)

rubmesomevixx, thegreatmingdynasty, phoenix-vixx-fire, korean-language-learning, parkjngsoo, milk-caramel, hyuker

the blogs that i have been following for years now.i’m 4 years old btw.i mean my blog is 4 years old. teehee~

littlelostgirlworld, gwiyoming, yewooks, yoonhoney, haehyukyumin, mincoffee, orangeneko, boks, mrstarcraft

like wow!i always see these people whenever i go on tumblr.i may not be following them but i feel so thankful that they still reblog and like things from me.thank you guys.there are a lot of people that i’m seeing who reblogs stuffs i post whether it be edits,gifs or updates and i’m really grateful that there are people who haven’t gotten tired of whatever i do in tumblr.thank you so much everyone!

hprilu, ukemin, mysupermensuju, nocasj

so there goes the crappy edit on top of the messy things i’ve said.sorry if i made some mistakes on your urls.please let me know and i’ll fix them.sorry to come up with this crap but i hope my sincerity and greatfulness reached you guys somehow.thank you everyone!

Yeah I know, pic sucks, but mehhh. They’re still cute <3 

Heyyy guys! Today is my 1st year on tumblr (damn so fast! >.<) I wanted to thank you all. It was really funny~

Today is also Eunhae’s 3rd anniversary as a duo! Congrats babies! It’s awesome! We’re waiting for your new album and new tour.

My first follow forever. Thank you all. Because of you that year here was really great! 


beautifulhyukjae clownfishae damnhaehyuk diamondstrings donghaek donghaeyah donghbae duckflyfly euminhae eunhaelthy eunhyuks-toe-hair everlastingfriendsforsuju


forever-lost-in-sapphire-blue fyukjae gaemq giraffyness girlyhyukjae haehyukjaes haekass haekey haeppenis haeppitteuk heechul-ssi/ hyukjae-ssi hyukjaes-dick-in-a-box hyukk-jae hyukwoon


iamjaceyandlovesuju isayni kelly-is-elf kkoming kpopforeplay kyucito kyuline13 ladyvampasia lee-teukk leedonghei monkeilii mrsfishee myeolchiii ohmymyeolchi onlyloveeunhae


parkjngsoo qiubutt rurouneko ryeomashita sexyeunhae shiningdonghae shirade shyseoul sj-andanteuk sj-fishy skulltoki sonelf-159 sujulovesyou super-junior super-juniors-baby


tati-hyuk thelastmanstandingsuju tokkiteuk welovehaehyuk whisperall whorechul withsujuunderthemistletoe yehae 

Some of you may don’t know me, maybe we’ve never talked, but know that I really appreciate your blogs.

I don’t include everyone, I’m sorry for that ;c But you’re awesome too! <3 

ILU all and I’m looking forward for the next year! 

 ☆ ミ  Hi everyone, after having so long time this blog , I decided to make a follow forever.

Thanks for everything,  for making my dash so wonderfull  with spam & their beautiful designs & also thank you very much to all the people who follow me, although  my edits are not so pretty > <

Well, here are the blogs that I really admire & I love it …

They are amazing people, don’t hesitate to follow, because really pays to have these blogs on your dashboard.

haebe - monkeilii - haeface - rurouneko - blueprincez - iheart-kyu - qiubutt - sesocherry13 - donghaeyah - 13elieve-in-15 - hyukjaess - superandyy - dochihae - ohmyeunhyukie - dongaes - mahyuks - yehae - super-junior - chorgasm - mysilver-sea - leedonghaek - littlelostgirlworld- superjnr- hae-tits - haehyukjaes - fyukjae - hyuker - thelastmanstandingsuju - monkeymyeolchi - tokkiteuk - vitamile - butihatetumblr - lee-donghais - mingteukies - haohaoeunhyuk - lee-teukk - welovehaehyuk - duckflyfly -  kyuclam - hyukwoon - siwonface - haekey - missingteuk - lteuk - chohae .

Well that’s all, thank you so much again. 

I love all. ♡

In celebration of 1k+ followers I decided it would be cute to make a follow forever! Anyway thank you all for being so amazing and a thank you to all my followers ❤ you’re all wonderful!

[ # / A / B]

agrupapoolpy ♡ ahnjaebun ♡ ahnlee ♡ aholicxjoinniz ♡ alittlebitblockbbias ♡ aliveinmyownperfectworld ♡ anime-kpop-fan-11037 ♡ astridfromchina ♡ atvena ♡ awika2002 ♡ ayo-zico ♡ baangb ♡ babebomb ♡ bbombmyheart ♡ bbombsdimple ♡ bbootyheaven ♡ beesubs ♡ befuckingbomb ♡ beresplendent ♡ bibeoming ♡ bibumz ♡ bittosgf ♡ blo-hyung ♡ block-taepyo-b ♡ blockb-scenarios ♡ blockbcrew ♡ blockbdiarylogs ♡ blockbhyo ♡ blockbuster-scenarios ♡ blockbvillains ♡ blockbyoutube ♡ blockeyedbees ♡ blockmoo ♡ blockyung ♡ bontheblock ♡ boodeerly ♡ bubble-tea-insanity ♡ bushidostochter ♡ buzz-louder-buzz-buzz

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hi everyone.since everyone else are making follow forevers,I decided to come up with my own to thank all of my followers and all those people I follow for making my tumblr experience worth (every) while. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU AWESOME PEOPLE!

as of the moment,I’m following amazing 122 blogs,and although I won’t be able to put all of them here,it doesn’t make them any lesser.they are all awesome people you know.

please ignore the crappy edit.idk what to do.i tried.

In bold are my current tumblr crushes

In italics are mutual follows (hover over your urls for a lil’ surprise)

I tried to make them in alphabetical order but I’m not sure if they’re in correct positions.sorry :)

blueprincez| boks| chorgasm| duckflyfly|
fyukjae| haehyukyumin| heechul-ssi| iheart-kyu|
joyers| kyuclam| littlelostgirlworld| milk-caramel|
mimiship| mincoffee| mingteukies| monkeilii|
mrstarcraft| namnambunnny| orangeneko| ottoaru|
retardedsoo| rurouneko| sighjongs|sj-andanteuk|
sojuberry| superandyy| | thelastmanstandingsuju|
welovehaehyuk| yoonhoney| zelow

thank you again everyone,specially to my beloved fellow ELFs.thank you for being a great family with and for Super Junior.i am happy that I belong with you.let’s keep supporting and loving Super Junior until the you all!

Tag Game :)






answers for eunhaeisrealforever’s tagged questions :)

1) What is your favorite kpop band?

> syupeo juni-oweyo~~

2) If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

>To control time

3) Who’s your number 1 bias?


4) If you could spend one day with your bias, what would you do?

> I will tell him how much i adore him and ask him lots and lots and lots of questions about his relationship with donghae. treat him to nice filipino foods and go to an amusement park with him :)

5) What languages do you speak?

> hmmm i speak 3 langueages, TAGALOG, ILOCANO and English :)

6) What is your favorite food?

> anything Chocolate

7) What is your dream guy like?

> :))))) Funny, dork, understanding, smart

8) If you had to choose between a great love life or a good career, what would you choose?

> omona i dunno really..hohoho hmmm wait let me think about it… i think it’s great love simply because it is something that we all desire as human beings.

9) Three words to describe yourself.

> hahahahah Crazy, Bipolar, indecissive.

10) If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be?

> my skin

11) Did you enjoy the questions? :)

> ooohhh definitely yes :)













my questions

1.Are you a eunhae shipper?

2.Do you read fanfictions?

3.What is your top 3 Eunhae fanfiction?

4.Who are your Top 5 Eunhae Fanfic Author?

5.What makes you Ship Eunhae?

6.Do you believe that Eunhae is Real?

7.Who is your Kpop Bias?

8.Your most loved Eunhae Moment?

9.What can you say about people who says that eunhae are gays?

10.Will you consider the thought that they might be gay?

11.How do you see your self 10 years from now?

Thank you!

anonymous asked:

hey I'm new to kpop and suju seems to be my fave new group. even though it's tragic with 5members not being there atm. can you rec some active suju blogs? preferably who post all of them (or members specific blogs idc) and tell me important things

Hello sweetie! and welcome to our crazy, happy family! ^^  ♡

You chose the right group to stan! (or maybe not XDDD)

Here you go: ^^












@ zhoumiblr

@rurouneko​, @superandyy​, @tokkiteuk​,@ monkeilii, @nyu-in-wonderland  [ They are not active anymore ;; but i think you should check them too ^^ ]

And my lovely, beautiful friends: @eunhae-holic, @stillhyuk, @skulltoki, @plincess-cho, @ortaleunhae