So I got 1000 lovely followers the other day, and I wanted to do something to celebrate yay c: Here’s a list of Norwegian words that sound a lot like other words in English, but be warned, they’re not the same! There are quite a few of these, as the two languages are so similar, but here are the ones I get caught by most c:

Nouns (substantiver)

En and - A duck

Et barn - A child

En by - A town/city

En dress - A suit

Et dyr - An animal

Eleven - The pupil/student

En elg - A moose

Et fly - An aeroplane

En gift - A poison

En gris - A pig

En mening - An opinion (but can also be meaning/purpose)

Et offer - A victim

En roman - A novel

En sky - A cloud

Et spill - A game

Stolen - The chair

En time - An hour

Verbs (verb)

Å angre - to regret

Å be - to ask/to pray/to beg

Å grave - to dig

Å late / late - to fake / lazy (adj.)

Å love - to promise

Å male - to paint

Å rope - to shout

Å tape - to lose

Adjectives (adjektiver) and other things

At - that (e.g. I know that it is hot)

Bare - only

Bra - good

Fire - four

Fort - quickly

Fred - peace

Full - drunk

Gift - married

Gull - yellow

Hat - hatred

Hit - here

Men - but

Rare - strange

Sent - late

To - two

Tom - empty

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i could not tell you why i came to think of this, but the thought popped into my head and i thought you might like it: the story of vriska serket tells us that if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck and acts like a duck and the farmer who raised it says it's a duck, there will still be a subset of people who are outraged at the suggestion that it isn't a swan.


Anon, I LOVE it. Thank you for sharing this with me. Have a Vriska Ducket photoedit, just for you:

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Anne Lamott thinks she gets a pass on her dreadlocks because "experience, and mindfulness, empathy" etc, and because of her readers, they give her a pass. But no matter how much a New York Buddhist, self helper you are, you are an old white lady with mad duckets and power and influence and you use feminism to give yourself a pass on appropriation. Seems like a special kind of twisted up feel good academic buuuulshit appropriation racism. Thoughts?

Is there anything more annoying than the people who give themselves passes on stuff?

PS. Including me, I know, I know.

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"My general answer to this is to amplify the voices of people of color..." You are such a fucking hypocrat. You will do anythingn for likes HUH? Lol

I like this because it makes absolutely no sense. Like It actually doesn’t

The job of an ally is to support the people they are supporting. So the best way for a white person to support a POC cause is to amplify the voices of the people who are speaking out about said cause.

But yes I’m a fame whore *twerks for mad duckets*