June 23

It’s the 100th birthday celebration for Alan Turing, and Google is honoring him with a doodle. Here’s the static version of the doodle:

And here’s a screenshot of the mini game version featuring a Turing machine:

DuckDuckGo also has its own:

On the other side of the globe however, Baidu is celebrating the Duanwu (Dragon Boat) Festival with their own minigame:

What an eventful day!

Dear fellow queerfolk:

If you are aceantagonistic or support aceantagonism for ANY reason, please kindly turn in your rainbow badge and fuck off to the corner until you’ve had a good, long think about what you’re doing.

Because what you’re doing/supporting is BAD and you should FEEL BAD.

And if you are Bi, know that I will be coming by on my trash route to pick you the fuck up and dump you at the nearest critical-thought recycling plant. Because I ain’t having NONEA your swervity-ass fuckshit. You’re comin BACK IN OUR LANE WITH ME.

Those who insist on continuin to show dey ass get dumped in a FLAMING LANDFILL.

 Ace spectrum folx gotta deal with erasure, general harassment and sexual harassment, barriers to mental health care (and additional fighting and going through MORE trauma while fighting for access), attempts by others (failed or not) to force them into “corrective programs” or medication for that purpose (see: mental health care barriers), and even corrective sexual assault!

(and I would personally list being forced to take medication for one’s libido a form of medical sexual assault to be quite-the-fuck frank.)

(any of this sound familiar? Well, it fuckin SHOULD).

Alladis SHOULD sound familiar, because these are traumas and attacks many of us face as well, and while our experiences Are Not All The Exact Same, There IS the ever-present underlying common ground here, and that common ground is existing while Being Systemically, Socially and Intrapersonally Attacked for thier orientation (and YES IT IS a valid orientation, NOT some fuckin “modifier” like one person on here on tumblr said, like WTAF!?)

If any of you need “proof” of what ace folx go through you know what to do. Google. Bing. DuckDuckGo. Do your gotdamn homework before ya’ll go spoutin off some fuckety-ass cartoon-level fuckshit up in the discourse tag. It’s wretched, it’s rank, it’s putrid And it’s nothing but thinly-veiled queerantagonism by another name.

And ya’ll need to cut this shit the fuck out.

I hate that a bunch of internet people have been misled to believe that free speech means “be as racist as possible cause it’s jokes”. An ecosystem dedicated to free speech looks like Tor, ipfs, and similar tools that remove power from the hands of the powerful. They’re equalizing. A free speech ecosystem doesn’t mean “Twitter, but Milo isn’t banned”. Tor, ipfs, gpg, duckduckgo, Linux, etc are all good because they hurt people who have power and decentralize it. That’s what free speech looks like.

Idk I’m tired of free speech advocates that cry about being banned for being super fucking racist instead of stand up to a regime that put a fatwa on his head or have been tortured or denied amnesty for blowing a whistle. We have the power to give the spotlight to people who remind us that free speech has to exist for any real freedom to, instead of comedically braindead leeches who like to joke about the mass murder of Jewish people.

anonymous asked:

do you have any books that you could suggest for black teens trying to become revolutionaries?

1. Blood In My Eye by George Jackson

2. The Community of Self by Dr. Naim Akbar

3. Carlos Cooks & Black Nationalism: From Garvey to Malcolm by Robert Harris

4. The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness by Dr. Amos N. Wilson

5. Blueprint for Black Power by Dr. Amos N. Wilson

6. African World Revolution by Dr. John Henrik Clarke

7. The Psychopathic Racial Personality by Dr. Bobby E. Wright

8. The Mentacide Paper by Dr. Bobby E. Wright

9.  Yurugu: An African Centered Critique of Europen Culture, Thought, and Behavior by Dr. Marimba Ani

10. End Game (vol. 1 & 2) by Derrick Jensen

Bonus: The Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins.

I try to keep my list between 5 and 10 items, these text will provide a good ideological and historical foundation for a developing Revolutionist.  Thanks for reaching out and let me know if there are more text on specific topics I can recommend, or if you need links.  You can duckduckgo the titles and authors, if not I can help you secure the titles you are interested in.  


youngyorubasage  asked:

Greetings Mr. Kenyatta could you please explain why black people across the globe have an exalted view of whiteness and a low racial self esteem?

That’s because Whites have not only waged a relentless and genocidal wars of conquest, enslavement, and genocide against Black people’s lands and bodies, they have waged a relentless assault against our minds, our history, and our understanding of our history.  

This war against the African Psyche was termed the Process of Mentacide by Dr. Bobby E. Wright. 

Dr. Wright defined Mentacide as the “deliberate and systematic destruction of a group’s mind with the ultimate goal being the extirpation of their bodies.”

Blacks suffer from such high levels of “low Racial Self-Esteem” or what I call Self-Rejection and Self-Hatred because we have not effectively acknowledged and countered the psychological warfare Whites have waged against Blacks since the Roman Empire (that’s how long they have been attacking our minds and distorting our historical legacy and contributions); and we’ve yet to really begin to fight them on the psychological and propaganda fronts.  It’s really incredible when you thinking about it.  

There have been some Black Psychological and Propaganda Warriors, but they have never been able to get mass acceptance of their work and advocacy.  You have psychologist like Dr. Wright, and Dr. Harry X. Davison (who wrote the great two-volume works: “Somebody Is Trying to Kill You).  You have propaganda researchers and media analysis like Kedi Awadu and Del Jones.  You have scholars like Dr. Wade B. Nobles, and Jacob Carruthers, Dr. Khalid Muhammad, and so many more who’ve address this issue, but I don’t think the larger community and movement deal with it enough.  

Dr. Wright said that at this stage, the “war is for the African mind,” because if we lose the battle for the African mind, then all else is lost.  

The state of our people is not accident, it’s not our fault, and it’s not permanent; it’s planned and sustained by our enemies and oppressors.  We need a direct and deliberate counter measures.  We have some moves towards that end, but they are disjointed, we need unity, coordination, and intensification of the Black Self-Love Struggle, African/Natural beauty movement, and the Black Consciousness Community.  We also need all aspects of Black culture and Black aesthetics politicised and Revolutionized.  

I could say more, but I’m tryna keep my responses short and concise.  I hope I’ve giving you some insight and you can follow the references.  I would link to the names and shit but my computer is fucking up.  Sorry; but you can DuckDuckGo (not Google) their names and find their vids and writings on the web. 

Deep Web, el lado oscuro de Internet

Si bajas a la derecha por Google, tuerces a la izquierda en Yahoo y continúas por la avenida de Bing, encontrarás una puerta misteriosa que, si sabes como abrirla, te llevará a las profundidades más oscuras de internet.

La deepweb es un submundo formado por toda la información que los buscadores no pueden indexar. Se calcula que los datos alojados en este auténtico universo paralelo equivalen, según las estimaciones, al 95% de datos disponibles en internet.

La mayoría de estas páginas son sites cuyo contenido no ha sido indexado; como ocurre con material de la Biblioteca del Congreso de los Estados Unidos, es contenido que nadie quiere que sea fácil de encontrar, formado por intranets, bases de datos, revistas científicas y webs con contraseña. Pero solo la mayoría. Otra parte de ellas es un lugar oscuro, confuso y en cierta medida peligroso, donde el bien y el mal comparten oficina.

Las transacciones realizadas en la ‘deepweb’ son pagadas con bitcoins, la criptodivisa de la red

Cómo abrir la puerta

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