I’m back home for the short holiday break, and am working on a few things that are due in a week and a half (the end of our first quarter snuck up so fast). I’ll share those when I can, but in the meantime here’s a snapshot of my first attempt at scratchboard!

It’s since been completed but I haven’t gotten around to scanning yet. Once I do I’ll post the finished piece…I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! I’m quite excited about this new medium. It’s a whole lot of fun to work on.

P.S.- It’s a sleeping male Mallard.

This is my first iPad painting done with the Jot Touch pressure-sensitive stylus I got for Christmas. It’s Edmontosaurus regalis in the snow. 

Painting in Procreate with the Jot Touch was actually surprisingly hard. I’ve become so used to my Photoshop brush setting that I really struggled to get used to it. I’m getting there though, and it is nice to paint directly on an image again (I haven’t done that since 2003!).


Baby Duckbill Platypus. 

I’ve died of cute.