I’m back home for the short holiday break, and am working on a few things that are due in a week and a half (the end of our first quarter snuck up so fast). I’ll share those when I can, but in the meantime here’s a snapshot of my first attempt at scratchboard!

It’s since been completed but I haven’t gotten around to scanning yet. Once I do I’ll post the finished piece…I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! I’m quite excited about this new medium. It’s a whole lot of fun to work on.

P.S.- It’s a sleeping male Mallard.

Today’s Doodle: Dinosaur gestures (compilation)

My favorite kind of art to do is “gesture drawing”. These are quick drawings, taking anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, trying to capture the essence of  a pose. These drawings tend to be simple but full of energy and life. I do it every day to warm up, and try to carry some of that same energy into my finished drawings. Usually gesture drawing is done with the human figure, but I find that paired with “book” study of any form, human or animal, doing lots of gestures is a great way to get an intuitive sense of their anatomy.


BREAKING NEWS: resident smol tries on tol’s head, gets stuck; local flotsam regrets everything

“Sturdy lizard”
Late Cretaceous, 79.5 millions years ago

Hadrosaurus is known as a “duckbilled dinosaur,” due to its wide, flat beak. Its beak was toothless, but its jaw had plenty of plant-grinding teeth. Hadrosaurus was the first dinosaur skeleton ever assembled and mounted, and to this day remains the least interesting. It is the state dinosaur of New Jersey.
New hadrosauroid dinosaur found from the late Cretaceous of Shanxi, China
In the evolution from non-hadrosaurid hadrosauroids to hadrosaurids, their dentaries acquired several key innovations. A new non-hadrosaurid hadrosauroid dinosaur, reported in the latest issue of of Vertebrata PalAsiatica, provides numerous important anatomical features to depict its taxonomic status and systematic relationship, implying incredible diversities and attempts close to the origin of Hadrosauridae.
Things I learned from the PSAT

-Duckbilled dinosaurs are sex maniacs



-Bananas = Hamburgers

-Dinosaurs = chickens


-To gain confidence, you must turn into a primate



-There are countries more American than us


Even the best wig stylists make mistakes!  Trimming a wig too short is something that’s easy to do, but don’t worry - you don’t necessarily have to buy a new wig!  Re-wefting is a quick way to spot fill mistakes by removing long wefts from one part of your wig and then moving them to a different area that needs more length.  Please note that this works best with isolated mistakes, or additional wefts from a second wig if you need to fill in a larger area.

Tools needed:

  • Your wig (optional: additional wefts)
    Seam ripper
    Duckbill clips
    Wig head
    Tacky glue and pins OR a needle and thread

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Baby Duckbill Platypus. 

I’ve died of cute.