Wig Tutorial: Creating a Double-Thick Wig

Wefting and De-wefting Techniques

Double-thick wigs are useful for all sorts of situations - they’re especially great for spiking because extra fiber creates an extra-thick spike, but they are also useful for characters who simply have a ton of wild hair, such as Jasper or Jiraiya. Even wig brands renown for their thick hair can’t hold a candle to a double-thick wig, especially when you double up on a wig style that was thick to start with.

Supply List

  • Two wigs
  • A wighead and stand
  • Pins
  • A seam-ripper or small pair of scissors
  • Duckbill or alligator clips
  • Tacky glue or a needle & thread

Keep reading below to learn how to make your own super thick wig!

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Wig Hacks Wednesday #1 !
Need to quickly add length to your base wig without spending time sewing rolls and rolls of wefts? Want to use the same wig for that certain character who grew out their hair after timeskip arc? (I’m looking at you, Shonen Jump characters)
Here’s a quick way to add some sturdy length to your base wig, but still easy to remove if needed, using the ponytail wrap from Arda Wigs (Base wig in pic is a Jareth in Baby Pink)

- Using the duckbill clips, section off the hair where you want to add length. Unwrap the ponytail wrap’s velcro top. (You can see many rows of wefts on it which makes it volumous)
- Pull the small tail side through the spaces between the elastic band on the wig
- Fold in the ponytail wrap’s main side and use the little comb to secure it to the base wig
- Bring the small tail side over the main side of the ponytail wrap and press down the velcro parts to secure them to one another
- Comb and straighten the wig hair as needed to blend the textures
- She’s ready to rock hair-over-shoulder looks!

I hope this was useful for you guys. Every Wednesday, I will be sharing wig hacks for styling, tools, products, and just whatever I find interesting to add to your wig work experience! If you don’t wanna miss these posts, go to the top of my page and change your notification settings to “see first”. I will also be putting up more video tutorials with voice-over once I get a good video camera. Any tutorial suggestions, let me know please!

anonymous asked:

I feel ignorant for asking this, but I plan on getting a snake in the future (when I'm old enough) and want to be sure I get information from good sources. I've read every post you have on Spider Morphs, but you don't have many detailing Duckbills, Small/Bug Eyed, and Kinked Spines. I know these are bad, but what exactly happens to the snake when they have these?

hey!! don’t ever hesitate to ask questions because we all stated somewhere and questions are how we learn!! I’m happy to answer anything I can. 

Okay, so duckbilling, small/bug eyed and kinked spines show up in other Ball Python morphs. Morphs like Carmel Albino (kinking and female sub-fertility), Super Cinnamon/Super Black Pastel (duckbill and sometimes kinking), Super Lesser Platinum/Super Butter (bug eyes) and Lesser Platinum x Piedbald (small eyes) are examples. There are more, so be sure to research if there are any problems for your chosen morph! 

Anyways, going over these individually: 


Dr. Mark D. Scherz ( a herpetologist here on tumblr, great blog) explains it best: “This mutation arises from a loss of bone in the lateral portions of the skull. I would not be surprised if it were accompanied by respiratory and feeding problems.” The Ball Python’s face, essentially, looks like it has a duckbill. 

Small Eyes: 

Really as it sounds; this is a ball python that has a genetic deformity that causes small eyes. Couldn’t find a good picture for this one, so if anyone knows where I can get one, that’d be great! 

Bug Eyes:

Complete opposite of small eyes! These are abnormally large eyes that stick out further than a normal ball python would. 

Kinked tails/spines: 

Kinks are twists or turns in the animal’s tail or spine. It’s a huge deformity. These vary on how the impact the snake. Some are so deformed that they die in the egg while others can still live a long and relatively healthy lifestyle depending on the severity of their kink. 

Hope this helps a bit and if you have any more questions then feel free to ask me or shoot me a private message! 


For funsies: historically accurate Xena. I heard that there’s a remake of Xena: Warrior Princess in the wind, and thought that it’s a shame that the show never really dug into the aesthetics of the ancient world, because Antiquity looked dope as hell. I’m pretty sure we’ll get standard Hollywood fantasy aesthetics again, which bums me out, but at least I can draw Xena however I want.

Her fictional biography gives me several possible directions (I will not go into the show’s extended bizarro chronology, you can’t make me); she’s a contemporary of Herakles, placing her at around 1100 BC, in the Mycenaean era. This gave me a style of hair and makeup I frankly couldn’t let go of; it makes her look like a terrifying Onna-Bugeisha. It’s just too good!
However, she’s also meant to be a citizen of Amphipolis, an Athenian colony in Thracia from around the 500′s BC, placing her in early Classical Antiquity. In the first couple of pictures, Xena is either a Thracian barbarian exposed to Greek culture, or a Greek frontierswoman familiar with the ways of the Thracians. This does give her a distinctive throwing weapon to be good with, and some unique sword forms. She could be a higher class Thracian with access to bronze armour, or have simply “acquired” some over time.

Perhaps, instead, I could commit hard to early Classical Antiquity; here, I’ve made her an angry wall of bronze decked out with gorgon heads to symbolise her role as a terrifying, living Fury. Alternatively, a Linothorax (layered linen armour) with pteruges, gives nods to her costume in the show, and looks surprisingly good with the right patterning and notional colours.

Exploring the Mycenaean era of Troy and Heracles gives extensive, if cruder, bronze armour, and some very barbarian-y helmets and flourishes. The Type ci swords are gorgeous, duckbill axes are a lot of fun, but we do have immense shields that heavily obscure our showpiece character. On the other hand, perhaps Xena is especially qualified to actually wield the huge, double-bitted Labrys axe of ancient Minos in battle *unsubtle wink/nudge combo*.

In the show, Gabrielle takes a level of badass with the Amazons; real amazons were likely Scythians, and Scythian culture has given us a magnificent wealth of highly distinctive grave goods, textiles, jewellery, and so on. She’s using a Scythian composite bow (although probably at a lower poundage than an Amazon born to saddle and bow), a lasso, a short Akinakes sword, and a Sagaris axe. (As a former farm girl, she should at least have had good muscle memory with wood axes for her Amazonian trainers to work from.) Next to the hulking, ferocious, armoured tank of Xena, this trickier and more evasive warrior makes for a fun contrast in appearance and style.

Tell me which design/elements you want to see as a part of the final full piece!

Fave Characters Sheet

Courage the Cowardly Dog
Sandy Cheeks
Mike the Mouse
Alice the Angel
Danny Phantom
Daffy Duck
Bill Cipher
Princess Daisy
Flame Princess

Brian Griffin
Lisa Simpson
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Perry the Platypus
Lord Dominator
Cosmo the Seedrian
Panda Bear
Wakko Warner

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YAS New MM blog *~* Could you do scenerio where boys s/o really wants attention and cuddles? For Seven,Jumin, Saeran and Yoosung? :3

Hello, anon! I was a lil unsure whether you meant the boys would want attention from their s/o or their s/o would want attention from the boys, so if I apologize if I didn’t fit the request you were asking for ; ; Nevertheless, I love writing warm cutesy stuff! I FELT ALL WARM AND FUZZY WHILE WRITING THIS!! aha :> This kinda got long so most are under the cut! (god bless you if you manage to read them all) ALSO: SPOILERS IN SAERAN’S SCENARIO. u have been warned

  Yoosung had literally spent the past four hours doing nothing but twiddling on LOLOL, you could occasionally hear him raging on the team speak with his fellow guild members. You knew this was going to happen though, he had told you about this new seasonal event going on ingame and how there was new items that could be farmed from bosses. You loved your boyfriend and respected his hobbies so you didn’t intrude, but four hours? This was a bit ridiculous.
  You walked into the computer room, and god, was it a mess. There were empty soda cans on the floor and bags of Honey Buddha Chips that Seven provided him with were sprawled everywhere. You saw your dorky, little boyfriend scrunched in the black desk chair, clicking away at his mouse and keyboard. He didn’t even notice you entered the room which only made you more eager to get his attention.  
  “Honey~!” you chirped happily, wrapping your arms around your sleep deprived boyfriend. He jumped a little, all that screen time was making him wired. He looked up at you and at your sweet, sweet smile that he loved so much. You pecked at his lips, which tasted indistinguishably like Honey Buddha Chips. It must have been ages since he had a proper meal.
  “Give me a minute guys, my sweetheart just came in the room,” Yoosung said into the microphone. He pulled up the options of the LOLOL client and saved his game then exited quickly. “Do you need something, sweetie?”
  “I’m lonely~ I want my adorable, loving boyfriend to hold me tight and give me attention!” you pouted, sitting yourself on Yoosung’s lap. He grabbed the collar of your shirt and pulled you onto his mouth. His lips pressed against yours and you wrapped your hands around his hair, making it disheveled and messy. “More! I want more attention…” you whimpered as Yoosung’s lips parted from yours, “cuddle with me please?”
  “…Well, I can always farm for that LOLOL item later right?” Yoosung smiled widely as you shoved your face into his neck, kissing the soft, tender skin. “Besides, that item will never be as special as you! You’re my most prized possession.” He pushed your hair behind your ear and pulled you close under the crook of his neck.
  “I love you!”
  “MC, I love you even more!

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Baby Duckbill Platypus. 

I’ve died of cute. 

Today’s Doodle: Dinosaur gestures (compilation)

My favorite kind of art to do is “gesture drawing”. These are quick drawings, taking anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, trying to capture the essence of  a pose. These drawings tend to be simple but full of energy and life. I do it every day to warm up, and try to carry some of that same energy into my finished drawings. Usually gesture drawing is done with the human figure, but I find that paired with “book” study of any form, human or animal, doing lots of gestures is a great way to get an intuitive sense of their anatomy.


$10,000 Reward offered
So it’s been about a week now since I reported my 1972 Datsun 240Z as being stolen. It was stolen from North Pickering, Ontario, Canada sometime in the last two months or so. It is unique so if it shows in public it will be easily recognizable. Beautiful blue with licence Z240 (that won’t be there) and period Konig wheels. Many of the pictures I posted do not show the duckbill spoiler. It was added later and painted to match the car. Under the hood is awesome: triple sidedraft Weber DCOE 45s with custom intake and headers. The original 240 engine was replaced with a 280 with serial number L28 317613. The VIN seen through the driver-side windshield is HLS30-88798. In addition to the 280 engine there is a new aluminum radiator with electric fan. There is an MSD electronic ignition. Custom 2.25 inch single exhaust routes the sound to the rear. There are new stainless steel bumpers front and rear without the overriders. The interior re-done in original white and the steering wheel is original. The original gearshift knob remains, but the original transmission was replaced with a rebuilt 5-speed and mated to a 4.11 R200 differential.
This has been my car for more than 40 years. If you should ever spot it, please report it to the police or contact me through Facebook or email . I am offering $10,000 in reward money for information that results in the recovery of the vehicle as long as it is still in the perfect or near to perfect condition as when it was stolen. All I want is the car returned. The thief or thieves are not my concern.

Rest In Peace Jjangu

A few days ago Jjangu aka DuckBill, Kim Seokjins dog passed away after living a good life of 12 years.

I can relate to Jin’s pain but I hate to imagine him crying.. I just hope he finds peace after this has happened and that he realizes he gave Jjangu the best life he could.

PLEASE DO NOT POST HASHTAGS OR PICTURES! JIN IS MOURNING. He needs time and space… we can’t keep hurting him by reminding him.

anonymous asked:

hi! I have a question about morphs, but I couldn't find anything on it in your resources so I hope this isn't a question you've already answered. can you talk about the ethics of breeding for morphs in general? like.. is it really ethical to breed just for looks? do morphs always have worse health than a normal ball python? (please don't take offense; I genuinely don't know much about breeding and just want your thoughts!) thank you so much, and I hope you and all your snakes have a good day!!

It’s going to vary case by case in what people consider ethical and what they don’t. Is breeding for nothing more than color considered ethical? I’m not entirely sure myself. There are however a number of questionable things involved in ball python breeding.
Tons of people value color over health of the animal. Spider morphs and others with the same neurological disorders are still bred because “they’re pretty” as the main excuse. With other species we don’t even consider color morphs with brain issues for breeding, but it continues on with ball pythons.
Similar story with super black pastels, super cinnamons, caramel albino. People will still breed these animals despite the risk of linking and duckbilling.
The common practice of keeping ball pythons is definitely unethical. Most breeders keep them in small enclosures that dont allow them to move from their own waste or provide opportunities to express natural behaviors.


by Vanessa

This hair tutorial presents an easy way to get a cute sixties hairstyle.

All you need is a 1‘‘ curling iron, a comb or a teasing brush (well just something you like to tease with, I’m using my tangle teaser in this tutorial),  a round brush, some duckbill clips, a bobby pin and (of course) hairspray. This hairstyle works with shorter or longer hair, with bangs or without.

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