New hadrosauroid dinosaur found from the late Cretaceous of Shanxi, China
In the evolution from non-hadrosaurid hadrosauroids to hadrosaurids, their dentaries acquired several key innovations. A new non-hadrosaurid hadrosauroid dinosaur, reported in the latest issue of of Vertebrata PalAsiatica, provides numerous important anatomical features to depict its taxonomic status and systematic relationship, implying incredible diversities and attempts close to the origin of Hadrosauridae.

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Are there any other genes that have the wobble besides spider?

Here is a full known list of morphs with issues:

Spider- Wobble
Woma- Wobble
Hidden Gene Woma- Wobble
Champagne- Wobble
Super Sable- Wobble
Powerball- Wobble
Sable x Spider- Difficult to hatch, severe wobble
Champagne x Hidden Gene Woma- Severe wobble
Champagne x Spider- Lethal
Pearl- Normally Lethal
Super Champagne- Lethal
Desert- Female fertility issues
Caramel Albino- Kinking and female sub-fertility
Super Cinnamon/Super Black Pastel- Duckbill & rare kinking
Super Lesser Platinum/Super Butter- Bug eyes
Lesser Platinum x Piedbald- Small Eyes
Homozygous Spider- Mysteriously non-existent

Thanks to this website: Which also very neatly explains all the issues surrounding these morphs :’) As far as I know, all morphs not in this list are safe!

@scorcherchill since you asked aswell :)
Dinosaurs of the Gobi Desert
Despite being one of the most forbidding places on Earth, the area now occupied by the Gobi Desert was once host to a dizzying array of plants and animals. Some of the most unexpected dinosaurs have been found locked in the red rocks of this arid corner of Mongolia.

From the famous Velociraptor to the pot-bellied duckbill dinosaur Deinocheirus, Gobi Desert is one of the world’s most prolific fossil site.

Image credit: @nathan-e-rogers

Edmontosaurus annectens

Maastrichtian Age of the Late Cretaceous, North America

One of the best-known dinosaurs, Edmontosaurus “mummies” have been found with skin imprints, giving scientists an unusually detailed view of how they may have looked in life. Edmontosaurus annectens shared habitat with Tyrannosaurus in the final age of dinosaurs, and may have been the largest of the hadrosaurs (popularly referred to as “duckbills”).

Synonymous with Anatosaurus and Anatotitan (among others), Edmontosaurus appears in the forthcoming video game Saurian (referred to there as Anatosaurus).

Read more about this dinosaur at Earth Archives!

Edmontosaurus annectens… or should that be Anatosaurus annectens?… or should that be Thespesius occidentalis

Pencil drawing of the giant Latest Cretaceous duckbill dinosaur for an upcoming post on Noah’s Ravens. Patterning follows ‘mummified’ specimens that preserve differing scale sizes and textures across the body. 

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₤ how many shoes do they have? what kind?

2many. I LOVE SHOESssSSS. (please don’t reblog this long-ass post. I don’t want it clogging people’s dashes.)

about 1/3 of these she ICly has, like the mythrite ones – since they look all bestial and stuff, claws and crap yay!

mythrite sabatons of fending (Craft) // varlet’s sab. (Level 50 starter dngs)

prototype midan sab. of fending (Midan Pedals)

berserker’s leg guards (hullbeaker HM / Sohr Khai, tank)

dhalmelskin / expeditioner, craft

Acolyte’s Thighboots (sastasha+) (I think there’s a craftable) (idk)

Bridesmaid’s Sandals (ul’dah, not far from the aetheryte, clothing shop)

toadskin duckbills

Woad Skyraider/lancer/chaser/druid/whatever boots. just hit up sohm al

Sky Pirate’s Boots of Scouting (Crafted) (YEH. I can) (TBH PROBABLY ONE OF MY FAVORITES)
Edmontosaurus, the great American duckbill dinosaur
Arguably the scientifically best-known dinosaur in the fossil record, Edmontosaurus is known from countless remains that range from single vertebrae to exquisitely preserved natural mummies. Through finds like this we have an incredible view of one of America’s biggest and most successful herbivores.

Gigantic duckbill dinosaurs bigger and faster than a T. rex roamed western North America for millions of years. From magnificent mummies still wrapped in skin to crests and skeletons of animals from all ages, Edmontosaurus has left behind the best preserved remains of any big dinosaur.  

Image credit: @nathan-e-rogers