Today’s Doodle: Dinosaur gestures (compilation)

My favorite kind of art to do is “gesture drawing”. These are quick drawings, taking anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, trying to capture the essence of  a pose. These drawings tend to be simple but full of energy and life. I do it every day to warm up, and try to carry some of that same energy into my finished drawings. Usually gesture drawing is done with the human figure, but I find that paired with “book” study of any form, human or animal, doing lots of gestures is a great way to get an intuitive sense of their anatomy.


$10,000 Reward offered
So it’s been about a week now since I reported my 1972 Datsun 240Z as being stolen. It was stolen from North Pickering, Ontario, Canada sometime in the last two months or so. It is unique so if it shows in public it will be easily recognizable. Beautiful blue with licence Z240 (that won’t be there) and period Konig wheels. Many of the pictures I posted do not show the duckbill spoiler. It was added later and painted to match the car. Under the hood is awesome: triple sidedraft Weber DCOE 45s with custom intake and headers. The original 240 engine was replaced with a 280 with serial number L28 317613. The VIN seen through the driver-side windshield is HLS30-88798. In addition to the 280 engine there is a new aluminum radiator with electric fan. There is an MSD electronic ignition. Custom 2.25 inch single exhaust routes the sound to the rear. There are new stainless steel bumpers front and rear without the overriders. The interior re-done in original white and the steering wheel is original. The original gearshift knob remains, but the original transmission was replaced with a rebuilt 5-speed and mated to a 4.11 R200 differential.
This has been my car for more than 40 years. If you should ever spot it, please report it to the police or contact me through Facebook or email . I am offering $10,000 in reward money for information that results in the recovery of the vehicle as long as it is still in the perfect or near to perfect condition as when it was stolen. All I want is the car returned. The thief or thieves are not my concern.

blackwaterbubbles  asked:

I was looking at solid black ball python morphs, and I feel like every single one of them has a duckbill. Are there any that don't? And is the duckbill harmful/detrimental to quality of life? Any forum I found all were in favor of the spider morph, so I didn't trust their opinion on the duckbill

All of the black/near black morph pairings have some chance of duckbilling as well as kinking. (super cinnamon, super black pastel, black pastel/cinnamon) Sometimes its so significant they have a sort of cleft palate look going on. There hasnt been any research on how this affects them (aside from the obvious problems a kinked spine can cause) but in general we shouldnt be attempting breedings with such severe defects.

black axanthic is pretty dark without problems. So are super GHIs. neither of those are oure black though.


BREAKING NEWS: resident smol tries on tol’s head, gets stuck; local flotsam regrets everything

All dinosaurs hatch from eggs, including extinct dinosaurs and modern birds; as do crocodiles, the living group most closely related to dinosaurs. Until the 1980s, discoveries of fossilized eggs and bones of young dinosaurs were extremely rare, but dinosaur eggs have now been discovered on several continents, and fossils of hatchlings, juveniles, and adults have been found for most major groups.

One remarkable find was in Montana, where fossils of duckbill dinosaurs, including eggs, nests, hatchlings, juveniles, and adults were found together in one death assemblage, or mass grave. The eggshells in the nests were badly broken, arousing speculation that the hatchlings might have crushed the eggs while moving around the nests. Some paleontologists think this site was a nesting colony, where adult dinosaurs cared for their young during the first several months after hatching.

Learn more about dinosaur eggs in the exhibition Dinosaurs Among Us, now open.

Things I learned from the PSAT

-Duckbilled dinosaurs are sex maniacs



-Bananas = Hamburgers

-Dinosaurs = chickens


-To gain confidence, you must turn into a primate



-There are countries more American than us


This Fossil Friday, we’re clearing up some dinosaur confusion!  
The ornithischians were an extremely diverse group of plant-eating sauropsids (reptiles). Many had complex and often bizarre adaptations for defense, display, feeding, and locomotion. The group includes armored dinosaurs - such as Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus; duckbills and their relatives; and the horned and dome-headed dinosaurs, such as Triceratops and Pachycephalosaurus.
The hip structure of ornithischian dinosaurs is advanced in relation to that of saurischians. The pubis bone, located at the front of the pelvis, has an extension that points toward the rear of the animal. Because this arrangement of hip bones was originally thought to resemble that of birds, this group of dinosaurs was named Ornithischia, or “bird-hipped.” Research has now established, however, that birds are a type of saurischian (“lizard-hipped” dinosaur) because they share many more-advanced skeletal features with other members of this group. Thus, ornithischians are not really “bird-hipped” at all. Whether the advanced hip structure of ornithischians reflects a functional difference between ornithischians and saurischians is not yet clear.
Learn more in the Museum’s Hall of Ornithischian Dinosaurs.


Sascha Glaeser’s 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera

3.2 liter 930/20 engine completely rebuilt, 964 RS camshafts, revised engine management, FRP engine shields for retro look, full engine repaint with reversed colors, venter-exit double-outlet exhaust system

G50 gearbox, WEVO shifter kit

Support bar in front cargo area, 964 brake calipers, Pagid brake pads

Fuchs Design 15×9-inch (front) 15×11-inch (rear) Michelin TB 5R tires 215/50R15 (front) 285/40R15 (rear)

Full RSR 2.8 conversion, FRP front fenders, hood, roof panel, bumpers, duckbill spoiler, original 2.8 RSR rear fenders, Gulf Orange paint

Full rollcage finished in Gulf Orange, lightweight dashboard, lightweight carpet and headliner, Recaro Pole Position seats, Schroth seats, Momo steering wheel