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↳   “ First I get a glimpse of the blond braid down her back. Then, as she yanks off her coat to cover a wailing child, I notice the duck tail formed by her untucked shirt. I have the same reaction I did the day Effie Trinket called her name at the reaping. At least, I must go limp, because I find myself at the base of the flagpole, unable to account for the last few seconds. Then I am pushing through the crowd, just as I did before. Trying to shout her name above the roar. I’m almost there, almost to the barricade, when I think she hears me. Because for just a moment, she catches sight of me, her lips form my name. And that’s when the rest of the parachutes go off.

i couldn’t help myself i wanted to attempt to draw Keith and Allura’s mom if they were half siblings. Allura gets most of her looks from her dad, but there are some subtle similarities she gets from their mom, like the poofy hair and eye color/markings color. Keith gets his floofy hair from their mom too, except his takes after her hair color, plus the little duck tail hairs on the top of his head. their mom’s base eye color is darker than Allura’s, so she gets the lighter one from her dad. i think since Altaen’s can shapeshift, Keith’s eyes (when he looks like a human) are the same base color as their mom’s. but when he’s shape shifted into his true form (probably half altaen, half galra) his eyes would either look like his and Allura’s mom or maybe the lighter blue would be yellow instead? idk. Keith would also have pink markings on his skin too.

so idk?? i just really wanted to draw this because i like the idea of Keith and Allura being half siblings. idk how this would work (i guess Alfor and mom would have a falling out when Allura was really little and mom would leave and find someone else who made her happier? (possibly Thace??) and so Keith came along but due to the altaen/galra war and complications he was brought to Earth to be kept safe from harm i suppose. maybe he was frozen in a cryopod for thousands of years (like Allura) and wasn’t discovered until like 12-15 ish years ago, and the Garrison or whoever was like “?? an ALIEN??”, tried to hold him captive? but he found a way to escape and shapeshifted to appear human to fit in with the local population and ended up at an orphanage, and maybe he ended up forgetting all this, or maybe not. idk, i’m coming up with all this as i type this lmao.

anyways i really like this concept! it could explain why he was so sensitive to the Lion’s presence during the year he spent out in the desert. 

very belated day two/three for @superlotdragonweek! i chose the prompts “holiday/flight” and squished them together. 

“Happy hatchday!” Wally purred, nuzzling Jesse’s ear. She ducked away from him with a small squeak of indignation as he accidentally (or not-so-accidentally) sent a small static shock into her. Jesse tried to shove him away with a push of her wings, making him purr in amusement and duck away, tail curling up. “Now you’re finally old enough that Harry can’t say no when you tell him you want to go out flying on your own.”

Jesse huffed. “I’ve been going out without his permission for years and you know it, Wally.” She looked around. “Where’s everyone else?”

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If you visit Nome, Alaska, this summer, head out Kougarok Road and find solitude at the BLM Salmon Lake Campground. This tucked-away little gem, located at mile 40, is popular with locals and visitors alike.  

The primitive campground features six campsites, fire rings, picnic tables, bear-proof trash bins, a natural boat launch and a new outhouse built in 2015. What you WON’T find: lines of RVs, dump stations or fees. The campground opens in late June and remains open until October, depending on snow and road conditions. While in the area, look for the historic Wild Goose Pipeline, a wooden structure built to carry water for sluicing from Grand Central River to nearby claims during the gold rush.

Salmon Lake is spawning grounds for the northernmost run of sockeye salmon in the U.S. The lake also contains Arctic grayling, Dolly Varden, least cisco, round whitefish and burbot, so bring a fly rod. Birders, bring your binocs. Bluethroat, red-necked grebe, red-throated loon, long-tailed duck, red-breasted merganser, mew gull and glaucous gull may be spotted here.

A solid #mypubliclandsroadtrip camping pick for solitude, endless views and amazing wildlife!

Photos courtesy of Evelyn Mervine


Tags were cruelly cut off, but basically this concludes with BETRAYAL in that bribery does not work on J. Toews in any form, so Patrick winds up having to fake an injury. A puppy bounds over to his feebly fake moaning Patrick, only to find he has been *TRICKED*, he has been *BETRAYED*. 

There’s a lot of apologetic cuddling that evening, obviously. And maybe Patrick lets Johnny watch the cat channel on youtube, ‘cause he likes to growl at them. 

Nobodies going to see this but, I have a theory about the fryman family that’s probably pretty obvious.

Okay, so Mr. Fryman is representative of regular fries because he’s just a regular guy.

Peedee Fryman is soggy fries. His hair looks like soggy fries. He’s a pessimist. It makes sense.

Then there’s Ronaldo. He is curly fries. His hair is super curly. It twists like curly fries would. He’s a conspiracy nut. He’s a bit crazy. You might say he has a screw loose. Point is, he’s a curly fry.

But this seems to be a pattern.

Then it turns out Sour Cream and Onion are siblings. Yellow Tail is their parent. Their mother is (probably but currently unconfirmed) that girl from Greg’s flashback named Vidalia (which is apparently the name of a certain breed of onion).

And then there’s Bill and Buck Dewey. Duck puns. I swear to god, duck pun. Dewey like from the old Scrooge McDuck cartoons (which they alluded to once when Steven told Amethyst to swim like a rich duck). Bill like a duck bill. And Buck rhymes with Duck.

This is everyone I can think of, but this feels like DBZ all over again. Everyone’s name was a pun, joke, or reference to something else.

And I love it.