Hey everyone! So good to see you again. Sorry for not being around last week, but I’m here now and we’re moving right along with everyone’s favorite thief, Kurama. This dish is long but so worth it. Remember: Everything you chill in this dish must reach a temperature of 40 degree fahrenheit. before you serve it. If you don’t have Rose Petal Extract, add some rose water or Rose Syrup instead! I will be posting duck, sauce and Knife skill tutorials soon! 

Homemade teriyaki “duck” noodles - mixed vegetables, Singapore noodles, teriyaki and soya sauce (soy used to flavour the faux meat before teriyaki, and Vegan Roasted Duck (sourced from Vincent’s Vegetarian Food Mart, packaging in recent haul from this store).

This faux meat is super cheap and comes in a crazy large amount, perfect for multiple homemade dishes. It tastes amazing on its own as well, we eat it with soya sauce but I think would be the best in a veganized fried rice!