So I don’t know if people know what this, nor do I know if people are interested. lol. 

But for those who are interested, this is a tub of duckfat that was left from the confit (the melted part). So when you make duck confit, there will be juices that are left that settle on the bottom (the bottom layer). This juice is also known as Jus, which is actually super super flavorful. So if you want to make a sauce, or a dressing or anything, you could use this jus to make it either making it thick (for a sauce) or like in a vinaigrette if you were making a salad or something.

So you might ask, why? Why are you doing this? And the reason is the duck fat is good! You can save it to confit duck again another time, cook things with it, fry things with it etc. AND it is also important to Separate the jus from the fat. The Jus can go bad and therefore you want to remove it from the fat. The fat doesn’t go bad.

So yeah, after all that long explanation, the point is: separate duck fat from duck liquid because you don’t want anything that can go bad to be in the fat, and that both are useable.


Best way to check if the fat and liquid is separated is through a see-through container.

Once separated, you need to boil/simmer the fat so the water content evaporates (just like making clarified butter). 

And lastly, you can also refrigerate the container, so that the fat solidifies and then you can scoop it out from the bottom liquid layer.

Bed time! Good night!


Hey everyone! So good to see you again. Sorry for not being around last week, but I’m here now and we’re moving right along with everyone’s favorite thief, Kurama. This dish is long but so worth it. Remember: Everything you chill in this dish must reach a temperature of 40 degree fahrenheit. before you serve it. If you don’t have Rose Petal Extract, add some rose water or Rose Syrup instead! I will be posting duck, sauce and Knife skill tutorials soon!