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My Aesthetic: Powerful-Angry-Bitchy-Evil-Powerful-Dominating-Conquering-Nigh-Immoral-Sexy Alien Overlord Empresses and Queens who want to kill us all.

Really sad that i couldn’t find Gifs of the last three.

Also: Picture all of them sitting around a tiny table no bigger then their ankles, they’re all siting on pillows and chatting with one another while drinking out of decorated little teacups.


This thing may be dead, but I always wanted to do it anyway hah


The tux collection is now complete!

All these atoms in the universe intermingled and rearranged themselves in such a way, that among all the permutations and combinations, they could create a self loathing, depressed existentialist like me. Ain’t that proud of yourself are ya now, stupid fuckin particles?
While we’re on the topic of the Duck universe

Something interesting is the existence of the female Duckies, April, May and June. They’re the nieces of Daisy Duck, and the obvious female counterparts to Huey, Dewey and Louie. While being introduced as far back as 1953, they never reached as wide an audience as their male counterparts, only appearing in a handful of comics between 1953 and 1966.

For American audiences, their story ends there, but over in the Netherlands, the Duck universe never lost popularity, with new comics still coming out consistently every week to this day. As you can guess, this means these three are still around as well. In Dutch, their names are Lizzy, Juultje and Babetje.

When Ducktales reached the Netherlands, the character Webby Vanderquack looked exactly like them, so the translators changed her name and backstory to fit the character of Lizzy, making her Daisy Duck’s niece instead of Betina Beakley’s granddaughter. This essentially means the character Webby never existed in the Dutch canon.

In 1998, the editors of the weekly magazine received permission from the Disney Company to redesign the characters to make them more distinctive and fitting to modern times, leading to the current designs, designed by Dutch Duck comic artist Mau Heymans and shown first in this very comic panel:

The modern female Duckies appear relevantly frequently, most often in any story set in Duckburg’s school. This is only one of the many examples of the Dutch comics expanding the Duck universe and the results never returning to American audiences.

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one of the hands down, absolute, best things about Mighty Ducks The Animated Series is the fact that a bunch of ducks stopping crimes is considered to be done by mysterious strangers where, for all the earth knows, there’s only 6 alien ducks in existence, all of whom are players for the very publicly known Anaheim Mighty Ducks hockey team

who could these mysterious heroes be? definitely not the alien ducks who just joined the nhl