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Over The Garden Wall is Underrated

Over the Garden Wall is a masterpiece cartoon show, recieving a 9.2/10 in IMDb and 4/5 on Hulu and yet so underrated. While many people are talking modern shows like Star vs The Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, OK KO: Let’s Be Heroes, Duck Tales, Adventure Time, and so forth or even talk about older shows that are done like Avatar the Last Airbender, Gravity Falls, Teen Titans, etc. 

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This thing may be dead, but I always wanted to do it anyway hah


Relatively quick Birthday gift for myself! 🎁 Me and some of my fave cartoon baes this last year ❤ 09/25/2017

I feel so old, guys! My last year as a teen has began…

It’s a really strange feeling watching Daredevil with all of its serious grittiness knowing that in the same universe, the Guardians of the Galaxy are battling a sentient planet, there’s a talking duck, the agents of SHIELD fought a robot who was in love with one of its creators, a doctor became a master sorcerer who can manipulate time, and there’s a dude who walks around with a burning skull. 

Then again, Daredevil also has an ancient Japanese ninja cult that participates in blood rituals. So maybe Punisher might end up taking Daredevil’s place as the most “normal” of the MCU projects.


My Aesthetic: Powerful-Angry-Bitchy-Evil-Powerful-Dominating-Conquering-Nigh-Immoral-Sexy Alien Overlord Empresses and Queens who want to kill us all.

Really sad that i couldn’t find Gifs of the last three.

Also: Picture all of them sitting around a tiny table no bigger then their ankles, they’re all siting on pillows and chatting with one another while drinking out of decorated little teacups.

“Huey, you’re choking us!”

(Don’t scare him again.)

Sorry for the terrible quality. I was thinking about way back when I had regular TV as well as Netflix, and I’d watch Steven Universe when it came on. One episode I rather liked had a moment when Pearl squeezed the beaten and exhausted other gems like above, after being worried about them for some time.

Dewey and Louie probably weren’t gone long. More like they’d gotten seperated from the rest on an adventure. Out of the four, those two are the most likely to get into trouble. So when they disappear together, you know they’ll come back with some cuts, scrapes and a story to tell.

But Huey is a worrier. And if he finds his brothers beaten and exhausted after a while of being seperated, however short, you just know he’ll fuss over them for a good long while afterwards.