duck tutu anime

First thing I doodle with my 30-day free trial of Photoshop: Princess Tutu fan art of my favorite precious duckling princess! 

That design on the left is an idea I’ve had in mind for a possible fan-comic I was considering. Plot would involve Fakir writing Ahiru back into a human or something. Also, excuse to draw Ahiru with her hair down and floofy. x3 


JLBDreamer’s Anime AMV of the Week 5/23/15


This is one of my favorite AMV for one of my favorite anime Princess Tutu. It focuses one of of the predominte themes of Princess Tutu and how the two heroes of the story are central to that theme. This is the theme of free will and being true to oneself instead of artificial roles thrust on us. Ahiru and Fakir had to accept their true selves and talents to succeed in saving the Prince and the world in which they live. “See Who I Am” lyrics highlighted this theme perfectly and the editing to fit the lyrics is amazing. The symphonic metal is appropriate to the dramatic feel of the anime and its classical dance and lore element. This is a masterpiece that you need to watch several times to catch all of the nuances. 

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