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As we look back at 2016 with disdain and anger, I felt it best to remind everybody of the positive attributes of the coming year. 

Hey Arnold will be returning to TV in the fall.

Nintendo will be releasing the Switch in March.

Banjo-Kazooie successor Yooka-Laylee will finally be released in the spring. 

Crash Bandicoot will be making a comeback to the PS4 presumably in the summer time.

Samurai Jack will also be making a return to television.

And last but not least, Ducktales will be rebooted and will premiere in the summer.

2016 may have taken more than it gave, but there’s one thing time can never take away… and that’s entertainment. 

Off-Model with Ian & Kyle #32: Listener Questions! [and DuckTales 2017 “Woo-oo!” Bonus Chat!]

After an accidental half-year hiatus a Movie Rat podcast is made! Namely, the long-awaited and forgotten about NEXT EPISODE of the Movie Rat Ian’s spin-off show with his co-host Kyle the Ferret: OFF-MODEL! In this episode we return with a full episode of questions asked by you, the listeners, and give our opinions on different cartoon-type topics like “are there any good crossovers?” or “who’s the best second-banana duck?”

Then, just to make up for being gone so long….and because we hadn’t talked about it–we recorded a full-length bonus show to review and discuss the pilot to the DuckTales Reboot!

….There, that should tide you over for eight more months!

Show Notes (with two answer revisions) After The Jump!

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Dijon:  They must have it!  They MUST: those dirty thieves–and such sweet children.  I ask you, Merlock, what is the world coming to?

Merlock: You let them steal it from you, you pathetic pickpocket! 

-“DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp”



Featuring special guest Paleo

The Jewel of Atlantis

In the premier movie of Duck Tales, Scrooge and the kids go to The ‘Lost’ City of Atlantis (That Scrooge found very easily). Once they find the real jewel of Atlantis, I thought it looked familiar.

I you seen the Disney movie Atlantis The Lost Empire, then this crystal just might seem familiar. As this gem is identical to the gem Kida and the other Atlantians had.  ->( If you haven’t seen the movie I recommend it, it’s a fun watch)

I believe the crew wanted to make a reference to another Disney property.

The story of the city of Atlantis maybe different in both shows, but they kept the lovely and powerful crystal.

anonymous asked:

tell us the duck story PLEASE

The One Day Duck

  • alright, so i’ve never had pet
  • and i like animals and i always always wanted a pet
  • (my sister hates animals and my mum was CONVINCED if we ever got a pet she’d end up looking after it)
  • (my argument was that i helped look after my brother, didn’t i?)
  • (that didn’t go down well)
  • so my sad petless life would sometimes come up in conversation
  • and every now and again my friends would be like, ‘WE CAN TOTALLY GET YOU A PET’
  • (once, in year seven, my friend started like, a petiton to get me a cat i’m not joking. she was like about to go to the rspca to buy me a cat with money she had like kickstarter crowdsourced from our friends group when her mum made her call my mum to ask if it was okay; it wasn’t; she had to sadly return everyone’s cat money)
  • and so one of my friends on the bus was one day like
  • ‘you know, my neighbour has too many baby ducks and he’s giving them away for free on the side of the road? I COULD TOTALLY GET YOU A DUCK’
  • (we lived in the country)
  • (well, i lived in the outer suburbs of a country town. my friend lived even further out than me, in a place where people often gave away unwanted animals on the side of the road)
  • i, being fourteen and thinking she was joking, was like ‘hahaha yeah! omg a road duck lmao so awesome!’
  • she wasn’t joking
  • she showed up two weeks later on my birthday with a duck.
  • so i get on the bus on my birthday
  • (‘you know you can stay home on your birthday’ my mother reminded me, again, knowing i would go to school, again, because my best friend always threw me a ‘surprise’ birthday party at lunchtime and also because, well, i really liked school)
  • and there my friend is, sitting with a box on her lap
  • i sit down next to her and she turns to me, grinning, and says ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!’
  • she puts the box in my lap
  • i look down at the box
  • i’m about to say, ‘What’s in the box?’, like it’s se7en
  • but it turns out i don’t need to, because she’s written ‘DUCK FOR MICCAELI’ in black texta on top of the box
  • i look inside
  • it’s a duck
  • i don’t know what i expected

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Duck Tales The Movie

Beginner Rule

-Launchpad crashes

-Someone says wahoo

-duck-scout handbook referred too

intermediate Rules

-Someone makes a wish

-Lackeys be fucking useless 

-Talisman glows

White Girl Wasted

-Bad guy turns into or out of an animal

-Someone says Scrooge

-Talisman glows