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evosia Families of ducks and their young taking a swim in iconic Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. Each year, many migratory birds come to Iceland to mate. Few predators, 24 hours of light in the summer, and epic scenery everywhere… Iceland is a perfect place for birds to vacation! -


natgeowild A newly discovered dinosaur fossil has features that may look oddly familiar to us. Found in Mongolia, Halszkaraptor escuilliei looked and hunted like a duck. It’s related to the Velociraptor, and is one of the few known dinosaurs that lived on the water. The turkey-sized dino roamed Earth’s ancient wetlands more than 70 million years ago. Scientists rescued the fossil after it had illegally been poached and smuggled out of Mongolia.

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do you have more panchito’s pictures? :3c

I only have one comic with Panchito appearing. I’m just gonna share all the Panchito panels (except 2 I’ll post separately) because I don’t want anon waiting on them forever, since I’ve said before that the comic is lengthy and will take way too long to translate. Here goes:

Panchito’s always the first to try out any new ride. Look how eager he is.

And here they are in casual clothes (well, Donald’s in sporty but yeah):


Donald telling Panchie his driving is ‘worse than a road hog’:


Dinosaur room at the Black Hills Institute of geological research, South Dakota

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I just worked my way through all your doodle comics and my god, I know it's like a short one but that 'eavesdropping' one really hit me in the face with how similar Gladstone and Scrooge are in terms of people resenting them for their luck/money so thanks for that I'd never realised it before!

I KNOW RIGHT it’s like, once you see it you really can’t unsee it

especially with scenes like this from O’Lucky Man (thanks again for translating it Sarroora!) note- reads right to left!

and this-

in comparison to scenes like this from the Life and Times (reads left to right)

and I mean, tell me you don’t see the similarities here (left, an early Gladstone by Carl Barks, right, young Scrooge by Don Rosa)

the main difference is that while most of the time Scrooge’s reaction to this sort of envy is that of aggressive defiance and throwing a fit, Gladstone’s is either aloof disinterest, rubbing it in their faces or just… being sad about it :’(

“Why do you love comics?”

*remembers that time Malekith wore Thor’s arm as a necklace and treated it like couture*

*remembers that time Loki’s biggest villain was his own guilt taking human form and nearly killing him*

*remembers that time Billy and Tommy ended up with like five dads and none of them were even gay with each other it was just a lot of weird magic and technology*

*remembers Gwenpool actually testing out fourth wall powers and trying to make them work for her*

*remembers that Howard the Duck exists*

*remembers Angela’s Space Bikini and All The Gay and her amazing later costumes*

*remembers Tony Stark trying to be a reasonable, friendly authority figure to child superheroes who won’t stop if he tells them to so he might as well make sure they’re safe*

*remembers everything about Ms. Marvel*

*remembers that Loki’s solution to a problem has, on more than one occasion, involved eating his own soul and then catching fire*

*remembers Noh-Varr’s FUCK YOU fires*

*remembers the goofy, heartbreaking process of Cindy Moon trying to readjust to a world that’s passed her by*

*remembers that Image comics and thus The Wicked and The Divine and all their fuckery exist*

*once again remembers Malekith ripping off Thor’s arm and lacing their fingers together while wearing it as a necklace who does that*

“IDK they’re just fun I guess.”


*Fethry’s singing obnoxiously*

Gladstone: “Fethry, stop screaming in my ear.”

Fethry: “When we go camping, we have to sing! The guide book says so!”

Gladstone: “I don’t know how you talked me into coming with you.”

Donald: “Because this family’s spirit is in you, and you feel it too.

"The three of us are cousins, and we all love an adventure.”


“Hey, Don´t do that! He might be a pain but he´s still a realtive! (To Gladstone) You sleep here tonight, and tomorrow, you´ll look for your cabin”

G: Fethry! I can´t see!
F: So what? Isn´t fortune blind?

G: Fethry! How are you?

Let me tell you something I love: Gladstone and Fethry getting along and taking care of each other

Even when it´s clear that Fethry´s favorite is Donald, I love seeing him getting along with Gladstone. They are amazing together, they really like each other and seem to get along pretty well (specially if Don is absent).

It´s true that they have differences, and that Fethry often takes Donald side, but, when it happens is more a case of help Donald rather than one of f*** Gladstone and his fortune.

Besides, both of them are into really weird stuff, i bet they can talk for hours.

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