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after a surprising amount of repeat demand for another Gladstone-featuring comic here’s another gem I stumbled on- I suspect this must have been when they were still pinning down Gladstone’s luck trait, as he doesn’t usually rely on charms like lucky rabbits’ feet? 

anyway, way to slay in that dress, Mr. Gander

DWD Head Canon: Drake Mallard is an absolute SMUSH when it comes to his daughters baby pictures

@miilkydayz AS YOU KNOW I am convinced that Gosalyn is little more than a Huffy Puffy gosling with soft feet and downy fuzz. And I have to then assume that when she was a baby, she was fucking fluffy as all get out. Just a little, sickly, soft footed dust bunny. 

I understand that the grandfather died (or most likely died, but that’s another AU for another, sadder time) so that means that all the items that were left at his house that technically belong to Gosalyn have to be mailed somewhere. 

They’d be mailed to the Mallard home. 

She tries to stop him from opening it. She really does. But he has to. It’s addressed to him and the curiosity was too great and…


and oh my god… 

Her baby pictures, still in their frames, and still dusty from their spaces on the walls. He’s holding her baby pictures. HE’S NEVER SEEN HER FUCKING BABY PICTURES. 






But then… then, when he rummages towards the bottom, he finds even more and oh boy… oh fucking boy… his world changes. Forever. 

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Huey, Dewey, and Louie are worthless at simple chores


…but can’t we also assume that Huey, Dewey, and Louie will still somehow also suck at the simplest things? 

I can believe that Huey can catalog every type of bird for his bird watching club, but he can’t remember the names of his neighbors. 

And Louie can climb up the side of a mountain but needs Uncle Donald to open the pickle jars because his delicate hands can’t be smited by such a terrible task

And Dewey could probably tame lions, but he’s terrified of the old cat that sometimes glares at him from the window across the street. 

They’re so adventurous and cool, and occasionally calm, but when it comes to household management and, I don’t know, just sort of existing mundanely they kind of suck. 

“UNCLE DONALD I NEED HELP OPENING MY VITAMINS!” Huey will shout up the stairs. 

Donald will blink down at Huey from over the banister. “Didn’t you climb the side of a temple last weekend?”

“Yeah, but like… these are safety sealed!”

“Can’t your brother help you?”

Louie walks past, hands in his pockets, “yeah, no, my pinky’s very delicate.”

You scaled a cliff on Sunday.”

“All in the thumbs, uncle Donald.”

“Okay, but Dewey-”

Dewey plucks out a headphone long enough to say, “I think I have a hangnail?” and then goes back. 

Needless to say, when it comes to basic existing, these three are practically worthless. 

Gather around, kids, cause it´s theory time! (again)

I had been having this headcanon for a while, in which Fethry knows who Paperinik is but plays dumb even around Donald

*I love how the title is even a refence to Paperinik, and the whole scene is referencing the absurd of super heroes secret identities at expence of Donald´s alter ego. 

it´s funny because he is a friend and family!. But I prefer to think he was actually playing with him, making fun of the situation, and this of course made Doanld super nervous for obvious reasons.

Fethry is a mess, he is weird, I´ll take it. But he is far from dumb (most of the time). He reads a lot, he studies, he observes, and he´s resourceful. At some point (given how much he likes Don) he must have noticed!


Lilie dared Ahiru to smooch Fakir on the cheek.

It was Super Effective!

Fakir has fainted.

I have not drawn these two in quite some time. It was actually really hard to remember how I did them before.

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pet rocks become all the rave at their school

Cartman: Those were the most profitable 22 minutes of my life

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Halloween/beginning of autumn, first time spending the night, going to different rallies and protests (full offense peter parker is trans), going to a book/comic store with Peter would include

I have a ton a ton of things to write so I’m just gonna do one of these (FOR NOW) lo siento but they’re all so cute I can’t


  • He will literally constantly send you pictures of the trees
  • Usually with bad(good) puns as captions that are also slightly inspirational cause he’s just so nice
  • “I’m rooting for you today” (”do ya get it do ya get it”)
  • The pictures are actually really good cause he’s so into photography good job Peter
  • He is so damn clique in autumn though like WOW
  • He’ll just buy so many pumpkin candles and pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin muffins and just pumpkinpumpkinpumpkin everything
  • “Autumn just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, ya know?”
  • Like every time you go over to his apartment you guys will just bundle up in a big pile and drink coffee and look out the window like dorks
  • You steal all his sweatshirts though
  • And he loves it
  • You guys will go out on walks all the time through the park or down the street
  • With lots of jackets and scarves that probably aren’t necessary
  • Beaniesbeaniesbeanies
  • Peter will always offer you his jacket
  • always
  • “You look cold here have my jacket”
  • “No, Peter, it’s okay, you can keep your jacket”
  • “Aren’t you cold?”
  • “Peter I’m fine I swear”
  • Lil photoshoots in the colorful leaves
  • The dork will actually scoop up a considerable about of leaves into a pile and jump into it
  • (and so will you)
  • “That looked more fun on Charlie Brown”
  • He LOVES Halloween though
  • Like loves it
  • He buys you guys matching costumes because duh cute friends
  • “Uh YES?!”
  • Halloween night you guys camp out in his apartment with the lights off and watch scary movies in your geeky costumes
  • He has a whole lil pillow fort set up and everything
  • Makes you guys popcorn
  • He has a huge bowl of candy for the kids in the apartment building but there are barely any kids so he hordes it for you guys
  • When kids do come to the door though you guys give them a TON of candy
  • Peter is literally so good with kids it’s unfathomable
  • At one point there’s a kid who comes up dressed as Spiderman and Peter gets so, so (so, so, so, so) excited
  • “Are you Spiderman?”
  • “Yeah!”
  • “Wha-no way! I LOVE your costume, man! Woah, like, look at this! Wow, dude this is awesome!”
  • The kid (and the little one in the costume) is smiling so hard and it just makes you so happy
  • :’)
  • When you guys are watching the scary movies you guys literally cling to each other
  • You like scream into his chest because jump scares are not your thing
  • He insists on holding your hand but he actually has a death grip
  • You suffer through the pain though because why wouldn’t you for your bestie
  • You had planned to watch like seven creepy movies but honestly just like gave up after two 
  • So for the rest of the night you tell really awful ghost stories that are just hilarious and not scary at all
  • “And you turn around.. and standing there is… A GIANT DUCK
  • “Wha-a duck, Peter?”
  • “YEAH! Like a big, scary DUCK!”
  • “Dude ducks aren’t scary
  • You both are just laughing so hard you can’t talk anymore
  • By the end of the night you both have gone through like the whole bowl of popcorn and nearly all of the candy

______ with Peter Parker would include..