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Professor Daddy - Namjoon (BTS) (M)

Summary: ahhh hiii! Could I request a daddy!namjoon smut where he’s also your teacher?? Ahhh

Pairing: Namjoon (BTS) x Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Genre: Smut, (not so) pure and simple

Warnings: Smut, of course; Daddy kink; Professor kink (is that a thing?)

(A/N – I’m sorry. Truly I am. I’ve never written Daddy! anything before so I’m truly sorry if it came out horrendous)

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52. Telling each other a kink and trying them

Fun and Games 

Word Count: 1,557
A/N: This is based off prompt 51, telling each other a kink and trying them. It’s a bit longer than the other ones, and I hope that’s okay. I just kind of felt like this one needed a little more setting the stage. Still, hope you enjoy the smut
Written by: @dragonsrequiem

It all began over a discussion one night a month ago; you’d been sitting with your feet propped in Bucky’s lap while he painted your toenails with a precision to make any nail tech jealous. With each swipe of the fiery red, he’d gotten quieter. At first you thought he was just preoccupied, but then, he asked.

“Is there something different you’d like to try?” he finally blurted out, leaving you confused.

“Something different? It’s going to look pretty weird if we suddenly change polish color in mid-nail, don’t you think?” You asked, brow furrowed as you tried to figure it out.

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Baby you have to beg. [SMUT]

He slammed you against the door and crashed his hungry lips onto yours. His hands grabbed your wrists and pinned them above your head. “Jin. Don’t. I have an interview to go to” you managed to mutter in the hated kiss. But he took this opportunity to shove his tongue in your mouth. His hands slid down your back and cupped your ass. He pressed closer to you like he couldn’t have enough of you. You struggled in his iron grip. “Please. I swear Jin. This isn’t funny. This interview actually means heaps to me.” You managed to mutter while his lips left your mouth to make its way to your neck where it left angry marks. “Jin. Stop it. I’m fucking serious.” “Fine.” He released you with a clouded expression. You hurriedly fixed your makeup and ran out the door. “Bye babe. I’ll see you later.” But he didn’t reply.

“Fucking horny bastard.” You thought but you weren’t annoyed at him. All you knew was that he would definitely have something in store for you. Maybe it would be the normal sex, the gentle one. Like how Jin is. You looked at your phone. 5 minutes till the interview. And you were still at the bus stop. You looked to your right and realized that a bus had just drove past you in your state of daydreaming. Dang it. The next bus was in 15 minutes and you didn’t have time to wait. Pulling off your high heels, you ran as fast as you could towards the company building and swore at Jin. But you weren’t angry with him. You really weren’t.

The bus ride back home was relaxing. You thought about the interview, the CEO seemed to like you. Maybe you were to be hired even though you were untidy and disorganized when you arrived. He questioned you about the red marks on your neck and you had to improvise, saying that it was rashes. But if you were hired you had your test results to thank. The bus stopped at your stop so naturally you stepped off the bus. Humming to yourself as you practically skipped home, excited to tell Jin about the interview. When you reached the front door, you fumbled with the keys but before you could even insert them into the key-hole, the door opened and a topless Jin grabbed your wrist and whisked you inside. As soon as the front door closed with a definite bang, you found yourself staring at Jin’s chest and blushing. Jin took your bag and you were about to thank him when he threw it aside. “What the fuck Jin.” “Fuck you.” “What.” “I said, fuck you.” And with that you were once again pushed against the door. His lips captured yours again. His hands did not linger this time but ducked straight into your skirt, pulling at your panties. You clamped your legs shut. You weren’t used to this Jin. He growled and broke the kiss.

Scooping you up bridal style, he walked to your shared bedroom and tossed you on the bed.  “Baby, you haven’t been very nice to me lately. I think someone needs to be punished.” He loomed over you and you tried to push him off but he wouldn’t budge. “What the fuck Jin. What happened to you?” “You happened.” He pressed his rock hard dick onto you and rocked his hips. A wanton moan slipped past your lips. “Yeah baby. Moan for me.” he said, his voice dropping an octave. He pinned your arms about your head with one hand and slipped the other hand inside your shirt to unclasp your bra. His hands kneaded your breasts. You tried to discourage him by clamping your lips together in an effort to not moan but Jin was not discouraged. His hands twisted and pinched your aching nipples as he planted open mouthed hot kisses on your neck. His hands made their way to the bottom of your shirt and pulled it up, over your head. Your bra followed. Jin’s mouth left your neck and licked it way down to your breasts. His tongue swirled around your hardened nipples and he sucked and rolled them around in his mouth. Unconsciously your hips bucked up to rub against his cock.

Your resolve was extremely weak at this point and you wanted to give into your desires but you fought against it. Obviously something had happened to Jin. This was not Jin. Jin was not like this. He was kind and gentle. With this thought in mind, you struggled one last time to get out of his grip. You brought your knee up in an attempt to hit his dick but he outsmarted you because he moved away at the right time and your knee sliced the air. He let go of your hands and you thought you succeeded but you were pinned down again faster than you could sit up. Seokjin was back with something in his hands. “We can’t have you struggling like that, can we?  Trying to injure my precious dick. You’re going to come over this dick, you hear me girl?” Again, you blushed a furious red and you opened your mouth to talk but before you could utter a syllable, he reached for your hands and tied them to the bed. You struggled harder than ever at this, but Jin refused to let you move. He rubbed his finger on your soaked panties and you stopped struggling to hold back a moan.

A cold blast of air hit your lower regions as Jin pulled your panties down to your legs. He ducked his head under your skirt and blew more cold air on your crotch, making you shiver in what is known as anticipation. His tongue flicked out, licking your clit harshly. You squirmed and tried to move closer to his mouth but without avail as your hands were tied to the bed. His tongue delved into your dripping core and his lips sucked your clit. All of a sudden, his mouth moved away and cold air hit your privates again. He plunged two fingers and you gasped. Jin wasted no time plunging his fingers into you and pulling it out then repeating the process. His mouth found your stomach again and he sucked on it, leaving red marks. He pulled his fingers out and looked you in the eye as he sucked on them. By now, you couldn’t take the pressure that was building up anymore so you whimpered and stuck your hip up. Jin took one look at your slick clit and started to unbuckle his pants. You were aching to touch him but your hand were still tied tightly to the bed. You watched Jin as he slowly, agonizingly pulled down his zipper, then his pants and finally his boxers until his cock sprang free, mere inches from your clit.

He put his hands on the side of you and moved his body to yours until you could feel the tip of his dick against your wetness. “Jin. Please.” You couldn’t take it anymore. “Beg.” “No. Don’t fuck with my pride.” “Okay then.” Jin started to crawl off you. “Seokjin, untie me.” “No. Not until I get to fuck you until you can’t stand.” You stayed quiet. “Bitch just say the fucking words.” You stayed quiet. “You know what girl? Actions speak for themselves. We’ll see what you’re like when I fuck you into the mattress.” He crawled back onto you and entered you with one swift movement. You cried out in pain and pleasure. Creating a rhythm, he pounded into you until you were a moaning mess. Your back arched and he knew you were going to cum which is why he stopped moving, with his dick still buried in you. “Bitch. Say it.” “FUCKNGFUCKMEUNTILICANTSTAND.” “Better.” He continued to pound in you and surprisingly came before you. You felt his juices squirt out. He rode out the orgasm and right after it was over, he continued to pound into you but pulled out just as you were cumming only to latch his mouth back on your clit to lap up all the juices. Your body dropped back on the bed and you felt Jin crawl off the bed to untie you. “Don’t laze around.” “Why?” “Round 2.” And with that he flipped you around again and propped you up on all fours before going behind you and fucking you all over again.

A Christmas Wish
Characters: Castiel X Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 4837

A/N: Pure unadulterated one-shot Christmas fluff featuring you and your favorite angel (and those lovable Winchester brothers) that originally began as a short imagine about decorating a tree and then took on a life of its own.

“Is that my sewing kit?” Dean hovered behind your chair, hands idly stuffed in his jean pockets.

“Is it? I dunno, found it in the bathroom next to the first aid kit,” you shrugged, stringing another piece of popcorn onto the thread.

“You know, that’s my good suture needle,” he angled closer, snatching a handful of popcorn from the bowl and stuffing his mouth, screwing up his face in displeasure, “what the hell? And why does this popcorn suck?”

“Garland, for the tree,” you held up the long strand of popcorn proudly, “unsalted popcorn keeps better.” You swiveled in the chair, furrowing your eyebrows at him, “Wait, do you actually have a bad suture needle? Like for when Sam is getting on your nerves but needs stitching up?”

“No,” he guiltily turned away, leaning against the edge of the table, shoving his hands back in his pockets, a mischievous twinkle forming in his green eyes, smirking, “maybe.” He cleared his throat, “Uh, what tree?”

“The one in the library,” you grinned, returning your focus to the task of stringing popcorn, “speaking of which, can you go see if Cas needs help? He was having a heck of a time grasping the concept of a tree skirt.”

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The Witch in the Woods

The village was afraid of the witch in the woods.  They could not agree why exactly they should be afraid of the witch in the woods, only that the fear was wise.  He was an unknown, and an unknown with power.  Some claimed he’d turned their cousin into a toad—before grudgingly admitting they’d gotten better—while others said he’d been seen muttering over the crops, bent over wells, lingering near gardens.

Crops failed.

(There were some who raised an eyebrow and said, surely, the crops failed because of the drought.

Ah, they were met with time and again, but who caused the drought?)

The village was afraid, but they all went to the witch in the woods with their ills, those that could not be addressed by the apothecary whose shop was near the blacksmith and smelled of tinctures and salves and made Robert Loftin, the hostler, sneeze twelve times in a row whenever he was near.  They went to the witch for luck and love, happiness and hope.  They went when their hearts ached and their souls grew tired, and though his face at the door was always friendly, though his lilting words always put them at ease as he asked after their homes and families, still they were afraid.

Distance was best, they said.  Magic cannot be trusted.

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71040 Disney Castle

Ages 16+. 4,080 pieces. US $349.99 – CA $399.99 – DE 349.99€ – UK £289.99 – DK 2999.00 DKK

Welcome to the magical Disney Castle!

Bring the magical world of Disney to your home with The Disney Castle. This highly detailed LEGO® model with over 4,000 pieces offers a rewarding build and play experience, and comes with an array of exciting Disney-themed features and functions. The intricately detailed facade and towers replicate the iconic Walt Disney World® Resort Cinderella Castle, and each accessible castle room includes special features inspired by some of Disney’s greatest animated feature films, providing endless play possibilities with the included minifigures: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Tinker Bell, or other characters from your collection.

  • Includes 5 minifigures: Mickey Mouse with a tuxedo, Minnie Mouse with red dress, Donald Duck with classic outfit, Daisy Duck with pink skirt, lavender colored shoes and a bow, and Tinker Bell with wig element, skirt, wings and a magic wand.
  • The Disney Castle features a detailed facade with a stone bridge, clock, wide arched entrance, ornate balconies, spired towers, plus a four-story main building and a five-story, golden-spired main tower, both containing rooms with assorted Disney-inspired features and elements.
  • Castle main building first floor features the main hall with large arched doorway, mosaic floor tiling, ornate chandelier, suits of armor, shield-decorated walls, grandfather clock, floor-standing vase with buildable flower elements, magic carpet and a golden lamp.
  • Castle main building second-floor room features buildable dark-blue curtains with curtain pole, ornate buildable candelabra and rose, and glass case elements.
  • Castle main building third-floor room features a chest with book of spells, mop and bucket elements, and access to the main tower second-floor room.
  • Castle main building fourth-floor bedroom features a detailed bed with decorative golden headboard elements.
  • Main tower first-floor kitchen features a large redbrick-patterned stove, workbench, buildable broom and pumpkin, plus pots, pans and assorted kitchen and food elements.
  • Main tower second-floor room includes a spinning wheel and access to the castle main building third-floor room.
  • Main tower third-floor room features a chest containing brush, scissor and lock of black hair elements, plus a balcony with 2 stud shooters for a firework-display function.
  • Main tower fourth-floor room features a golden mirror, plus red apple and glass vase elements.
  • Main tower fifth-floor room features a window bench and an arched window.
  • Also includes 2 frogs and a golden crown element.
  • Remove part of the roof section to discover the glass slipper element and fairy-tale book element with printed cover.
  • Launch the fireworks and let the magic begin!
  • Combine with other LEGO® minifigure characters for endless adventures!
  • This set offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 12 and over.
  • This set includes over 4,000 LEGO® pieces.
  • The Disney Castle measures over 29” (74cm) high, 17” (44cm) wide and 12” (31cm) deep.

Available for sale directly through LEGO® beginning September 1, 2016.


With all the different rooms and so many Disney Princess Minifigures missing, do you think there might be a second Disney Minifigure series on it’s way for January 2017?

i'm sorry it turned into smut oh dear i'm so sorry (nsfw)

(inspired/in reference to this; i am cringing at how fluffy and smutttttttttty this is)

Someone was sitting on him, that Oliver knew without opening his eyes. And he was pretty sure who this someone was… After all, she was the only person he knew who smelled like the scent of lavender after the rain. Actually, sitting wasn’t quite the word… He could feel the blush rising to his cheeks. Dammit, Nessa, he thought furiously with his eyes closed. All he had wanted was to take a quick nap before the next public appearance he had to make as the duke. The last thing he needed was for the princess of all people to be on top of him just as he was waking up.

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Playing At Princes [Levi/Mikasa Ackerman]

acting is only for school. DID SOMEONE ASK FOR HORIKASHI/RIVAMIKA PARALLELS? megillien SURE DID, AND I LOVE EVERYTHING. Levi as Hori/drama club president and genderqueer Mikasa as Kashima/lead actor.

Levi doesn’t fucking get it. He doesn’t understand why they all crowd around Mikasa, barely giving them any room to move because each girl wants their attention. What are you doing after school today, can we come watch you rehearse for the school play–which they fucking can’t, not if he has anything to say about it, and as stage manager he certainly does–won’t you look at me like that again? As though Mikasa is a prince, a doll, something to be played with, idolized instead of humanized. Maybe those girls like that type. Quiet, reserved, but somehow when they speak it’s this… this lyrical experience, or something. Enough for him to sacrifice his skill for theirs, at the very least.

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Little Things, 25

~1000 words a day. Unbeta’d. Ten/Rose. College/Uni/Roommates AU. Previous chapters here.

He flinched and came back to reality, eloquently releasing a confused, “Huh?”

It was Jackie, dressed as Cinderella, lowering her fingers and beaming at him. “John! I do like your costume!”

Before John could thank her and wonder where Rose had gone, a small child who could only be Tony chose that exact moment to make his entrance. He came running into the kitchen clad only in his pajama bottoms and shrieking at the top of his lungs. John was impressed by his volume, if not by the coherency of his shouting, which was overall unintelligible.

The boy caught sight of him and stopped in his tracks, abruptly falling silent and ducking behind his mother’s skirt.

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Working Saturday Isn’t So Bad

Just a little drabble - working on this helped me get through the day… Dean/Reader, smut, you know - the usual :)

Working on Saturday sucked. But at least it was quiet.  As far as you could tell, you were the only person in the building.

You sighed, then signed into your computer and got to work. The sooner you got to work, the sooner you could go home, cuddle up with Dean, and start your movie marathon.

You were completely absorbed in the spreadsheet you were working on when you felt a strong pair of hands on your arms.  You stiffened in surprise, but Dean’s voice in your ear made you breathe a sigh of relief.

“What are you doing here?” You whispered, and he laughed softly. “How did you even get in?”

“Piece of cake - I just lifted an ID badge.”


He laughed again, putting his arms around you from behind as he nuzzled your neck. “I got a visitor’s pass, I just wanted to see you.” You felt your heart skip a beat as you felt his lips against your skin, and goosebumps skittered up your spine as he nibbled gently. “Actually, I want to sit you on top of your desk,” he growled softly, “take those panties off and see how quiet you can be for me.”

“Dean!” You whisper harshly at him, but you can feel heat flooding through you and a slow, tortuous throbbing between your legs. “Stop it!”

“There’s nobody here. Come on, just one little taste.” He was nipping at you, then soothing the bites with his tongue, and his fingers were slipping under the hem of your skirt as you stifled a moan. He put his lips right next to your ear and whispered, “Please, baby…”

That was all it took.  You stood slowly on trembling legs, and he kissed you, smiling against your lips.  His hand quickly reached up to grasp your damp panties and pull them slowly off, stuffing them into his pocket as he stood. He looked up and down the rows of empty desks, just to make sure, and then bent to kiss you hungrily, his hands moving up under your skirt, cupping your ass and pulling you close, moaning quietly into your kiss as he thrust his erection against you. Finally he pulled back, his eyes dark, and moved his hands to your waist, letting your skirt fall back into place. He lifted you up, perching you at the edge of the desk, then dropping to one knee in front of you. He looked up at you, an evil glint in his eyes, and then ducked beneath your skirt. You bit furiously at your lip as his tongue flattened against you, and a low hum caused vibrations that had you biting it almost hard enough to draw blood to keep from moaning out loud.  He dipped the tip of his tongue barely inside you before licking slowly up to your clit, circling around it, and moving back down to repeat as you fought to control the sounds trying to escape your lips.  

He raised his head once, looking at you as he lifted one of your legs, placing your foot on his shoulder, that wicked gleam in his eyes making you shudder with anticipation.  Then he disappeared under your skirt once more, and this time there was no slow build up, no tease, just two calloused fingers thrusting inside you and that glorious, sinful mouth licking over and around your entrance, then up to flick mercilessly over your clit as you squirmed, your mouth hanging open and your eyes squeezed shut tight as you fought to keep from crying out.  When he swirled his tongue around and then sucked hard on the over-sensitized nub, you stuffed your fist into your mouth to stifle a scream, grabbing the top of the cubicle wall with your other hand as you clamped down around his fingers and came hard, your vision greying out for a moment, your body shaking uncontrollably as Dean dug the fingers of his free hand into your hip to keep you from falling.

He kept pumping and curling his fingers, gradually easing the suction on your clit, working you through the orgasm and several violent aftershocks before removing his fingers and thrusting his tongue inside, softly moaning as he buried his face in you like you were the sweetest thing he’d ever tasted.

You heard the sound of papers rustling, and your eyes widened as you saw from your perch none other than your boss at the far end of the office.  He stopped, looking at the pages he held, and you shoved at Dean with the foot on his shoulder.  He raised his head, his eyes heavy-lidded and wrecked, and looked up to see the panic in your face.  "My boss,“ you whispered, and he nodded, standing back up and helping you down.  He grabbed a handful of tissues from the box on your desk and cleaned his face, unable to stop his self-satisfied smirk, and you slapped halfheartedly at his shoulder.  You sat back down in your chair, bringing the spreadsheet back up onto your computer screen, and then turned to face Dean just as your boss started down your row.

"Hey, Y/N, just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you coming in for a few hours today.  I know you said you had plans, I’m assuming with this guy? Thanks for letting us borrow her for a while, I promise it won’t be for too long.”

You stood and introduced Dean to your boss, cringing as he shook hands with Dean, and sighing with relief as he headed back down the aisle towards his office.  Dean grinned, and you couldn’t help but smile in return.  He pulled you close, kissing you deep and thoroughly before leaning his forehead against yours.  "That was amazing,“ he said, and you blushed as he kissed you again.

"I could have gotten fired,” you said quietly, trying and failing miserably to sound stern.  "But it was totally worth it.  Now go home and let me get finished here.  When I get home it’s my turn, Winchester.“

Dean grinned as he pulled you close, then kissed you again before reaching under your skirt and pinching your ass, laughing softly as he moved quickly away.  "I’ll hold you to that,” he called over his shoulder, leaving you to try and focus once again on work.

Damn it, Dean.