duck sized horses

DnD Character Asks!

Characters in the tags, askbox open, character synchronization set to maximum! Throw a number or two in my askbox along with a character, and I’ll answer those questions! 

1. How many dead parents do they have?

2. How good are they at tongue twisters?

3. Biggest regret?

4. Are they formally trained or have they gone through a more organic learning experience for their skillset?

5. If they could hang out with one famous person in 18th century American History, who would they want to hang out with?

6. What’s their theme song?

7. What fictional character are they most like? Was this an intentional or accidental influence?

8. Paper or plastic?

9. What’s their dump stat?

10. What’s their best stat?

11. What is their favorite anime?

12. What’s their favorite beverage?

13. If they can use magic, what’s their favorite spell?

14. Most heroic thing they have ever done?

15. Most despicable thing they have ever done?

16. Are they a hero or a supporting protagonist?

17. What’s their favorite food?

18. Would they rather fight a hundred duck-sized horses, or one horse-sized duck?

19. They have to go live on a deserted island. They can take one thing and one person. What do they take?

20. Are they religious? If so, what god or gods do they serve?

21. How did they become an adventurer?

22. Most amazing monster they have ever killed or helped kill?

23. Thoughts on death?

24. Do they have any interesting skills?

25. Favorite animal?

26. Expansion of civilization or the preservation of nature?

27. They’re at a tavern. They bump into a big burly angry drunk with a combative attitude. What happens?

28. What do they do between quests?

29. Biggest positive and negative influences on their life and development?

30. Would they smooch a ghost?

KARD reddit AMA

Q: are you guys friends with any other kpoop groups?

Jiwoo- gugudan Mimi unnie and Boys24 Doha oppa

Somin- twice Jeongyeon, and seventeens Mingyu and Seungkwan are my school juniors

J.Seph- gfriends Sowon

BM- day6 Jae and ladies code

Q: do you guys lurk/look at social media like Reddit and Twitter often to see what fans are thinking/saying?

Somin- yes we do. I look at instagram hashtags. Thank you for always cheering us on.

Q: 1- which of your songs is your favorite? 2- which is you favorite choreography? 3- what are your thoughts on being a co-ed group? 4- whats a musical style do you want to try in the future?

J.Seph 1- don’t recall

Jiwoo 2- the next song thats coming out…I think that choreography will be really awesome

Somin 3- I’m really happy about it because we’re very much like a family. I feel like we have a really great foundation because we have two oppas.

Q: Just wondering…whats your reaction to this gif?

a/n: gif cred to hwasuga

J.Seph- oh it’s cute!

Q: What were your initial thoughts/reactions after seeing how large your international fanbase was? what are some of your favorite songs at the moment?

J.Seph- at first I was flabbergasted. I never even thought about it. I saw a picture of our fans in Brazil waiting in line to buy our tickets and it was so amazing. I don’t know these people but they know me. So i wanted to see who they were so I zoomed in and looked at their faces. (laughs)

Q: how did you guys come to know of r/kpop? do any of you frequent this sub and are there possibly any other kpop stars out there that do?

Somin- out tour manager unnie set it up for us! It’s our first time here!

Q: 1- were you surprised to receive so much attention internationally with your pre-debut singles? 2- BM and J.Seph: did you expect to receive so many singing lines (like in rumor), and do you get nervous when you have to perform them? 3- do you think that having many international fans will continue to make kards music more diverse (like how rumor had a latin sound)? 4- what are some of you favorite western artists or other genres of music to listen to?

J.Seph- I was nervous and excited. I want to show a good side of me but I’m still lacking so much. I tried really hard to do my best.

Jiwoo- there are so many genres that we want ti try right now. I think we will definitely continue to be more diverse when it comes to our sounds.

Somin- Tinashe, Ariana Grande / Jiwoo- Beyonce, Rihanna, Kehlani, Alexander Jean / J.Seph- Little Mix!

Q: 1- will you be continuing the “hidden” concept after officially debuting? 2- is there a different concept or sound you would like to try in the future? 3- were any of you kpop fans before beginning training? if so, what groups? if not, what made you want to become an idol?

J.Seph 1- we’re not sure how we’re going to come out again, but we want to keep releasing good content.

Somin 2- I want to try R&B…but honestly I want to try everything.

Jiwoo 3- I liked TXVQ sunbaenims and BoA sunbaenim. I wasn’t focused on being an idol but I really wanted to do great music in general.

Q: who eats the most? who makes the most jokes?

Jiwoo and Somin together- J.Seph!!!!!!

Q: how many times does BM dab per day?

BM- at least 20

Q: bm what advice can you give to other tall guys who don’t want to look really awkward? also, in the Oh NaNa with fun video your necklace flipped up and nearly chipped your tooth! do you have any other memorable stories that were a result of dancing too hard?

BM- all dudes. short or tall.. own it and swagg out with you got. haha I almost lost a front tooth that day.

Q: 1- which music show do you most look forward to appearing on? 2- with your big international following, you seem to be doing better than other co-ed groups of the past. what unique challenges do you face in korea being a co-ed group? 3- what country are you looking forward to visiting most on your world tour?

1- Jiwoo- Infinity Challenge! / Somin- Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

2- J.Seph- Dubai / Somin- Europe and I really wanted to go to America…actually I want to go everywhere. / Jiwoo- Dubai / BM- Greece and London…Spain…Chile is dope too

Q: for BM: what were your motivations for pursuing a career in kpop having grown up in LA? did you ever doubt whether it was the right choice, for example following your appearance on kpop star, and how were you able to bounce back?

BM- definitely had a lot of times where I felt like I should quit..almost did a lot too but I had a lot of good support around me. #blessed

Q: 1- you guys have great chemistry, how long have the four of you trained as a group? 2- co-ed groups are obviously still rare, how did you all react when you found out that you were going to debut together?

1- J.Seph- 5 years / Somin- with the oppas it’s been 5 years / Jiwoo- I joined 6 months ago!

2- J.Seph- at first when I heard it was a co-ed group I was a bit overwhelmed. I saw Somin from such an early age when she was little, but I never thought  that I would be in a group with her. It felt so strange, but as we started to practice and come together, it became really great.

Q: BM, please rate the english level of the other members!

BM- 1 being baby. 10 being able to communicate comfortably…j.speh 3, somin 3, jiwoo 3. all pretty similar

Q: when you guys/gals were kids, what did you first want to be when you grow up?

BM- I wanted to be a lawyer

Q:  I laughed so much when I saw you dancing “Olha a Onda”, a Brazilian song from the 90s. Knowing that your songs so far evoke latin (and thus Brazilian) beats, is there anything each of you would like to learn about our culture? Foods, drinks, clothing, local music genres, anything?

Jiwoo- I want to learn about the food because I love trying new foods.

Jseph- I heard about Carnival and I really want to go. I also want to learn about samba. 

Q:  BM! Are you close with Ladies’ Code’s Ashley? What are your favorite things about being in this group and what do you feel about the amount of love you’ve been getting from the international fans?

BM-  thats my homegirl fshooooo shoot still super unreal to me.. super humbling and super thankful

Q:  BM: Was it hard to make the decision to move to Korea from USA and become an idol? Did your family support you all the way?

BM- I didnt know squat about the language and culture before i came so yeah it was a hard decision. yeupp one hunnit percent they supported me

Q: many kpop artists are encouraged to learn new languages. What new language would you want to learn and perform in?

Somin : English… (laughs) And French! 

(Jseph says : Bonjour) 

Jiwoo: Chinese and Japanese 

BM: Portuguese

Q:  Regarding your positions as ‘King’ ‘Ace’ etc. were they assigned to you or could you choose which card you wanted to be? Also, can we expect a ‘Queen’ member joining in the future?

Jiwoo - We decided together after a meeting.
Somin - I like the black joker though… I don’t think I would fit the other cards.

Q: BM! What’s your favorite bar in LA?

BM- i came to korea before i turned 21 in LA so i havent been able to turn up too much in my hometown yet :[ send me some suggestions!

Q: when did you start getting interested in music?

Jiwoo - When I was around 8 or 9 I wanted to be a singer. 

Jseph - When I was 7. 

Somin - Probably around junior high.

Q: To BM: Got any workout tips? How did you get so “big” :O

BM- i used to be real hefty. turned all that fat into muscle through dieting.. dieting is 70% workin out is 30%

Q:  What are you all most looking forward to during your tour?

Jiwoo: LA, because I am excited to see Matthew oppa’s family!

Q: BM, do you have any advice for someone who is trying to get and stay in shape?

BM- stay strict and have self discipline one your self diet. workout is a MUST stay active

Q: BM how much can you bench press?? I just started so I can barely do 70 ://

BM- i stopped benching after almost snapping my shoulder. i just do flat bench and incline dumbbell presses now

Q: Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

BM: horse sized duck

Jiwoo : 100 duck sized horses… I’m scared of birds

Jseph : Horse sized duck

Somin : Horse sized duck 

Marooned (Dean x Reader)

Originally posted by daisy-hanson-jones

“Dean we’ve been on the road for hours. Can we pull over at a rest stop for just a few minutes?” you asked from the passenger seat.

“Yeah I wouldn’t mind stretching my legs for a bit,” Sam agreed from the back.

“Alright, alright. You bunch of wimps.” A couple of miles down the lightly forested road Dean spotted a rest stop and eased the Impala to the side of the road.

“Thank goodness,” you sighed. You attempted to open the door but it was locked. That’s weird you thought. You didn’t remember locking it earlier. You pulled up on the knob but it wouldn’t budge. “Dean can you try this? It’s stuck.”

“Ah you just don’t have the magic touch,” he smiled. He leaned over and pulled but, again, it refused to move. “What the-?” he mumbled. He attempted again with both his hands but there was no change. “Sam try the back doors.”

Sam and Dean tugged and pushed at the remaining doors and locks but found them all to be immobile. Suddenly the Impala lurched forward before the motor died out. Dean cursed and tried to get it back on but he was met with only a grinding sound. The air suddenly turned cold and your breath began to cloud in front of you.

“Oh no,” you groaned. An entity flickered several times in front of the Impala before a figure of a woman became visible. She had hiking gear on that looked to be from the 80s and several deep wounds covered her neck and chest. She glared at you with sunken eyes from behind dark matted hair. She smiled eerily at you before flickering out and disappearing.

Dean tried to start the engine again while you and Sam struggled to get a door open. After several minutes of vain attempts, you all stopped in defeat.

“Either of you know how to Houdini out of a locked car?” you asked.

“No, but Bobby might. Or he can at least come get us,” Sam replied. He punched in Bobby’s number but was met with an automated voice telling him his call could not be completed as dialed. He looked at the phone screen and saw the infamous red lined circle where the bars should be. “Do either of you have any signal?”

You and Dean checked your phones and were met with the same red circle. Dean grabbed the box of burner phones from the under the seat and found they all had the same error sign. He hung his head in defeat.

“This is all your fault Sam,” he said running a hand over his face.

“My fault? (Y/n) is the one that wanted to stop in the first place!”

“Hey!” you exclaimed.

“I’m not gonna blame (y/n) so that means its your fault,” Dean said. You smiled smugly at Sam. He huffed in response and went back to his phone.

Dean rubbed his hands over his eyes before speaking again.

“Okay, this is simple. We just break a window. Then at least we can get out and plan our next move.” You and Sam both nodded in agreement. “Sorry about this Baby.” He turned his head and slammed his elbow into the window. He repeated the action several times but the window remained intact.

“Try using your feet,” you suggested.

“Yeah everyone knows legs are stronger than arms,” Sam encouraged. Dean slid across the seat and placed his foot against the window. After three kicks the window shattered. You and Sam cheered but it was a premature celebration. Within seconds the splintered glass rose from the street and reassembled. The window was once again in intact. Dean smashed it again after a few kicks but the window fixed itself again. Dean sat back in the driver’s seat and fell against the steering wheel.

“Why did I agree to stop?” he mumbled.

“We’ll think of something,” Sam reassured. “Just give me a minute.” While Dean was moping and Sam thinking, you realized your phone was gone. You looked around and saw it on the floorboard. When you leaned down to get it you saw a tiny signal bar in the corner.

“I’ve got signal!” You exclaimed.

“Quick tell someone where we are!” Dean yelled excitedly. You remained leaning over and clicked on the last name you had messaged and typed out your location as quick as you could in fear that the tiny signal bar of hope would vanish. You hit send and waited. The boys watched you with bated breath as you stared at the circle under the message spin and spin. After a minute of spinning the circle turned into an exclamation point with the message “failure to send”. You sat back in defeat as both the boys cursed in frustration.  

“Great,” Sam huffed.

“Maybe it sent after all,” you said, putting your back against the door so you could see both the brothers. “Sometimes my phone tells me it failed to send a message but actually sent it after all. It happens all the time when I’m in the basement at Bobby’s.”

“With our luck?” Dean asked. You shrugged and laid your head back against the window.

“I guess now all we can do is wait it out. See what happens,” Sam said. You looked out at the setting sun. It was going to be a long night.

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birdsquirrel  asked:

Would Alanna rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

Either way, I think she’d have a hard time. The horses could swarm her, but ducks can be nasty. I think she’d rather have the duck. 

But then, the duck can fly up and poop on you, and being hit by horse-sized duck poop would be bad….

anonymous asked:

What is your favorite song and why ?

Oh man there are SO MANY but off the top of my head (and excluding Britney, disco and my cherished 90s dance music) I’d say Short Skirt Long Jacket by Cake. 

It came out when I was in ninth grade. I remember having this very unpleasant realization that all the guys I wanted to date laughed at my jokes and thought I was funny … but then dated the girls who didn’t make jokes. Girls who acted like the boy was the smart one. I thought, with 14-year-old logic, that maybe I could become a girl who laughs at jokes, who pretends not to understand chemistry, and who definitely did not have subscriptions to both the New Yorker and The Economist. 

But when this song came out, it was this weird glimmer that got brighter and brighter. The dudes I would date would not only tolerate the fact that I made jokes, read everything I could get my hands on, was always willing to debate foreign policy or those “Horse-size duck vs. 100 duck-size horses” questions. They would fucking love that. And when I met dudes that didn’t like those things about me? Fuck em. 

Ala Mode

Originally posted by starrynight-co

A/N: i was trying to find a gif of him as the ice cream boy but WHATEVER i tried. just a short and sweet little thing since i havent posted in a few days (sorry) ((im trying eek))

“Would you rather fight one hundred duck sized horses or a horse sized duck?” You’re hanging upside down on the monkey bars, knees hooked around the metal and arms swinging below you.

Ethan laughs, tilting his head back to look up at you from his spot in the mulch. “Uh… I think a horse sized duck because like… a hundred tiny horses is a lot to fight and they have hooves.”

“What about a giant duck trying to eat you with its giant duck teeth?” You question. “That seems scarier and way more dangerous.”

“Do ducks have teeth?”

You snort and your shirt slips down over your stomach. Yelping, you shove it back into place, tucking the ends into your pants just in case.

“I think so?” You’re a bit breathless from laughing and the hanging upside down part isn’t helping.

Ethan stands, brushing off his pants. “Okay you’ve officially bypassed being red and have started to turn purple. I think it’s time to get down.”

You laugh, flipping over the bar and jumping off. You stumble when you land as the blood rushes back into the rest of your body, but Ethan steadies you.

“Easy there.” He smiles and you aim a light punch to his shoulder.

“You know what sounds fucking awesome right now? Ice cream.” Ethan looks hopeful and you laugh.

“Oh fuck yeah! Come on,” You grab his hand and start to tug him away from the playground. “We’re getting some fucking ice cream.”

The two of you make your way down the street to the tiny ice cream parlor which, conveniently, isn’t too far from the playground you had invaded. The bell above the door tinkles when you enter and the pastel walls give the place a cutesy feel.

It only takes a few minutes to order and pay and the both of you decide to sit outside and enjoy your treat. Finding a bench under a tree, Ethan flops down onto it, leaving a space for you that you accept gratefully.

Popping the first spoonful of ice cream into your mouth, you turn and drape your legs over Ethan’s, settling against the side of the bench and getting comfortable.

The silence is peaceful. With the warm air and the chirping birds, you feel like you could just float away. You’ve got that warm feeling in your chest you get when you’re with Ethan.

Looking back up at him, you study his profile as he watches a group of people play soccer in the field across the street. His eyes are bright and the smile on his face is small and relaxed.

Everything seems in its place, which is why you snort when you notice.

“You’ve got ice cream on your face, Eth. Right here.” You gesture to his cheek.

You expect him to just wipe it off and laugh, but you’re surprised when he swipes a finger through his treat and plops it on your face. “So do you.”

You screech at the sudden cold, laughing at Ethan’s goofy smile. Once you recover, you pick off a bit of your own ice cream and fling it at him. He jumps away to try and avoid it, but your legs keep him in place and he ends up with another glob of dessert on his face. He jerks away and your legs fall, but he doesn’t give you a second to adjust before he retaliates.

In less than a minute, the two of you have launched half of your ice cream at each other, laughter loud and bright. Ethan tries to make a run for it, but you jump up and grab him, pulling you both back onto the bench.

You hide your face in Ethan’s shirt, laughing loudly with your arms still wrapped around him. Then suddenly, he gets quiet. You pull back to look at him and realize you’re much closer than expected. You have your arms tight around his shoulders, his resting on your lower back. Ethan’s face is smeared with ice cream and the look in his eye is shy but excited. Your lungs seem to stop working as he leans forward to gently press his lips against yours.

It’s weird. There’s no fireworks or anything, nothing cliche like that. But that warm feeling… intensifies. His lips are soft and a tiny bit chapped and when he swipes his tongue against your lips he tastes sugary sweet. The kiss short and soft but feels… right.

Pulling away gently, Ethan licks his lips. He looks a bit embarrassed but you smile at him, which seems to help. When he speaks, his voice is soft.

“You had ice cream on your face.”

You laugh loudly and shove him away, hiding your smile behind your hand. He beams at you and your chest flutters. When the two of you calm down, he leans against your shoulder and takes your hand in his.

“That was nice.” He says gently, voice carrying on the slight wind that’s beginning to pick up as dusk sets in.

You nod instead of responding, squeezing his hand. Leaning more heavily against him, you sigh and let the world wash over you.

It is peaceful.

Panel Transcript: Went/Dom.

Superheroes Con III
Transcribed, to the best of my ability, from my audio recording.

Please do not repost this. I know I don’t own the Q&A, but I spent a few hours of my life transcribing audio. I wanted to share! Please link to my post as the source if you’re going to quote it. (Edited to sound less impolite because that’s not the tone I intended.)

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anonymous asked:

Who would win, 100 duck sized anarchists or a horse sized Stalin?

The anarchists. They’d form a black bloc and get Stalin on the ground before he could finish saying “Five Year Plan”. Plus he has the disadvantage of his fucked hand.

Q and A Time!

First: a shout-out to my wonderful friend @writerofwriting for making these questions for me! She did a wonderful job and I really appreciate it. Second: you aren’t limited to only these questions, so feel free to ask anything else in my asks! I, of course, hold the right to not answer any content I’m uncomfortable with sharing. Third: Please choose a number and I’ll answer the best that I can!

  1. What are your favorite genre of: Books, Music, TV, Etc.?
  2. What are are favorite books and book series?
  3. What are your favorite things about yourself? (Both physical and personality)
  4. What’s your favorite food?
  5. What’s your favorite flavor of tea/coffee?
  6. What games do you like?
  7. Why do you love your friends and family?
  8. What is your Myer-Briggs type? (Explain a bit)
  9. What gets you excited?
  10. What makes you nervous? What do you do to try and calm down?
  11. Ask your friends to describe you in three words. What are the most common?
  12. Morning or Night person?
  13. Are there any events in your life that ‘changed’ your life?
  14. Are you an Optimist, Realist, or a Pessimist?
  15. Who are you?
  16. How would you describe your writing?
  17. Why do you like to write?
  18. Why did you start this tumblr?
  19. When did you start using tumblr in general?
  20. When did you actively start writing?
  21. Tell us your craziest idea for a story.
  22. Why did you decide to try for a career as an author?
  23. What has been your biggest motivation for becoming a writer?
  24. What is your personal writing process?
  25. Any romance? (*eyebrow wiggles*)
  26. Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck? (Explain)
  27. What are some names you would use for your future kids? (If you want any)
  28. Ask what you would have been named if you were a boy or didn’t have your current name.
  29. Have you gone to any concerts? If so what was your first?
  30. What superpower would you love to have?

ioniluna  asked:

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

I, in my form as Face of The Show Ars Paradoxica, would definitely rather fight 1 horse-sized duck. Way easier to reconcile one foe than 100.

I, in my form of Structurally-Compromised Meat Puppet Mischa Stanton, would probably lose in both scenarios. I try to avoid physical confrontation.

Orphan Brigade: The Baby Years

The story of how an infamous crime lord became the guardian of three children and a teenager. 

Orphan Brigade The origin story

We Don’t Need No Education The lads are enrolled in school

X-Ray’s Origins Ray gets glasses

Bump In The Night Michael has nightmares, Gavin comforts him

Knock Me Down Geoff is shot by the police

It’s All Fun and Games Geoff plays video games with the lads

Go! Geoff makes chores fun

Sunday Driving

Griffon Meets The Lads

Lads in Distress The boys are kidnapped

[Click "keep reading” for a ton more!] 

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