duck season xd

hotemperament  asked:

SLAMS A DAMN 14-TIER CHOCOLATE CAKE OVER DAFFY. He went through the trouble of baking that thing lovingly this morning; each tier is perfect, each layer of icing is smoothed, the balance couldn't be more graceful. He went through all this trouble for just the /satisfaction/ of feeling it all come crumbling and smashing down around Daffy's frame, and went through the trouble of finding out Daffy's most hated flavor in the process to make it all the more grueling. Yes, Donald Duck is /that/ petty.

He’d just been minding his own business. He’d been sitting there, looking over a script. He should have known better to sit in a public location outside the WB lot. Of course this walking disaster of a duck would track him down. He should have known, but still, after all these years, he’d allowed himself to let his guard down. Whose fault was this, really? Well, that was an easy one. Donald’s, of course. Just like every other moment of misery he’d ever felt over the last 8 decades.



He shot up from his seat, sugary frosting dripping from his head to his toes. His script was a cake-covered mess now. Utterly unreadable. He crumpled it and threw it forcefully towards the other duck, before balling his hands into tight fists at his sides.

“Can’t someone just mind their own business anymore!? You had to waltz ALL the way down here to— to…” His eyes slowly trailed down to the goop coagulating in his feathers. “Is this BAKING chocolate!?!” He screeched, hands flying up to the sides of his head with another smack of chocolate. “EVERYONE KNOWS THIS STUFF IS INEDIBLE!!! OHHHH, that does it… I can no longer be held accountable for my actions!!!” He whipped a chocolate-coated finger pointedly into the air, stalking forward with squelching footsteps. As he did, he reached behind his back, pulling out a perfectly prepared banana cream pie. It was baked to a flaky golden brown, and even had the words ‘GET FUCKED, DONALD’ written in cursive in chocolate icing on the top. Though the other duck would only have a brief instant to see it, before it smacked straight into his face.