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vball-baes-bball-babes  asked:

Request for a romantic scenario with Wakamatsu! Maybe an autumn theme, something similar to Cantabile (spelling might be wrong sorry). If you pick this let me know if you need more details.

This might be weird or inaccurate since we don’t have fall at this side of the world, but hopefully it’s still enjoyable!

Plug-ins: Commissions are wide open!


“These leaves,” you say, gesturing at the golden blanket of leaves covering the empty playground, “are begging to be raked.”

Wakamatsu looks at you suspiciously, eyes narrowed.

The two of you were on an innocent walk with Basil. your Belgian sheepdog when you stumbled upon the vast playground, completely void of any human presence despite the colorful slides, see-saws, and swings. He presumes the bright colors and the sight of animal-shaped rockers (the duck-shaped one looks weirdly cute, he mentally admits) sparked the child in you. You wander closer, and your boyfriend has no choice but to follow you since your canine companion is eagerly trailing behind, tugging the leash in his hand.

“You mean, you want to rake the leaves?” He asks, the idea a bit incredulous to him. Raking leaves can be a chore, but one that can obviously be avoided since it is a public space—maybe the cleaner isn’t scheduled to come today. The two of you quietly wonder why there aren’t any kids playing outside. Perhaps the weather is too chilly for them, or do they have midterms to worry about?

You look around to see, coincidentally and conveniently, a rake leaning against the side of a crawl tube.

Wakamatsu sees you turn around to look at him, your best, sweetest grin on your face complete with some eyelash-batting. Your dog starts pacing around for no reason, almost twisting the leash in his hand, and he swears the two of you are the worst (or best, depending on how you look at it) human-dog crime partners in the whole wide world. After all, who can reject that look on your face? His heart melts every time he sees it—not that he’ll admit it to you, of course.

“Can we please?”

“Can we please what?” He asks back, still finding the whole notion a bit silly. “Rake the leaves?”

“Yeah, so we can jump in the pile of leaves later!”

Why did he not see this coming is beyond him.

As if he could understand human speech, Basil stands up on his hind legs to put his front paws on Wakamatsu’s thighs. The blonde’s heart stopped beating entirely at the display of cuteness in front of him—Basil’s kind are smart dogs, but he never would have thought that they are smart enough to manipulate humans in such a manner. 

He sighs before offering a consenting nod.

Then, like a seven-year-old, you dash toward the rake with a loud “YES!” before beginning to scrape at the ground with the tool as if you are in a frenzy. Maybe you really are in a frenzy, he thinks as he watches with amusement before deciding to rid Basil of his leash. Like you, he runs around excitedly, not helping out but definitely adding to the entertainment.

Wakamatsu walks closer to you before grabbing the rake.

“If it makes you so happy, let me do it.”

You almost let out a gasp, but he can tell you’re surprised.

“Are you serious?”

“You think?” He retorts, trying to sound dismissive as he robs you of the rake, proceeding to collect more leaves. You are right: there are so many leaves on the playground and the crrrunch that each makes as he steps on one slowly becomes addictive.

“Thank you,” you say with a giggle, approaching him for an unexpected kiss that is square on the lips. Though you have been together for quite some time, Wakamatsu still finds himself blushing at the display of affection, something that you like to tease him about (much to his dismay). He continues on raking as if nothing happened.

You tried helping out by gathering up some leaves in your arms before dumping them on the pile that he raked, while Basil frolicked around chasing squirrels or butterflies—or both at the same time. Sweet, sweet boy. Before long the two of you have congregated the red-yellow leaves into what looks like a small hill that is at least as high as your knees.

First he is wiping at his damp temple after taking off the scarf around his neck, but the next thing he knows is you pulling him down by the wrist to the pile of newly raked leaves. The two of you fall flat on your faces, you laughing at Wakamatsu’s surprised “oomph!” as he collides. It takes a while for him to gather himself, shaking his head to get rid of the smaller pieces that are stuck in his hair, but then he looks at you with a reprimanding smirk. How he manages to scold you while looking so gorgeous is beyond you.

Scooping some leaves into your arms, you throw them up in the air, letting them rain down on the two of you. Wakamatsu feels slightly disgruntled for the first few seconds as his efforts in grooming himself just a moment ago is effectively nullified, but then he relents, grabbing your shoulder to make you lean against him. You chuckle, wrapping your arms around him before brushing your lips against his. 

“The leaves are like crunchy beanies,” you whisper, and he can’t help but let out a chuckle of his own.

“So romantic,” he sarcastically replies, “talk dirty to me more, babe, it turns me on,” to which you give him a light slap on his shoulder. The two of you share a laugh.

Then he’s caressing your cheeks so gently, eyes gazing into yours with a kind of softness only you are allowed to see, and you are kissing each other before you know it, exchanging light breaths and pants on top of a golden bed. He has his hand on your waist, naughtily sliding up under your shirt as he slips his tongue into your mouth. You wonder where the shyness he exhibited when you kissed him goes, because now he is absolutely intent in devouring you.

The moment breaks when Basil runs over to the two of you, jumping on the leaves like a human child would before licking at your face happily. The three of you stay in the so-called ‘crunchy beanie’ (Wakamatsu swears you need to stop calling it that) for a while, watching the sky turn darker in the late afternoon. Wakamatsu presses his lips against your ear when he whispers.

“Let’s go home.”

In return, you nudge your nose with his in a sweet Eskimo kiss, before reluctantly getting up.


For all you Polys, non-Polys and lovers of Pacific films, I present to you the trailer for Sione’s 2: Unfinished Business! It’s due to come out on January 19, 2012. I can’t wait to watch it!!!