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Credit to this beautiful picture goes to a-wesker-booty. She’s great go follow her! seriously do it now.

Anywho, for celebration of 150 followers (Cause I’m a dork) I wanted to do this. The bolded names mean that I really especially recommend these accounts. Please look into them! They are all great.


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Okay! That’s everyone! Please you’re doing yourself a favor if you check these guys at they are all super rad! Ok, Bye Loves <3

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So I’ve just hit my 250th follower, and since I freaking love each and every one of you, I decided to make this even though I have no idea what I’m doing ^_^ I don’t know how to do fancy fonts and pictures and shit and I don’t have Photoshop or even freakin’ Paint on this laptop so I can’t do much, but that doesn’t mean that I mean this any less. I have no idea why you all follow me because I’m a weird piece of shit but yeah I’m so grateful for you guys so thank you<3 (I’m so sorry for making you all scroll past this omfg)

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duck-grayson-your-ward  asked:

"Natasha has died."

".....has died." finish it in my ask.

His movements were frantic, hands giving desperate pumps at his sisters chest in hopes that it would revive her. That was what you do, right!? He never did it before, it was just something he had seen on tv once or twice. His hands pressed into the pool of blood forming onto her chest, the liquid seeping through his fingers. A choked sob escaped him, teeth clenching tightly. This couldn’t be happening. This wasn’t real…just a bad dream.

“Natasha! N-Natasha!” His voice cracked, pitch going higher in sheer fright. She couldn’t leave him. No, she was the strong one. She protected him. If the roles were reversed she would probably save him…just like she always did.

Gunshots rung in his ears, the ground vibrating from each shot that landed near him. But he stayed put, moving down only to press his ear against his sister’s cold body — trying to hear some sign that she was alive and okay. Sobs escaped him, begging with whatever God there was to take him instead. She wasn’t deserving of this. She couldn’t die. She couldn’t become one of those things, he wouldn’t allow it! This isn’t how it should end. They couldn’t take his Natasha away-

Не оставь меня в покое! Я не могу быть одна!“ He whimpered, fingers clutching into the fabric of her shirt. ”Я не могу сделать это в одиночку … Я не достаточно сильны.”


Why not do a follow forever, eh? I seem to be the only one who hasn’t don’t one and I think I’m do for one.

In no particular order! Or alphabetical cause I’m lazy. If you’re not on the list, that means you have not been active in the past while or I have missed your name cause I did this fairly fast.

Bolded = I see your shit and I like it.
Italicized = Notice me Sempai

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RIGHT SO UH my first follow forever. I’m at 800 followers and the new year is coming up quick, so I figured I’d attempt it. Thank you so much for following me – really. It’s been a long road since June 20th and I plan to keep travelling it for the year to come. 

99% of you I have never even talked to or RPed with or done anything except hit the follow button, but I see quite a bit of you on my dash daily and it’s a pleasure to read your threads/see your posts. :) I’m terribly sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone!


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banner made by justleaveher!first of all, I’d just like to say that I love every single one of my followers and every single one of the people that I follow with all my heart. You are all wonderful, beautiful human beings and I’m glad to know you. Now, with that said, please don’t be upset if you’re not on here. It is definitely not at all that I don’t like you, it just might be that I forgot or overlooked your url! I LOVE YOU ALL! <3

I don’t want to seperate this out into any categories for fear of disappointing anyone. Just know that if you’re on here, I either talk to you a lot and love love love you, wish we interacted more, or I watch you from afar and wish we could interact, whether we’re mutuals or not! <3


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alright, well, I think that’s everyone! Reminder that if you’re not here, than that doesn’t mean I love you any less than the people that are! I love all 509 of you that are following me and every single person that I follow <3!

Well I was at 602 but then a few of you unfollowed me before I finished editing this post, but I shall still post it anyways because I love you all.
So there are quite a few of you that I love and adore and have gotten the pleasure to talk to and get to know, I’ve made some really awesome friends. But hey, you guys who don’t talk to me yet, or maybe never will, that’s ok, cause your presence on my dash is sweet, and it’s always entertaining, so thanks for being awesome. SO if you’re not on here, pleeeaase, do not take offense, I truly do see everyone on my dash and recognize you all. I have a spaced brain and I can’t squish all of you on here cause that would take for bloody ever and I am the laziest Canadian on mother Earth.

So lets get started!

Special thanks to yourrxckoning for making the edit and being one of the best rpers I know as well as fiance.

The Bae’s: You guys are the ones I’ve talked to the most, and absolutely adore. You guys are the ones I’m the closest to or talk to whenever something comes up. Maybe even just have a random conversation for shits and giggles.

rubyhaireddemon , ophidixn , youjustchxnge

Stalk from afar: New or old, I always familiarize myself with any blog that follows me because I am a curious individual. So the ones who are listed here, are the ones that I see on my dash and get super excited cause there’s always something good to be seen when they reply.

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The others who deserve some love: I watch your posts from afar when they come up and even though we don’t interact, i want other people to notice the amazingness of your blogs.

princessofnerdingham , docchilton  , teen-castielnovak , eidetic187 , nychtxs , theyoungestgreene , sacrificalis-matrem , cass-thebrokenangel , nobodiesgovernor , infectedbloodstreams , red-as-a-templar , outdoorxcat , wrapitinbarbedwire , requiredtobesocial , shadowsuspended , mxtari , keptmyhairshort , theconflictedhuntress , daryl-my-brother , multimusemadness , exitiumxx , sonuva–bitch , groundedvalkyrie , dixondaughter , ferrumxfugit , cmacmanus , askmerledixon , gottafindaboat , secretsurvivalist , whopraysoverus , damngxrgeous , lecter-cannibal , cassiethewalkingdeadrp , regentofasgard , duck-grayson-your-ward , huntress-among-zombies , notthegoodgrimes , adequateblonde , rositaas , libertatemnostram , thistwinkiethingxaintover , katana-wielding-michonne , fromaspecialbloodline , aimlesslymaverick , strikingknives

Alright, that’s all I’m gonna put down or else I’ll be here for a while and this will get to long. But if you’re not on here, seriously don’t take offense cause I basically love you all.

Hey! This was the surprise I had in mind for y'all earlier, and… yeah! 1st follow forever! 

I did this FF because I just recently got to a follower goal of mine - 200 followers! I am so, so glad I made this account, because then I wouldn’t have met the people I’ve met, and maybe, just maybe, there might have been… an imposter Maybelle. *gasps from all around come from my fellow audience* 

But seriously: I am so glad I have met each and every one of you, no matter if it was just from a follow, a message, or you just found me while roaming on Tumblr, or vice versa.

Either way, you have contributed to my motivation, to my goals, to the friendships I have made on here, and you have helped me make Maybelle come to life. I thank y'all so, so much for that. Seeing y'all, even if it’s just a simple message, like, or reply, brightens my day up, no matter what has happened already, and I always love seeing everyone on my dash, and seeing how creative everyone is compared to this trash can right hereYou have made me and Maybelle happy, and I hope we’ve made you happy in return.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Royals are in bold. These are people who I’ve interacted with (you know, threads and messages and stuff) and they’ve made a very positive difference in my life. Without them… I don’t know what I would do. Thank y'all, so, so much for being super cool and rad and all that jazz.

Now, let’s get started!

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Apologies if I missed anyone (hopefully I didn’t - this took forever), and thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone up here. I love all of y'all for everything. c:

Gottafindaboat’s why the hell are 500+ people reading the shit I post here FOLLOW FOREVER

I’ve never done this before so I’m winging it. I’ll try to think of something else to do for my followers for sticking around so long. I really appreciate you all. So how about some promotions? Not every single person I follow will be listed here, and that doesn’t mean mean anything. However, I wanted to keep this short. If you’re not on the list, don’t fret! I still look forward to interacting IC and OOC with all of you. 


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Again, if you’re not on the list, have no fear. It’s probably because I haven’t seen much of you on the dash or we haven’t interacted much, if at all. Just shoot me a message and we can chat, plot, and interact. Thanks again for following. I’ll try to have something else for y'all soon. In the meantime, why don’t you follow all of these lovely people?