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And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:7

I am intentionally posting this late at night because I know that there are some who might be dealing with this right now. Maybe you’ve found yourself saying something like this:

All I want is [Insert Person’s Name] to just:
1. “Finally text/call me back”
2. “See how much I really care about him”
3. “Stop dragging his feet and make a commitment”
4. “Stop playing games and messing with my heart and decide if he’s going to be serious about me or not.”
5. “Respects my standards and who I am in Christ and not try to get me to settle or encourage me to sin”

If any ANY these things were “all you wanted” tonight, I just want to replace it with JESUS:

All I want is for [Jesus] to:
1. Be my Comforter - John 14:16-18
2. Be my Strength - Philippians 4:13
3. Be my Advocate - 1 John 2:1
4. Be my Life - John 14:6
5. Be my Lord and Savior - 2 Peter 1:11

In this VERY moment, find your satisfaction at the feet of Jesus. Don’t exhaust yourself waiting for a text, a message, a phone call, or an email for someone. JESUS is where you find your satisfaction. He is there for you with His arms open. Run to Him.

Written by Quite Women Co Founder