duck detective


SLUMBER PAJAMA PARTY (dipper has no pajamas)

Temporary hair dye by Mabel

Mabel ORIGINALLY just invited Pacifica for a slumber party since she doesn’t know how to make summoning circles like dipper but when Tad saw Mabel and Pacifica having having a pillow fight and having fun he decided to poof in right accidentally being right between mabel’s and Pacifica’s Pillow and getting hit by the impact.

Bill and Dipper however were chatting upstairs in the attic (Dipper’s room now) talking about what to add to the journal and about the monsters in Gravity falls when they heard a thud downstairs so when they went down Bill saw Tad covered in feathers and laughed his guts out and then mabel shouted “GROUP SLUMBER PAJAMA PARTY!!”

and so they played Monopoly with Mabel and Dipper winning alot since Grunkle Stand had thought them alot about -ahem- everything thats fair in monopoly <.< you know what i mean. 

The teams would be ; The Pine Twins vs The Demons vs Pacifica (since she’s a CEO and she’s aloud to make any phone calls NECESSARY to win the game)

The game score

Pine twins 25 wins and the rest zero

Pacifica ; “I’m a CEO of a very successful company that’s already going global… how am I losing so much in Monopoly”


Tad ; “ok now I swear … i swear to god they’re cheating”

Mabel & Dipper ; “GET REKT.”

in the end they watch some Duck Detective while talking about what just happened in the show with Waddles sitting behind mabel and tad

Mabel ; “Oh c’mon bro-bro Duck detective is a genius! there’s no freakin way he won’t solve this case”

Dipper ; “what?! no, Mabs Detective penguin will beat him to the case, classic scenario”

Tad ; “well I think Madame dog is the killer”

Bill ; “No way, It’s definitely the Policeman i mean did you see how that guy back talked duck detective, honestly even Pine tree could figure that out in a second”

Mabel&Dipper ; “I know right! it has to be him!”

Pacifica ; “I honestly don’t know how you guys can’t figure it out, OBVIOUSLY Sir Cat was the killer, also did you guys just do the twin esp thing again ”

(fun fact the circlet of waddles head was mabel’s sweet 16 gift from Dipper it has an enchanment of long livety and it bonds waddles as Mabel’s Familiar so waddles can only die if mabel dies and he can feel when Mabel’s in trouble or find where she is at all times (I can’t let waddles die man i just can’t) Mabel also likes to enchant a growing rune on the circlet so waddles can grow big and she can ride on top of him like in the dream bubble)

Okay my fav part of the chapter 2 trial has to be Momota actually saying “Tell them Shuichi” (which, wow, they brought that line back)

But then Saihara’s response is basically “I have no fucking clue” which is even better

Request: Anon

Aaaaaaaw! Nice one! Well- I don’t pick the characters on purpose- I’ll just take the ones who come to my mind! So I’ll also pick here the ones that I imagine something to first!  Thank you for your request!

He tried to ask you out the whole day, but shortly before he could, he was either interrupted by something or someone or was just too shy and changed the topic immediately. But when you two were finally alone, he stood infront of you, holding a list in his hands which he was trying to read but was too nervous to be able to decipher any word of it. As you looked confused at him, he’d just throw the list away, take a deep breath and tell you the truth. He liked you very much and wanted to ask  you if it was possible if you two could go eat something together, like sometime or any another time. Only if you wanted, of course. And while you didn’t say anything, he’d get nervous again, rethinking his words he said and look around for the list he just threw away. But finally, you’d laugh and told him with a big smile that you gladly liked to.
On the first date, he’d also be nervous. Nervous that he might say something wrong, so he carefully collect his words in his mind and rethink every single one. But with the time you two sat together, he would get calmer and stop thinking about the problems his words might cause. You two laughed much and talked about some topics that came in to your minds like things that happened to each of you or you experienced together or series you two liked. All in all, he just needs some time to get more sure about his actions and words infront of you and you two would really enjoy the time you two talked and laughed together on this evening. And you liked to repeat an evening like that with him.

Normally, she’d never ask you out first, but she just couldn’t wait anymore. Why weren’t you asking her out?! She just didn’t now, so she had to do it on herself. As you were living your peaceful life, someone suddenly called your name and made you turn around. An angry little Pacifica walked up to, She stopped infront of you and looked you in eyes. Now you just noticed the red cheeks she had. Before you could ask her, being confused, she told you to go out on a date with her. Speechless, you didn’t know what to say, what made her extremely nervous and blush even more. She’d get loud, telling you not to look at her like that and  if you didn’t want to go out with her, you just had to say it. With a soft smile, you asked her if she knew a good restaurant and that you would pay for her.
On the date, she’d probably also be a bit nervous, but wouldn’t show it. She just couldn’t believe her luck, sitting infront of you, being on a date with you. She’d try to awkwardly start a conversation like if you had already chosen what you wanted to eat. As you told her, she surpringsly tell you that she didn’t know that you had such a good taste. She began to talk about her favourite food and you would also tell her yours. And so you two finally talked about some other things like some things that just happened in gravity falls or her favourite clothes and so on. Some little laughter came from her and you couldn’t do anything else but just smile. You were relieved that she asked you, because you weren’t sure enough if she liked you back, so that’s why you never have asked her out.

When she asked you out, she also was nervous. It’s impossible to imagine, but she really wasn’t the calmest person when she asked you. Even though she wasn’t that nervous like Dipper and Pacifica. But when she asked you, she embarassly looked down at her feet, making some little circles. She’d tell you that she liked you for a long time now and that she wanted to go with you to a festival or something like that, Just the two of you. No one else. Like, you two, alone, on a date. While she said that, she’d make some gestures pointing at you and herself and having a shyly big grin on her face. As she waited for you to answer, you couldn’t help yourself but just blush. As you told her that you’d be happy to go on a date with her, her eyes would widen, her smile would get even bigger and before you could say anything else, she’d throw her arms around you and give you the biggest hug you had ever felt in your entirely lifetime.
On the date, no nervousness was to be seen anymore. She was the excited and confident person like always. She mostly talked, but it didn’t bother you. You liked to listen the things she told you. She swiftly changed from one topic to the other. First she talked about Waddles, that he ate some comics of Dipper. Then, she talked about the series “duck detective” which she still watched. She also let you speak and listen to what you said. Mostly of the time, she made you laugh with funny stories and some dumb jokes. It was a really amusing and entertaining evening and you really had fun.

It came out from the blue. You weren’t expecting something like that in that moment. He was around you, annoying again, as he asked you out. You were doing something when he showed up and started to annoy you like always. He flew around you, while you tried to ignore him and went on with your buisness. He talked about some things like how funny and even cute you were trying to ignore him. Maybe you two should meet somewhere so he could especially annoy you. As you looked with a confused look at him, he just sat in the air, telling you that you didn’t have to play dumb because he exactly knew what he meant. “So what do you say? By the way, “no” is no answer~!” he asked you with a naughty grin . If you said no, he wouldn’t let you alone until you finally gave in and agreed.
On the date, his elbows stood on the table and his chin was placed on this hands as he grinned at you. He’d tell you to tell him something about yourself. Of course he just said that because he wanted to tease you. He already knew everything about you, and you knew that as well. So you would just stare at him, narrow your eyes. But then, you’d just really start to talk about some things you liked and add sometimes: “…but you already know that. So it shouldn’t be a problem for you to get me a perfect present this year for christmas”. And this would make him laugh loud and enjoy this conversation to the fullest. And to be honest, you did have fun too and you were happy that you said agreed to this evening.

He wasn’t really shy when he asked you out. He was really confident like always, so he just came to you and gave you a charming smile as he softly took your hand  and asked you if you wanted to go in to a wonderful restaurant with him. An expensive and all exclusive, of course. Just the best of the best. He’d tell you that he just couldn’t stop thinking about you and you were always in his mind. As he asked you what you thought of it, you stuttered first. You were flattered by his words. No one ever told you something like that. And you kind of had the feeling that he truly meant these words he just had said to you. So you agreed to go out with him. 
On the date, he still was charming like you knew him. He asked you how you found the restaurant and if everything was fine. He wanted to make everything perfect for you. He even recommend you some dishes you should eat because they would be the most delicious ones. He’d ask you some questions about yourself, what you liked and loved. As you told him, he even carefully listened to you. It seemed that he really was interested in your words, so you went on and also asked him some questions. You listened to him as well and you two also shared some laughter. Of course he also talked about how his clothes were designed by his own designer and from high quality and also talked about money. He even brought a dress for you as a “little” present.
You really enjoyed this evening with him and you wouldn’t say no to another one with him.

My Kingdom Hearts 3 Wishlist (#KH3Wish)

While I’m glad that Tangled & Big Hero 6 were added to the world roster, these are the other Disney films & TV shows I hope make it into Kingdom Hearts 3 as worlds, summoning characters, &/or NPCs. I’m not expecting all of them to make it, but I’d be happy if at least one did.


20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge

Day 16: Favorite TV Program


Ductective is a show about a duck detective. It’s a parody of Sherlock Holmes as an uptight duck. The show is full of terrible duck puns and it embraces the cliches of old detective shows. There is absolutely nothing more that I could ask for in a television show. If Ductective was a real TV program, you know I would watch it.

Honourable Mention(s): Tiger Fist

okay there’s something else I discovered and want to talk about. At the very end of the new episode, Dipper was watching with the rest of the family Duck detective or whatever. At the same moment though… He was with Ford?
Now, people could assume that it was just a time skip or whatever, but what if it was … Bill?
Now before you say I’m crazy and illogical, let me just bring up a view things. He needs a vessel to exist in the 3rd dimension, instead of just the mindscape. Now, the fact that dipper was with the family, there’s no way he could’ve been dipper because there is only one of him!!
Or is there? Look in the picture above. There you see the two clones of Dipper from season 1. They rode off on Robbie’s bike and were never destroyed as far as we know. What if Bill used one of them as a vessel to possible talk with ford? I don’t have much proof on the theory, and it’s a little out there, but question everything with gravity falls, right?
Besides, Bill would do anything to get his hands on the stuff Ford is working on. Especially something that could destroy the universe. Well, that’s all I have for this.