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a concept: pinkberry cinnabun double date

*softgasp* yes.

  • Chloe and Jenna totally trying to get the better date selfie
  • Jenna lowkey does because her selfie arm game is on point
  • Brooke and Christine don’t talk about much until Christine mentions something about what a character was wearing in a musical (velvet suit Thomas Jefferson)
  • And Brooke is just like “wut,why that sounds AMAZING” and start googling pictures
  • They go to pinkberry for their date because why not? Chloe was probably going with Brooke anyway and Jenna tagged along
  • Christine mentions she’s never been with the popular crowd
  • Chloe and Brooke basically go down a list of things about Christine that are pretty admirable (smile, attitude, lack of inhibition towards most things)
  • Jenna, Chloe and Brooke start their typical gossiping over yogurt and Christine chimes in with something she knows about RichJake and everyone is impressed
  • The date most likely ends with Jenna thinking her girlfriend is probably the coolest (non) cool person ever
  • Chloe and Brooke would probably start hanging out with Christine more often because she’s just too pure

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ohno I just thought of a fic where u and 10 end up having to share a bed/sleeping area, and you wake up snuggled together. plenty of awkwardness follows and you joke about how weird it was but then the next night one of the two can't sleep and goes to cuddle up with the other and the other person wakes up and they just talk and cuddle bc they both want&need it tbh aaaaHH

ohno anon this is really cute

im slaying tonight who cares about sleep NOT ME

“Do you really want to share a bed with Murphy?” Addy asks, arching a brow. You grumble in reply, and she shrugs.

“Why do I have to sleep with him? He always tries to spoon me.” Doc says. Murphy scoffs.

“You’re the one who sticks your cold feet on mine-“

“Enough. The sleeping arrangements are final. And if you have a problem with who you’re sleeping with, you can sleep on the floor.” Warren says, making her way into the dorm room with Cassandra. You were looking for supplies at a small college, and found a few useable rooms that were once lived in by the dorm monitors. They each have queen beds, and you found extra blankets tucked away. You and 10k were paired together last, seeing as Mack and Addy are always together, no one wants to room with Warren because she kicks (Cassandra is a heavy sleeper, so they cancel each other out). And there’s no way you’re rooming with Murphy. And there’s no way 10k will room with Murphy. So it leaves you two.

You follow him into the room, glancing up at the plastic glowing stars stuck to the ceiling.

“A little old for stars, don’t you think?” You murmur, setting your bag down, looking up at them. He doesn’t reply, flopping right onto the bed. He peels the goggles and bandanna off his head, and even sets his shoes by the bed.

“I don’t think I’ve slept without my shoes on in ages.” You say, kicking your own off. He looks over at you, a small smile playing on his lips.

“Me neither.”

You pack all your things in a pile, where they’re easily accessed, and pull your hoodie off. You tug the dusty covers back, and slide underneath them. You pull the covers all the way up to your neck, but you’re still shivering. You glance over at 10k, and find him huddled up too.

You wait a few more minutes before you speak.

“Do you want to-“

“Yes please.” He replies. Cheeks flaming, you scoot over, and his arms tentatively go around you. You tuck your head into his chest, hands balled up in his shirt. You twine your legs through his, and pull the blankets over both of your heads.

Warmth quickly seeps into your bones, and you fall asleep, safe and comfortable.


When you wake up, there’s an arm splayed across your bare stomach, your jacket all the way up to your sports bra. A head is buried against your side. Your foot is sticking out of the blankets, and you pull it back in. You glance down, and see the curve of 10k’s shoulder, watch the soft rise and fall as he breathes. Something settles in your chest, a sort of belonging, and suddenly you can’t bear to wake him. Instead, you shimmy back into his arms, letting them form a cocoon around you.


Your entire body aches, and you’re covered in so much blood, most of it not yours, hopefully. Everyone else is as exhausted as you, and rather than moving on, you make your way back to the dorms from again. You’ve been trying to get out of the city for 4 days now, but there’s a horde blocking the only easy way out. 10k follows you into the room, and you shut the door behind you, kicking your shoes off. You fall into the bed, not caring how filthy you are.

You both lay there silently for a while, and with a sigh, you turn on your side, watching him. Without a word, he reaches an arm out. With a sigh, you scoot closer, and his arm goes around you.

“Im sorry-“

“Don’t be sorry.” He murmurs.

You try to fall asleep, but you can’t stop thinking about the stars on the ceiling. And the person who put them there.

“It’s kinda sad. All these people. They were here to get an education, to prepare for the world. But there wasn’t anything to prepare for. All that studying just ended up in death.” You say softly. You turn into the crook of his arm, and his fingers trail up and down your shoulder.

“Being prepared doesn’t make it any better.” He murmurs.

“So basically we were all screwed.”

His chest rumbles with laughter, and you tip your head up to look at him.

“What would you have done if the apocalypse hadn’t happened? Had little babies up in the mountains and raised them to be bad asses like yourself?”

One side of his mouth curls up.

“I wasn’t a badass. I was a dork.”

“But you’re a badass now.”

“I don’t know what I’d have done. I never thought about it.”

You pause, and shake your head.

“Im making myself sad. Tell me about something happy.”  


“Yeah. Surely you have one happy story from your childhood.”

He smiles, and closes his eyes.

He tells a story about finding a duckling that had gotten injured. He tells yo about how he brought it into his room, and nursed it back to health. He named it ‘Jeff’. He hid it from his dad, and it slept in bed with him. He tells you about how one day, his dad walked into his room, and was attacked by Jeff the duck. He tells you about how Jeff was the family pet for years.

“Jeff? Why Jeff?” You ask, laughing.

“I like the name Jeff.” He says. You smile, and snuggle into his side. You yawn, and settle into the blankets and 10k.

“Goodnight, 10k.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.”

You may have imagined it, but you’re fairly sure he presses a kiss to your temple. Before you can ask him, you’re drifting off into a dream about a boy with raven hair and a yellow duck.

Dana would send little notes Max and Chloe to remind them to get some food or a snack during the day.
Dana would send little pick-me-up messages to Kate and remind her she is loved.
Dana would sending joking txts to Alyssa to ‘duck’.
Dana would help Brooke redecorate her drone to make it more unique.

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Dylan playing Soul Calibur with probably Zack and other friends (?) and laughing like a high octave goofball to someone going “Get the fuck out! Get the fuck out!” in Donald Duck speak.

You’ll hear Brooks’ voice, and then Dyl’s, near the end of the clip while you see the visual of Zack with his baseball cap on. That is just the audio bit from the Frankenstein Roast; the documentary over lapses the audio of the Roast over the game playing sequence. It’s slightly confusing.. 





i dont remamber the last time when I was laughing so hard!!!!